• Needlegun13

    The dudes who broke up with these hotties are morons. Example = #29. Amazing.

    • Needlegun13

      Not mad at #5 either…

      • Man of the North

        I have found that guys usually ditch hot girlfriends because they (the girls) are crazy. With these you only get one side of the story.

        • Biggus Diccus

          100% correct, hot girls are crazy as shit because they are hot. The think they should be treated like a princess 24/7 and get whatever they want. Sorry bitches, after a couple weeks the hotness factor wears off and you actually have to be a cool chick for me to stick around.

          • Lev

            They live in an alternate reality in which they have never had to do anything themselves. As soon as you try to establish a long term relationship, where both parties have to work at it, their innocent delusion becomes apparent.

          • black27696

            Always date a girl that wasn't considered hot in high school. They can be gorgeous now, but they can't have been one of the popular chicks in their formative years. That way, they had to have a good personality to make friends, they had to be smarter to get through classes, and they had to treat people well for them to stay around. Otherwise you've got a great looking spoiled brat who doesn't understand how someone could dump them.

            • DrGarnicus

              Well said, sir!

            • Devin_Medrano

              True story!

            • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane


          • http://www.facebook.com/david.kasubowski David Kasubowski

            Actually hot girls usually have low self esteem which causes them to act a little crazier than other girls. Too much pressure to look hot I guess. Plain Jane is the way to go. Total packages

        • Bubba

          notice that in almost all the cases above the guys break up. So crazy is a plausible assumption… But fuck that and keep the pics coming!!

        • osgood

          It doesn't matter if the chick is hot or not, they are all crazy so you might as well find a hot crazy one!

          • yherth

            Hahaha, very true.

          • DrGarnicus

            That's the short of it!

        • Scaggnettii

          no matter how hot she is some guy somewhere is tired of her shit

          • RePete

            So tired of this.

        • Matze (GER)

          but they are chivettes so besides their hot bodies they have another plus ^^
          and i jsut assume chivettes are defnitly not too crazy 😉

    • c-c-c-cool

      The question is, where are they on the Hot/Crazy scale?

      • Needlegun13

        I wondered the same thing – but am willing to give the benefit of the doubt!!

    • carl

      dude, i can almost smell the craziness coming off of these girls.

    • The Answer

      Yeah you have absolutely no idea how insane some of them are… Being hot is only part of the equation.

    • Justin B

      Regardless of how beautiful the woman is, there is a guy out there who is tired of their shit.

      • guest

        Can we please retire this played out expression?

        • Dylan

          sure, once beautiful women stop causing shit.

    • MattyDeuce

      Why doesn't the Chive set them up with potential Chivers, and I don't mean that stupid feux dating site they used to get dolla-dolla bills from? I mean, if they are going to put these single chicks on blast, the least they could do is try to hook a brother up, right?

      • Whorebait

        Amen. I been asking the guys via email to have the chivettes post their city atleast to help hook them up with fellow chivers, but no progress.

        • Underbaker

          Because Chive cares about and wants to protect you dudes. Now think about this strategically for a second. These girls have some smoking hot bodies and look all sweet in their comments and everything, so I guy would have to be nuts to want to leave something like that… WRONG, these guys are lucky to have made it out alive from these obviously bat-shit crazy girls. Hey, they left them for reasons that you don't know, but just the fact that guys have left them should put your spidey sense to tingling. Now on to the next question, how are sending pictures of their sexy bodies to the Chive getting revenge on the ex-boyfriends? Sure we don't want to question this too much because we do like looking at these pictures, but I tell you that it has nothing to do with getting revenge on the ex, this is all about entrapping the next victim and what better way to do it then crying about how bad they were treated, how great they look, and how they need a "real" man now. But a lot of you will read this and say "fuck that, she is hot" falling right into her clutches, just don't forget in a few weeks/months when you are trying to escape that The Underbaker did try and warn you.

          • Whorebait

            Ah but who says it beeds to go further than a rebound lay? Im sure any guy here would line up for a few rounds at each one of these lovely ladies. We are all fully aware at the impending doom that is having a long term relationship with a crazy woman, i know i am, but hey, a few nights of fun could be awesome 🙂

            • Underbaker

              As the saying goes "Now you know and…

            • Jesus

              Besides, who exactly is more fun in bed? The nice ones or the crazy ones? I think we all know that answer.

          • Whorebait

            Example a:


            The awesomeness of meeting up with a sexy single chivette does infact exist. Do not deny the magical properties of theChive!

            • Underbaker

              I see the guy had to sacrifice his hoody to escape, a worthy sacrifice for a night with a Bat-Shit Crazy hotty.

              • Whorebait

                Are you gonna tell me i should wait till im married next? It sure sounds like thats where this is headin. Either that or you are trying to turn me away from gorgeous girls for your own gain, not that theres anything wrong with that!! Thats why we also have theberry here for ya 🙂

                • Underbaker

                  Nah, I try not to be a hypocrite, but if you want to know where the good girls are that will be bad for only you, a lot of them are hiding out in churches. As for me I am a happily married man who is no longer interested in playing the game, just in giving advice to those who are still in it.

      • Needlegun13

        Crazier things have happened…!! I think most Chivers are a lot more honorable than the majority of dudes out there…

    • not a monkey

      Why the long face?

    • Jett

      Not saying these guys aren't crazy but all you have is a pic of a girl with an awesome ass and vag gap but is she part of the problem, too?

    • Shamblin

      For every hot woman you see, there are still dudes out there who are sick of her shit.

    • true story

      this post is just 30 pics of girls who don't give the head. probably cause they are hot and think they can get away with it. must guys will take a slightly less attractive girl who services than a hot one that doesn't think they need to.

      • Needlegun13

        Kind of a jaded view, don’t you think? They may be thirty of the coolest girls ever who would rock your socks, especially after getting rid of a douchey boyfriend.

        • qwert

          we're always douches when we dump them

          • Needlegun13

            Well, you do have a point there…

    • Dave

      Um not morons . Eventually the craziness isn't worth the hotness. Been there done that. And it's summertime the newer models come out

    • Orion

      The upshot here is that just because a girl has a killer body doesn't mean she's a good girlfriend. Or even good in the sack, frankly . . .

    • Royce

      Well ladies, please let me submit my application. A single man living in Jacksonville, NC. 19 years old Marine. The line forms over there —–>

      • MattyDeuce

        Gonna be a short line, Royce.

      • Reality

        Royce "hey let's go on a date!" single chivette" sure, what bar do you go to?" Royce " oooo about that, im only 19. Chuckee cheese serves beer!?!"

    • Rob


    • Juiol

      This is such a pathetic series. There's two options: A) they're giving us this "just broke up :(" BS because hey, it's a perfectly good excuse for attention whores – low self esteem chicks to do what they do; B) They actually just broke up. Now, many of these are very hot and extremely fappable, but if the users actually think that's all there is to someone who you actually want to have a RELATIONSHIP with, you're either a virgin, 16 years-old, living with your mom, and all those options. These chicks got dumped because either they were idiots, they were dating idiots, or the relationship didn't work out for some reason I don't care about. But this is not a revenge, or an act of freedom. You exes won't care because, well, they've seen a lot more of what we're seeing haven't they? So we're left with sad, pathetic, self delusional chicks who actually think they're achieving anything other than providing us with some faps. Thanks for that! Your lives make sense now!

      • Needlegun13

        Wow… Judge not, there Captain Bitter…

        • Juiol

          Why bitter? Give me your interpretation then. As for judging, I'm pretty we sure that's what we're all doing while looking at these pics. The things I explain at the rant above are a turnoff though.

          • Needlegun13

            Seems to me like one of those girls up there was cheated on. As far as judging, why not judge positively? To your point, it takes two to tango, but according to your thoughts, all of these girls are horrible people. I’m just saying I don’t think that’s very fair.That said, you’re right, we don’t know any of the circumstances, but the truth of it is relationships can go one of only two ways : you get married or you break up. A million reasons could lie between the two.At any rate, none of us know what the real story is with these girls, so I chose to think of them as being much happier than the situation they were in – I think that’s cool. No need to think so badly of someone just by a photo. Maybe it’s naïve to think the other way, but at least it’s a positive thought.

            • Juiol

              1st: I appreciate the actual reply. I'm expecting a lot of "gaaaay" retorts. I'm not saying they're horrible people, I'm just saying they're following a dumb and pathetic rethoric. Which is sad, but it's not like I haven't made mistakes before. While I agree your positive thoughts are well, positive, I do think you're wrong. 🙂 Either way, they're posting semi-nude pictures. What does being recently single as to do with anything? What is their logic? Revenge? I've already said what I think of that

              • Needlegun13

                Ah, don’t worry about the comments – I’ve caught a little hell over this stance myself! I see your point, however, I also think that they may be doing it because posting semi-nude pics here makes them feel sexy – something they may not have felt in a long time. I feel like you’re getting into “Why do Strippers strip?” or “Why do Hooters Girls work there?” You and I can’t answer these questions or even speak to their motives –  however, clearly, a few of them *are* doing it for “revenge” which I’ll agree is a little dumb, but whatever – if it makes them feel better, then by all means!Still, I think that a girl needs to feel pretty, so they posted something here for us! I’ll admit, it makes me sad that so many of the guys above were quick to call them b*tches or crazy when they have no idea how things went down. Further, I’ll defend these girls a little more than your random girl who just posts “Hi, Chive!!” with naught but a towel (not that I’m hating on THAT!!) but these girls are just trying to make themselves feel a little better about themselves.

    • casper

      Goeie donner meisie!! Behalwe vir jou pragtigge lyf, is jy seker die heel mooiste meisie wat ek in my hele lewe al gesien het! Jou ou was die heel grootste asshole ooit! Jy is pragtag!

      • Needlegun13


  • BabyFart Magizax

    #4 and #29 call me baby..

    • JESSE

      men should never use the term "baby" unless they are talking about an actual baby. Its disturbing

      • BabyFart Magizax

        I'm sixty-two, so I think it's okay for me to call these women baby.

        • carl

          is it ok for them to call you "BabyFart"?

      • BabyFarts Magizax

        sorry, i guess babe would have been more appropriate

    • Joe

      Space cash? BabyFart Magizax?

      • BabyFarts Magizax

        i'm the baddest gangster this universe has ever seen.. rigggght?!

    • David

      Her rebound will certainly thank her ex. That ass will be doing lots of new things.l love being a rebound

    • mikeltn

      Why do they call you baby?

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #5 MOAR!

    • Todd

      Hell yeah. That's seriously dream come true. Makes me wanna break up with my girl and run to her.

      • Jester

        ^That's an upstanding gentleman right there^

      • Hogghar


    • kbeeks

      That's Jana Defi btw, hate to burst the collective chive bubble

      • GrayDog

        Easier to tell when the picture isn't cropped: https://thechive.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/futur

      • Snipes

        So Jana Defi can't have a photographer boyfriend and have broken up with him?

        • Todd

          If its Jana Defi I retract my statement. Bitch has one hell of an ugly face. Haha

          • bren

            get off your high horse bro. A girl like that.. damn i just got lost in FLBP heaven

      • Bostonian

        How lame of this site!!!! Now I have to think that all of these pics are fakes. Gawd that ruins everything about the chive!

    • DoomsDayDub

      "They're real" Umm that is actually plainly obvious, in a good way.

    • Busted

      Yup. Sometimes when your running low on those chivette pics, you have to get "creative" crop a girls face, photoshop in some text and then boom girl #5 is a real chivette. But boobs….

    • country

      dumb guy

    • syvyn11

      Great showing. Now burn it.

      • theyellowfever

        Google Jana Defi. It's been burned a thousand times over.

    • Great Pic

      Jana Defi deserves better . . . if there is any breaking up to do, she should be doing it.

    • Sick350zguy

      #5 very nice. No motorboat comment, just very nice. Thank you

    • Fat_Chiver

      The boyfriend who dumped you is a dumbass and they look amazing.

      • Always Last

        Once again I'll state my point that I believe "Chivers" submit these pics and theChive staff assemble them. I don't believe they actual doctor the pics themselves – hence the reason some of the posts have been removed when the actual person found out about it.

    • tag

      fake, been posted many times before, and someone below already posted all the proof you need

  • Thor

    sucks to be him

    • damn

      sexy ink

    • black27696

      Or maybe getting rid of that psychotic bitch was the greatest day of his life.

      • NewlySingle

        Actually, getting rid of HIS psychotic ass was the greatest day of MY life.

        • black27696

          Fair enough. But in the event of a good looking woman breaking up with someone…one of you is almost always psychotic, and it's USUALLY the girl.

    • SockMoney17

      All these Chivettes are acting like the loss is "HIS". Could it be that regardless of what you look like, he was just tired of your S H I T !!!! Now the next guy that comes along will probably get tired of your S H I T too

      • Chivettest

        Because men don't have any shit of their own we have to deal with …

        • SockMoney17

          You see, women don't change….they change BACK. When dating, the woman that will do anything for you, doesn't really exist. She is just trying to do whatever she can to get married. After marriage, she turns back into the person she was before. If the guy gets tired of her or she just quits trying, he gets screwed if he wants out and she gets everything. Its all part of the woman's desire to be taken care of. Women worry about their future until they get married. Guys worry about their future after they are married. True

    • 1/2FunAndDontCry

      Just remember, for every amazingly hot woman out there, there is at least 1 dude that is tired of her crazy ass bs. I'm just saying. But #23 there are also some dumbass dudes out there too. Chivers everywhere are thanking you.

      • liv

        Don't care, want! No, need! WTF are the wisconsin Civettes? (Yeah let the cow statements start!)

    • plaboi0420

      His loss….our gain.

    • derek

      I need a date for the Ball this year, you wanna go????????????

  • Steve

    Lots of crazy hot women out there. Emphasis on the crazy part.

    • Sean

      The thing about crazy people is that they don't know they're crazy.

    • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

      Everyone is crazy. It's just a matter of how finding someone with enough good to offset the crazy.

      • carl

        "crazy", by seal, used to be OUR song!! sniff, sniff.

        • Rohan

          crazy is good in bed..so bring on the crazy, hott women…nothing better than a crazy girl whos bf just broke up with her and you get her in bed . She will feel the need to prove shes still hott!

          • Chaz Reinhold

            "Crazy girls are great in bed" is one of those completely false things that every douche who doesn't actually get laid repeats because they heard some other loser say it, but it's actually not true most of the time. Stop perpetuating this idea that crazy girls are worthwhile for any reason.

            • Daniel Tosh

              most hot girls are boring in bed. They think just for being hot just laying there and moaning is good enough.

              • I hate star fish

                we call that the Starfish also can't believe I got to post on Daniel Tosh's post…..

                • I'm Daniel Tosh

                  that's probably not really Daniel Tosh lol

    • TheAutomaticMan

      yeah, like #11…… "Let me show off my tits and rock hard nipples….to not attract douche bags…… #womenlogic

      • ajkulish

        yeah ladies stop posting pictures of yourself being hot! thatll keep the chive entertaining!..

        you guys are dumbfucks.

        • MonkeyMadness

          says the douchebag.

    • celticsquid

      No matter how hot a girl is, someone somewhere is tired of her shit.

      • Daniel Tosh

        maybe if they stop posting slutty pictures on the internet the chivettes would still have a bf. Have some self respect ladies, stop being attention whores.

        • Chaz Reinhold

          What Tosh said. You aren't models, ladies, they get paid for what they do. You are just taking pictures in order to beg for attention from strangers on the internet.

          • Daniel Tosh

            I bet all this girls have very low self esteem.

      • My Turn

        I'll take my turn at being tired of these girls shit … especially #5 and #21 (red-head with green eyes!)

        • My Turn

          oops! I meant #11 … #21 's toe had me dazed for a moment.

    • Drew

      Usually they're hot, too.

      Hey … wait a second! Things are explained now!!

    • Art

      These girls must be 31 flavors of crazy and/or bad in bed if their ridiculously hot bodies weren't enough enough to save their relationship. A man would endure a whole helluva lot to go home with a girl that looks like these girls. I guess it's true what they say. Hot, smart, funny: you can only pick 1 or 2, never all 3.

      • Mel

        being one of the fully clothed girls in this post who chose to end a relationship for more than understandable reasons, i just ask that you dont lump us all togther 🙂

        • Tagg

          All of these posts about the crazy part.. they got it all wrong. The guys are the crazy ones, in all honesty. They confuse love and affection as "the girl is just crazy". Mainly cuz they're all douchebags who don't know how to return the favor.

          • Jesus

            Now here's a perfect example of crazy. If you're acting "affectionate" to the point that your man thinks you're crazy, perhaps there's a problem. We tend to call those the crazy, clingy stalker type. Let's play a logic game, shall we? If those guys are douchebags, by the same logic, any girl that rejects a "nice guy" must be a total bitch because he's just trying to show affection, right? But it doesn't work that way. I wouldn't say that either tendency is crazy per se, but both "nice guys" and clingers both clearly don't understand the opposite sex very well. Thus, they get the boot. Clearly you don't understand men very well, either, especially after throwing on the blanket label of douchebag to all of us. There are many good men out there, you just need to get a more discerning eye.

  • Josh

    #5 yum!

  • laelow

    Sweet baby Jeeezus god almighty!

    #29 FTW.

    • techno_viking

      Amazing GAP.

    • dub

      This looks like Lauren Gentile…

      • laelow

        I think you might be right "dub", that does look like LG.

        • i heart chivettes

          Close but not close enough. man that lg was a smoke show. Miss her posts of her lovely ass and gap

          • haha lovely

            look really close dude, im really thinking thats her

    • kekermahoney

      seriously.. she's filthy hot..

  • dustin0926

    Dey probs all cray cray

    • Tired of Children

      Translate to English please.

      • Boner

        They are all probably crazy.

        • Eastwood

          they may be crazy, but #11 gave me a boner.

          • ChivetoSurvive

            Chick wonders why she attracts only douchbags?? Maybe it's the fact that your huge tits are flopping out of your shirt on your dirt bike. Get a clue. But I digress because boobs.

    • Really?

      Yeah because guys are completely sane all the time. I'd put up with some crazy for a chance with some of these Chivettes #29 especially

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #9 where do i apply? youre gorgeous!

    • Gary

      Where can I turn in my application ? Arkansas chiver

    • homer


    • MOAR

      Guys will be lining up around the corner for this one.

      • ZinnNasty

        yeah so get in line!

    • kyle kirby

      SIGN ME UP! SD chiver

    • Cody Jennings

      Same here! Where do I apply?? 😉

    • http://lehighdesigns.com usmc_chiver

      TX Chiver standing ready…

    • http://twitter.com/CSmith0203 @CSmith0203

      Gorgeous indeed. Consider this my application!

    • Mike

      yup! sign me up! LA chiver

    • Mitch

      6' Navy, trust fund, where do i fly to spend money on you.

      • Jesus

        Wow, the lack of female company in the Navy really shows, doesn't it?

    • Warcity

      Wow. And it takes a lot for me to post, let alone say wow. A picture says 1,000 words, but I can't think of one that does her justice. Good luck, wish you were here.

    • TheSword

      I'm tall, and I'm Swedish.

    • FarmBoy

      I guess i'm joining the line to wait to turn in my application for her.

    • Your Mate

      As the guy who went out with this DC Chivette for 2 years, I'd have to say that all applications must be of the highest quality as not only is she obviously stunning but she's a good egg, down to earth with a great head on her shoulders.

  • yup

    Go shit kick him man…

    • cbc

      hottest of them all by far.!!! so sexy

    • AJ_89

      Yeah, I think you'll be just fine too. Maybe you were just too damn sexy for him to handle 😀 KCCO!!!

    • http://twitter.com/letmeclrmythrt @letmeclrmythrt

      Where are you stationed???????? We only have tundra wookies and nerf herders where I am

      • http://www.facebook.com/datascat Alexander P Jansing

        Man… I was stuck in tatooine (Phoenix, AZ… not the middle east) haha…

    • andrey

      where u stationed…..i wonna go there

    • SsgtV

      Definite sexy! Plus she's Air Force, bonus points from an ex A-10 armament loader

    • http://www.facebook.com/westin.warburton Westin Warburton

      Please be stationed in San Antonio…

  • Cowboyszu

    #30 I'm single in tx 2

    • Dr_Fap

      I like her shirt a lot.

    • Eastwood

      i like her nipple a lot.

      • Eastwood

        *nipples…both of them

    • https://www.facebook.com/reece.burgoon Reece Burgoon

      TX is a big state… This one must be found! Consider this my "Dibs"

    • plaboi0420

      Single in TX..great pictures. Favorite post of all time!

  • Vic

    #3 and #13, i think this is my new favorite post!

    • Vic

      #19 can be my smart girl!

      • Bryan

        MY GOD!!! Amazing!

    • Rohan

      This girl is beyond crazy

    • BLUNT


    • Fish On

      Dude needs to run away from #13 as fast as possible. Psycho

      • Chivalrous

        #13 If you're reading … Don't hope that it'll work out. I hoped that a marriage would work out for 2 and a half months, then she moved out and her boyfriend moved in with her. Maybe he's just taking a break, but I'd bet that there's more going on than you know about. Make the breakup as clean as possible and move on.

    • thrillho

      Maybe if you'd shut the eff up, he'd stick around. My god…

      • guest

        I was thinking the same thing….. Shut up!!!! Poor guy, no Pusey is worth that constant yapping.

        • zephi42

          Seriously? You can't spell fucking PUSSY?! Your opinion is invalid.

  • Beldar

    Okay #29 needs her own post. Now!!

    • RMJ

      That HUMP & GAP are ridiculously HOT!!!!

    • Shilo

      I second this request

    • raffy

      Chivette of the week for sure

  • orion

    #5 & #29 moar

    • Rob

      again – AGREED!!!

  • Paul W

    Never realized there was that many dumb a**es!

    • Jordan



      Ironic – were, not was. Dumbass.

    • mikeltn

      Just proof that regardless of how hot or awesome some girls is, someone, somewhere is sick of her shit.

  • Tex

    #9 …It's in the mail

  • whyme1973

    #5 Marry me.

    • Steve

      If you lived in Ky, we be Chiven 🙂

  • Evan

    #9 is really, really cute

  • tv_paul

    #5 and they are spectacular. I see no problems with you finding a new guy anytime you want,KCCO.

  • Jordan

    #8 an #19… DIBZ

  • Jeff

    #9 where do I apply?

    • https://www.facebook.com/chadlgroves Chad Groves

      oh my goodness she is gorgeous! let me know where turn turn in my application!

    • Ballyhoo

      We're do I sign up at

      • Anon

        For remedial spelling?

    • Kneelace

      …for MOAR!!

  • callsignboot

    while i enjoy what you ladies have done, posting semi-nude pics on the internet may be a future regret.

    • dora

      you shut your whore mouth

    • lubbock_chiver

      must be a homo

    • chadaget


    • Gene_Netalia

      Your daughter is old enough to make her own decisions now….

    • guest

      Shut up….stoopid

    • Antoine Dodson

      You are soooo dumb!

    • carl

      you think any of these bitches can figure that out? Dey "cray cray"!!

  • Just_Me

    #21 – Somebody got new boobs!!!

  • whyme1973

    #29 I would follow that ass anywhere. Damn it's fine.

    • El Hambino

      OMG …move to Calgary Alberta Canada and i'll be at your disposal!

  • Shenanigans

    No matter how attractive, someone, somewhere is sick of her sh*t.

    • yup

      No matter how often this comment is posted, someone, somewhere, is sick of it.

      • crazydog

        even though it's usually true…

        • PJ from SE PA

          its so funny…, BECAUSE its so TRUE!

      • bzazz

        Thank you yup. this comment is so over.

    • Mr. Tea

      except for #22 That's just being a coward who wants his cake and eat it too.

      • Pat_Bateman1

        agreed i would play with that until it broke.

    • Karl


    • Scott

      lol Agreed. Seeing one pic of a hot girl is one thing, but if you had to, say, LIVE WITH THEM, their shit might get old fast, regardless of how hot.

    • Retired Navy

      Oh yes that is true on both sides!

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