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    • boomstick

      Exactly. HD was a waste on this post.

      • 0943

        Agreed. meh.

      • liljon

        Forehead WAY too BIG

        • its_forge

          Large forehead indicates intellect. Figures you wouldn't want a smart girl.

          • DJ Reddit

            you go forge. show that jackass what a jackass he is by acting like a smarmy douchebag.

    • Meh


    • Dan

      Average at best.

      • Lugh

        Yeah not her best at all. The LA shoot and her first shoot were much, much better.

        • frank

          anyone who thinks any different than "meh" is just gawking at nothing.

          This is definitely average at best and i was thinking that all the way until pic #17

          • Marco

            Eh, cute and all but just not enough curves. Dudes name is a dead give away, us Latin dudes love them curves.

            • https://thechive.com F3n1x187

              Speak for your self buddy

      • Whale

        Agree….Average and meh fit the bill. A whole post on her? Chive lowering the standards.

        • Chive

          We had standards???

        • Lugh

          I mean, she's certainly young, thin, and hot. I thought the LA shoot was pretty badass, especially when they dolled her up. But really, this shoot can best be described as meh.Z

          I prefer shots like this one: https://thechive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/bob-d

          That shit was epic.

        • bumble

          We've upped our standards, now up yours

    • FiggleMcGiggle

      Thank you! Couldn't have said it better

    • Calgary

      Yeah, you wanna see some actual smokeshow country girls? Wait for the Calgary Stampede July 6 – 16th, then you'll see some chive worthy ladies. Its the 100th anniversary and is going to be 10 days of insanity.

      • Whale

        10 days in a snowy outpost?? Sounds…..awful.

        • Ted

          It's in July…

          • Whale

            It's Calgary. yuck.

      • CalgaryGuy

        It's a cousin fuckin, wife slappin good time!
        Y'all come on down To Cowgary! Yeeeha

    • BruceWayne

      Agree, I go back and forth with 'country girl'.
      Please stop squinting and smile (naked) LOL
      Your fine.
      #11 #13

    • sfb101

      Sorry to say I must agree. All but the last shot anyway…

    • GuinessHangover

      You guys are a bunch of cynical douches… This girl is gorgeous and you would all probably fall all over yourselves trying to talk to her.

      • big_james

        Yeah! How dare those douches comment in the comment section and give their opinions! What do they think this shit is? The internet?

        • GuinessHangover

          You're right! What the hell was I thinking responding to what I thought was a douchey comment? Its not like this comment section is set up in a way so that you can provide instant feedback or anything. If it was it would probably have a "thumbs up/thumbs down" option, or it would give you the option to respond to individual comments. I'll make sure to think twice the next time I argue with someone over a comment section called "intense debate". What'd I think this was, the internet or something?

          • big_james

            Exactly Guiness. And by no means should we ever exercise a sense of maturity or tolerance for other people's divergent opinions of content that is posted to reviewed by the Chive audience. We should just call everyone who disagrees with us "cynical douches", 'cause that's "Keeping Calm and Chiving On"……..

            • GuinessHangover

              You're sending some crazy mixed messages out here man, in your first post you claim that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and then you follow it up by telling me that I need to be more tolerant. What exactly are you doing by trolling my posts and trying to invalidate my opinions? So, everyone is entitled to their opinion, unless its an opinion that you disagree with? Sounds slightly contradictory to me… How about you try to hand out your life lessons about maturity on Facebook or something, maybe it'll be useful there. Also, by no means do I call EVERYONE who I disagree with a cynical douche, just the people who are being cynical douches. KCCO buddy.

              • big_james

                No I'm not. I said "how dare they" in the first, and "we should never exercise a sense of maturity or tolerance" in the second. What'd you think I meant?

      • jimmy c

        Nuh uh.

      • Lugh

        She's pretty, but this isn't her best photoshoot, and I wouldn't fall over shit. My wife (https://thechive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/the-college-life-photos-chive-50.jpg) is way fucking hotter, and she's a redhead.

        Oh, and you misspelled Guinness.

        • Derek

          Uh sorry, but your wife is not hotter. But it is good that you listen to your dick when it tells you that she is. That has to be good for the relationship.

          • chris

            his wife is hotter , a lot hotter.

        • GuinessHangover

          you would think that a guy who uses guinness in his name would know how to spell it correctly right? oh, wait a minute, they only allow a certain amount of characters for your screen name and "guinnesshangover" is one too many. thanks for the attempted spelling though.

        • GuinessHangover

          Oh, and as for your wife? Meh…

          • lughlamfada

            Riiiiiight. Let's see your wife, buddy. https://thechive.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/hq-ch

            • GuinessHangover

              This is turning into a "my dad is stronger than your dad" kind of thing isn't it? I try to refrain from dick measuring contests over the internet bro. But if you think your wife is hot then good for you dude, you're married to her.

              • lughlamfada

                This is not a dick measuring contest. You called me a cynical douche who would be unable to speak if I saw Country Girl.

                My response is that no, I would not be unable to speak if I saw Country Girl, because my wife is a smoking hot 26-year old redheaded Chivette with a killer ass, and I have no problem talking to pretty girls. You are automatically assuming that everyone who comments on these posts is some pimply virgin in his mother's basement dispaying internet bravado when in reality he would have no ability to talk to women. That is a fallacious assumption.

                And while I recognize the fact that CG is pretty, it by no means makes me cynical to say that this is not her best photoshoot by a longshot, and that it's average at best, especially compared with her earlier work. She set the bar pretty damned high, so it is not cynicism to say that this set of pictures has not lived up to her own high standards.

                • GuinessHangover

                  Jesus dude, do you think your wife is hot? Where's the obligatory link? I didn't quite feel like reading a novel today, but thanks. The problem with your particular line of reasoning is you're "that guy" who tries to one up everything. "Country Girl is hot? Nuh uh, my wife is hot! Hey everyone did you hear that my wife is hot? Here's a couple links so that you can agree with me and tell me how hot you think my wife is too!" You're entitled to your opinion dude, just take it easy and remember to KCCO.

                  • lughlamfada

                    Actually, all I said was that this wasn't her best shoot, and that it was "meh" at best. I didn't bring my wife up until you told everyone here that we'd be unable to speak if we ever met CG. Don't make assumptions about the people who read this site– we don't all fall over like drooling idiots every time some decent looking 19-year old shows her ass.

                    • GuinessHangover

                      I'm proud of you dude, you only mentioned your wife once in your last post. It is utterly laughable that you act like my comment prompted you to write a biography about your "26 year old, red headed, smoking hot with a sweet ass, wife" in the comments section of a website. I'm hardly making assumptions about you dude, firstly you come increased your douchiness by trying to hand out spelling lessons, secondly the fact that you are more than willing to incessantly post link after link (especially when no one asked for it in the first place) of your wife proves that you are exactly what I said. A cynical douche who tries to be condescending about an obviously beautiful girl so you then have an excuse to try to one-up the post and plaster the comments with links of your wife.

                    • Coeir

                      beauty isn't obvious, it's subjective……

                    • GuinessHangover

                      you're absolutely right. i guess thousands of people love gawking at cg because she's got a killer personality.

                    • Lugh

                      Pay attention, this might be difficult for you to grasp. Let's recap:

                      1) A bunch of us say that this isn't her best photoshoot, and that it's average at best. My first comment was "Yeah not her best at all. The LA shoot and her first shoot were much, much better."

                      2) You get your panties in a bunch because someone has dared to say that your internet crush didn't take a good set of pictures, saying "You guys are a bunch of cynical douches… This girl is gorgeous and you would all probably fall all over yourselves trying to talk to her."

                      3) I reply that I am not a cynical douche, and I have no problem talking to women. Unlike most idiots on the web who say crap like "I get women like her all the time," I tend to back myself up. And two links isn't endless, sparky.

                      So let's review: a few of us talk about how it's not her best work. We don't insult her, don't say that she's ugly– just say it's not her best. Then you start calling people names for not thinking that this is the most amazing shoot that we've seen in our lives. Get over yourself– you don't need to start calling people cynical douchebags because a few people didn't like CG's shoot.

                      And you have no fucking idea if she has a killer personality. YOU DON'T KNOW HER. All you know is a few posts on a website and on a Facebook page. So next time you want to KCCO, try doing so by not calling a bunch of other Chivers a bunch of cynical douches that can't talk to women.

                    • GuinessHangover

                      Are you really that fucking thick that you don't understand sarcasm? You really think that people would gawk at her pictures because they think she has a great personality? Please tell me you're not that stupid and you took what I said at face value. I was being what we with a sense of humor like to call "facetious". I'll save you the trouble of googling it and post the definition here: Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant. Allow me to break it down for you. Coeir's last post proclaimed that "beauty isn't obvious, it's subjective" which to a certain extent is true, however the circumstance that we have here, where hundreds if not thousands of people scroll through these pictures to gawk at an attractive girl proves that in this case beauty is obvious. Thus, when I claimed that people peruse her photos because she has a "killer personality" is unmistakably and blatantly (at least to people who aren't complete schmucks) derision. Do you see what I did there? It's called irony.

                      As you so cleverly pointed out, I don't know this girl, and I never claimed that I did. I don't subscribe to her Facebook page, nor do I go out of my way to seek her out when she's not on the chive. In fact, you seem to know more about her than I do. She had a photo shoot in LA? As far as this post is concerned, you may not have realized this, but it was not called "please post pictures of your wife", and even one moronic and unsolicited link of pictures of your wife just makes you look like some attention desperate fool who is trying to prove that "his wife is hotter". A simple view of your previous posts shows that this isn't the only page where you throw out links of your wife like an overbearing mother trying to show off pictures of her kids to people who just don't give a shit.

                      Finally, I find it really hard to believe that this is the first time you've been called a douche, and it probably wont be the last, so how about you take some of your own advice and get over yourself. Then maybe follow that up drinking a beer, taking a shot, or smoking a bowl or something. Here's an idea maybe get that aforementioned wife of yours to give you a blow job because you need to lighten the fuck up chief.

                    • Scott Evil

                      You're a douchebag.

                    • GuinessHangover

                      Nu uh! My wife is hotter than yours!

                    • https://www.facebook.com/sccarmona Salvador Carmona


                    • GuinessHangover

                      Considering how it was your dumb ass that started this whole thing, and also considering that about 300 Chivers gave your original "meh" comment a thumbs down, I see that as a pretty clear sign that you should stfu.

                    • Hank

                      lets see how close we can get to the border!

                    • https://www.facebook.com/sccarmona Salvador Carmona

                      i didnt start anything at all buddy. all i simply said is meh. who cares for a thumbs down, any monkey can click a button. the people who actually took time to reply agree with me. you started because you felt like defending her. and you go on and on and you start calling people names. stfu and troll on some other comments because you lost here.

                    • GuinessHangover

                      Whatever helps you sleep at night Carona… However you try to rationalize it, ten guys agreeing with you does not balance out the 312 "monkeys" who disagreed with you by giving you a thumbs down. You guys keep whining about me "calling you names", grow up. What are you, five years old? Sometimes you get called names dude, you just have to clean the sand out of your vagina and move on with your life.

                    • https://www.facebook.com/sccarmona Salvador Carmona

                      I knew you'd come back. And you talk about moving on? What a loser.

                    • GuinessHangover

                      Says the dipshit who writes his post first thing in the morning. Lose a lot of sleep coming up with a good retort? I didn't credit you with an overabundance of brains, but you are pathetic. Let me introduce you to a little something called hypocrisy.

                      Carona: If you continue to comment on this post, you're a loser.
                      Anyone with common sense: But, isn't that exactly what you just did?
                      Carona: Oh yeah, but….

                      A little more friendly advice, don't link your facebook account to your profile on the Chive, its really hard to come off like a bad ass when your interest in music is Katy Perry. Finally, since having the last word and feeling like you "won" is probably the only thing you have to look forward to in your pitiful life, feel free to post whatever you'd like in reposnse, I'm done.

                    • Donovan


        • Marco

          I'd do her. Lucky you.

    • lol

      least it finished strong

    • Hank

      definitely overrated

    • Lotus

      Meh indeed. Ok face but looks like she could put on a few pounds to 'enhance' her curves

  • rabbittrax

    Almost first

    • Jim

      still a douche

    • j_rizzo

      Sounds like you're accustomed to failure already – that should serve you well in life.

  • Country Lover


    • JohnsShadow

      You guys keep exaggerating this girl's looks with "ZOMG" and now we have to keep sitting through new galleries.

      You want honest? She's a little above average. At best. Not hot. Not best looking girl ever on the site. Let's learn proper superlatives so we don't get 20 galleries of average girls.

      • NameHere

        Agreed. This girl is Katie Holmes.

      • edslerson

        Why don't you all stop being a bunch of fucking dickheads and go make your own website then. Boohoo she's average at best! Waaaaah I'm not looking at the hottest girl in the history of existence so I'm gonna be a whiny bitch. It's a nice gallery, the only thing wrong with it is the comments section. Which are getting more stupid with every post it seems

        • Morgan Freeman

          agreed, ive been on the chive everyday since 2007, and some of the people in the comments get pretty fucking dumb. a bunch of know it all's, douche bag frat guys. Makes me want to just skip the comment section all together. I love all the success The Chive has had over the past few years, but sometimes i wish some people just didnt know about this site, it used to be like a hidden gem only a few people knew about. Now its mostly douche bags that dont think this beautiful girl is "hot" enough. I miss the old chive sometimes.

          Chris Farley —————————–>

        • Claire Dames

          so the comment section is only for people who LIKE everything? that sounds reaaaally boring.

  • Takingbackcider

    #5 Best photo because of her smile!

  • MOAR

    #17 Boom

    • Lizard

      Nice nip

      • Nope

        Is that a piercing per chance…

    • Gun_guy

      Yes, sir!

      • winfields

        So….. do they fly a photographer to take these pictures?

    • jakeofhearts

      unbelievable!! :O

    • meuasso

      fuckin scrummmmmmsous 😛

    • Biggus Diccus

      This post would have been better if it was filled with pics like this.

    • Steve777

      Love me a pretty country girl!

  • Guy


    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      This girl is intense

      • Jak


  • TheBAMFinater

    #17 turn towards the camera

    • http://www.chiveafterdark.tumblr.com AfterDark

      And then submit to chiveafterdark.tumblr.com

  • Dan

    Who's the lucky son of a bitch taking these?

    • Bastardo Leonardo

      Her step-dad.

      • TheBAMFinater


    • Anthony

      i always think the same shit..

    • Unfkngblvbl

      It's the Chive's photographer on location preparing more photos for their modeling firm.

    • paul blart

      its her fucking brother

  • Richard

    Young and skinny, big deal.

    • KO617

      Old and wrinkly…is that an accurate description of you?

    • KO617

      Because I like old and wrinklies inside me………….

    • Jak


    • Eric

      Young and skinny is a big deal, that is hard to find these days.

    • Me gusta

      You prefer old and fat?

  • https://www.facebook.com/smartinez08 Saul Martinez

    #16 Before
    #17 After berry verrry NICE

    • Juiol

      No shit, Captain.

  • Josh

    #17 Thank you for that shot. Sexy girl! Could have used different underwear showing more cheek, personally speaking. Still, you're hot!

    • Swiss Chalet

      You sir, are a picky little fucker.

      • Josh

        Better to have some standards, than none like you.

        • Guest

          Also, better to recognize your limitations….gay men really aren't the best judge of feminine pulchritude.

          • Guest's Boyfriend

            That's true baby, you are a pretty bad judge of the feminine form……

      • boll

        its hump day and they gave us a girl with a pretty nice ass wearing granny panties …unacceptable

        • its_forge

          These are not granny panties, I wish people would stop using that phrase.

  • Martin_McFly

    #12 so very.. very.. very beautiful.

    • Matt

      She's so cute that I can hardly stand it!

  • 65massey

    I remember having a girl out to visit me on the farm, we were watching a Bull that had just mounted a cow. I said "Kinda makes me wanna do the same thing"… she says "Go ahead its your cow."

    • Josh

      Fucking awesome!

      • 65massey 118p

        Thanks. I made it up.

        • 65massey

          WTF?? How are you using my name?

          • theKid

            that happens to me sometimes, too. i'll go to post a comment and i'll be logged in as someone else.

    • freddy boy

      Absolutely the best laugh of the day. Thanks.

    • Dustin


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002224484032 Peter J Evens

    Best Chivette EVER!

    • Namehere

      You exaggerate.

  • peanutbutterandjelly

    #3 not much of an ass…. someone make this broad a sandwich.

    • https://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      I agree – no hips at all. But she's not developed enough yet to be a "broad" !

      • Juju

        Also agree. Don't see what the huge deal is.

    • Tommy

      Man I hate the Chive today. This girl is awesome.

    • Topgunn

      I agree she's a pretty girl but she more narrow than my 12 yr old.

      • Burgandy

        Kind of disturbing that you are thinking of 12 year old girls

        • Rick_

          Worse, he said "my 12 yr old'.

          • Noiee

            he never said anything sexual about his, or any 12 year olds. just that she has a build like one. you two might want to see someone about that…….

      • negative nancy

        This makes me feel awkward.

    • yeahyourgay

      you should check out the berry.com i think its for you

  • jhoparmy

    #4 WOW, this pic rocks

    • 1800

      How anyone can see that pic and not get blown away by this gallery is beyond me. I know people got different tastes but that photo there is objectively beautiful

      • jhoparmy

        I agree!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

    #12 I want your shirt

    • https://www.facebook.com/missgamer84 Jessica Condrey

      me too 😀 lets share

    • Jonathan

      on my floor

      • Johnny Boy

        shit in my mouth

  • whyme1973

    #2 #3 #17 So damn hot. Thank you for contributing, CG. I hope you stay a regular on here for a long, long time.

    • bumble

      I agree! It looks like all the douche bags were posting tonight. Sorry I though we had more class.

  • Matt

    #4 #17
    Hell YEAH!!!

  • https://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

    I hope she doesn't live in that dump, its filthy. And it doesn't look like a barn door.

    • Trailer Ray

      Considering its grease on the door, I think its safe to assume there's farm equipment in there/ some type of workshop.

    • bumble

      It's a farm. What do you expect! You need to get out of the city more. Food doesn't come from the grocery store.

  • Acesevens

    Nice Picture.

  • chaddick

    #6- you have a Chug?

    • Country Girl

      a puggle! 🙂

  • chicago

    #11 cute girl and pretty dress. good shot.
    #17 MMMmm… yeah, country girl has a good thing going on. bye~

  • https://www.facebook.com/chandlerr85 Ryan Phineas Chandler

    can i buy you a fish sandwich?

  • Rockstarmg


    • 3MC

      someone should really clean that door.

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