Newly Single Chivettes (30 Photos)

Newly Single Chivettes, submit your photos and your story right here.

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  • Billtee

    # 16 is one crazy beautiful girl. Good luck

  • Tim Posta

    #13 #14 #15, hot but I can see why he left, I only read the comments on the photos and I already wanna leave her. Where are the single New Zealand Chivettes?

  • CntStpTheCrooks

    #4 and #7 drinks on me if you need some lovin

  • William

    So Im currently deployed but would love to go on a date with #29 when I get back… Chive can you make that happen?

  • Jshrope

    #30, I'm so in love

  • FoOlFoRLoVe

    Doesn't matter how hott they are, someone is sick of fucking them and sick of their petty bullshit.. Rinse and repeat..

  • SJay

    #13 Where in Australia?

  • Caleb

    WOW #9 at a loss for words..

  • Steve-O

    holy sh….damn!

  • bigfetts

    #26 nice tattoo. Plus you are beautiful

  • Falconelli

    #24 It's gonna be ok baby girl.

  • Anthony

    #5 for all that is holy in this world and the next, MOAR Chive MOAR!!!

  • michael

    Dear Texas….love the freckles….soooo cute…

  • Scott Willis

    #9 where can i fill out an application 😉 email me

  • waty

    Either some dumb guys.. or crazy chicks.

  • ramon

    From a newly married chiver to the newly single chivettes, stop chasing boys and wait for a man to find you. You are all worth it and #24 stay strong, his loss

  • Seth King Trroll Carroll

    Hey Chivettes, I'm single and have been looking for an amazing woman, send me a message.

  • BroodOfVipers

    If none of you are bat shit crazy, you should have no problem getting back out there. #5 #29 Even if you were bat shit crazy I'd still put up with you for those stunning attributes

  • BoughtIt

    i want number two!

  • tyler

    #14 please come visit me, ill smoke with u and drink with u and talk all u want

  • Nick Covert

    #9 and #25 hit me up

  • Jshrope

    I'm so in love #26

  • ryan

    i wana know where number 12 is stationed 🙂

  • Ryan Wolf

    # 12 needs to hit me up

  • wilsonfromutah

    #2 and #12 – oh my hell, sorry to see you wasted any time at all with complete idiots! You are both beautiful and obviously smart given the brains it takes for military service, love love love, find me!

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