Man’s amazing transformation is just the inspiration you need (Video)

Is somebody peeling onions?

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  • Schlong


    • vvv

      are you serious? you watch that and you first response is being an idiot and saying first? shame on you sir.
      At least comment on how awesome that was.

      • LucretiusCarus

        You know he/she/it didn't actually watch it. No. They refreshed theChive, saw a new post, clicked, scrolled immediately to the comments and typed "first". About as mentally bankrupt as you can get.

        • Schlong

          Actually I did watch it and was going to comment that perhaps had he not been so fat in the first place, this would have been easier/unnecessary.

          But thought it more fun to get a rise.

          • Schlong

            Do not feed me.

            • Schlong

              Don't steal my name fag. But it's amusing as to why people care. It's easier to ignore.

              • Schlong


                • Schlong


                  • Schlong

                    And so it begins

                    • Schlong

                      And now it is over. No fun.

                    • Schlong


                    • Schlong


                • Schlong

                  Please stop taking my name, it's very upsetting!

                  • Schlong


                    • Schlong

                      I give fine sir. KCCO.

                    • Schlong

                      are you mad

                    • Schlong

                      just sad, but that is obvious

                    • Schlong

                      Sometimes I touch myself at night and cry in my loneliness, while thinking about my mom.

                    • Schlong

                      I finger my butthole & smell/taste my fingers after. All while I have my moms panties on my head.

          • Betterword

            Well if you would have actually watched it he said he was a paratrooper and all the times he's fallen have damaged his knees and back making it difficult for him to be mobile so he "gave up"

            • Your mother

              Total knee replacement. Fixed.

      • Schlong

        I didn't watch. It was much more important to me to be first. I'm kind of a douche. I now have regrets.

        • Schlong

          And you fag

    • Brandon

      no one cares.

      • vvv

        But you cared enough to comment

      • Jesse

        You realize you clicked on the video right? He didn't come to you, you came to him. You are a waste of space.

    • J-Lev

      Can the Chive do something about theses people? I don't know, maybe block an IP for anyone who posts this. Congrats douchebag, now get back to work.

      • J-gay

        J-lev. what the f does that even mean? Is it like mag-lev, but for jerk offs?

    • Laidup Chiver

      I broke my leg and ankle last Saturday. And I've been going through a pretty rough time with depression since. Partially due to the meds and because the doctors told me I'll never walk the same again. This video is exactly what I needed to put my troubles in perspective. I'm gonna KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON and maybe get into yoga. Thanks CHIVE

      Loyal broken leg Chiver

  • https://www.facebook.com/cjmicklitsch Cj Micklitsch

    Damn allergies….

    • Itasafake

      That was fake.

      • ddd

        Disabilities really don't disappear with exercise. He may have had injuries from his service, but I wouldn't consider him disabled past the fact that he was overweight. Down-vote if you will.

        • Dick Salad

          Sometimes it can take years to recover from injuries… I had my last knee surgery 4 years ago and I am just now regaining the ability to complete a 3 mile run without days of pain or my knee locking up for hours following it. I used to run 5 miles a day too… Fortunately I have an outstanding metabolism but most people don't. Ignorance is beautiful huh?

    • james

      Dam stinking Diamond Dallas Page allergies

    • Bobestradamus

      Stupid dusty room

  • Hellequin_Bull

    Well done, sir!

    • http://www.facebook.com/James.D24 James Dobry

      Damn u ddp… You may not be in wrestling anymore but now you're making a bigger difference in the smallest of ways.

  • http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

    Amazing! Man is it dusty in here though…

    Thanks for your service and who new DDP was so kind?

    • Mattman


    • tom

      I knew* it

  • Don't care

    Congrats schlong! You got the first comment! And thankfully, you let everyone know. Today, the first comment, next week, the Nobel Peace Prize. -_-

    • Frank

      Well, obama got one…so how hard can it be?

      • Ace

        as a harvard doctoral degree?

  • AV Club

    No, there's just a bunch of dust in my eyes. Thanks Chive! Great video! I've been down in the dumps lately, this made my day a little bit brighter

    • Amahzing

      Hey AV Club, cheer up ol' pal. Remember KCCO, darker days always seem to get brighter!

    • Adam

      KCCO buddy!!! Chivers have your back!

    • Dean


    • Ekajevans

      Agreed, I'm in a hole that seems to make everyday seem like the same thing all over again. I don't look forward to waking up anymore. I used to look at everyday as a new beginning. It's hard, but I have to remind myself that the greatest challenges have the greatest rewards.

  • Dukes

    Job well done …you are an inspiration. and thank you for your service, GOD bless.

    • Toast

      How about instead of benefaction from "on high" I'll buy this guy a beer or two. You know, do something that might actually affect him.

    • William

      God didn't help this man. That was all him.

  • carl

    have you ever farted in the shower and had to get out of the shower because it smelled so bad?

    • haeddre


    • Budda

      There is an amazing story above and this is what you have to say? Keep your dumb ass comments to yourself. People like you are whats wrong with the world we live in today.

      • pwithc

        Don't overreact, man. It's a humor site, this is to be expected.

        • carl

          thanks, guys.

          • Rick Grimes

            God dammit Carl why don't you just fucking die! Season 3 perhaps?

    • Julio

      I did Carl. Your wife hates when I do that.

  • haeddre

    Fuck you Chive… Damn these allergies… lol no but seriously kudos to him & thank you for serving our county from a fellow service member!

    Talk about motivation to get a Chivette body…tired of getting rejected!

    • Kroger_Security

      Hun, screw those guys who rejected you. Your gorgeous just the way you are!

      • haeddre

        Its the Chive who's rejected or rather not posted me… Been sending in photos for a few months… Its all good, I'll get there then I'll have my own thread lol

        • haeddre fan

          Good luck! We look forward to it! KCCO!

          • haeddre

            Thanks… 🙂

            • Reality Check


              • Cali_Dude

                Really after watching this you are going to say something like that??? I try to be civil but please go jump off of a fuc**ng cliff. This guy in the video and his instructor rock like all heII.

        • Kroger_Security

          Hell yeah!! I'll be watching out for it!

    • Schlong

      man the harpoons

      • Schlong

        This guy keeps stealing my username. He is a troll. Don't feed.

    • Patches

      Your motivation should be better health and self esteem, not getting on some website so a bunch of strangers jerk off over your photos. If all they want you for is a tight stomach and small ass, why do you want them?

      By all means lose the weight, but show some self respect – don't feel the need to expose yourself to strangers for validation.

      • Sgt. Pepper

        Well said sir well said…

      • https://www.facebook.com/jeremiah.johnson.5245 Jeremiah Johnson

        Why not flaunt it when you got it… If she's working her @ss off, show the chivers what you got!

  • Woop

    Thank for posting this Chive. Made my day and weekend. Stay strong all.

    • DeDav

      Pretty sure that he's the definition of awesome, am I right?

      • SpacemanSpiff

        yeah but the onions

  • First!!!!


  • Ty Boy

    straight inspiration… it doesn't matter if you fall 100 times, if you get up 101 times, you are going to be just fine.

    • Beantown

      If you fall 100 times, get up 100 times…getting up comes after falling down.
      People told me I couldn't be a d-bag. I prove them wrong everyday.

  • tv_paul

    Good work man he looks like he's in better shape now then when he was in the military. Big thumbs up to DDP yoga too.

  • Kroger_Security

    This is absolutely amazing! Kudos to you brother, you are truly an inspiration!

  • Nick

    Two words… FUCK YEAH!!!!

    And thank you for your service, HOUAH!!!

  • craig

    Holy crap… that was Diamond Dallas Page!!!

    • brad

      self high five

    • patov40

      Diamond Cutter!!! B)

  • http://www.facebook.com/amgerbozy Anna Gerbozy

    fix you gets me every time.

    • haeddre

      Ignore my thumbs down… Tiny phone screen, scrolling ad…clicked wrong…

  • Troll

    I don't see what the big deal is.

    • shimmy

      c'mon, man! you're supposed to used words like "kudos" and "'grats".

      • Hellequin_Bull

        Don't feed the troll!

      • Troll

        Do not feed me.

    • zimzum

      its a story about the human spirit, perseverance, that you can overcome anything even when the odds are stacked against you… but a cock smack like yourself can never understand this…. and that's really sad..

    • Beantown

      Troll, I feel the same way. I didn't get too worked up about it. Kinda want my 4+ minutes of my life back. The dude was told by some people that he couldn't do something. He said F-that and overcame it…happens everyday.

      • Your Pappy

        Your mama should've swallowed you

    • IDGAF

      You may just be trolling but truly don't give a fuck lol. So he was fat and now he isn't. Big whoop. He shouldn't have given up in the first place.

  • jimstarswagg

    Absolutely amazing. Gave me chills the whole time. Such an amazing transformation.

  • Effin Shane


    • Shinanigins

      That brings back memories

  • Dead

    NEVER give up. Good things don't come to those who wait, good things come to those who work their asses off and deserve, just like this guy.

  • Connie

    That was amazing, you sir are an inspiration to everyone.

  • http://twitter.com/mkingscott @mkingscott

    That is incredible, and obviously very inspiring. Never give up, indeed. Damn, these peppers are hot…

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=582241895 Conrad Tebbetts

    The old saying goes "Where there is a will, there is a way". This guy proves that in spades, Kudos to you!

  • Big Dave

    Why is it so damn dusty in here? Gotta check the air filters.

    Fuck THEY. Whoever THEY is and whatever THEY says, fuck them.

    • Adam

      Fuckin eh!! THEY is always trying to keep a good man down!

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