Tickets available now for theCHIVE NYC Meetup!

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  • https://www.facebook.com/tonymartinbroadway Tony Patryn

    Why can't men buy tickets yet!?!

    • grimraider

      keep refreshing

    • Usa retard nation

      Because they are trying to convince some women to meet up all the red necks

    • Tru Chiver

      because John's trying to convince everyone he doesn't love the cock.

  • jake


    • Snork

      …..in class at Miss Emilys School for the Perpetually Stupid

      • suck me dry

        suck me dry

  • anon

    can get chivette tickets, but why no chiver???

  • fail


  • tomchalm

    Really wish I could go to this 🙁

  • turbosnail4

    holy shit 60 a ticket!?!

    • taylor

      yeah to drink for 3 hours in NYC where cocktails are $15. so yeah, that's how it works in a very expensive city

      • anon

        Just another reason why NYC sucks.

        • Fish

          Fuck you, stay out of my City then, you cunt.

          • AnyoneForCoffee

            Such a rational and mature response.

            • Fall

              When the rest of the country makes an average of less than $10 an hour is understandable why some people complain.
              If you've never left your farm it does seem steep, but here in NY we make more money than more people in the rest of the contry.
              It's called relativity

              • jjj

                pretentiousness douche bag

          • anon

            When you say "Fuck you, stay out of my City then, you cunt," Do you say it with that "charming" NYC accent?

            • anon

              Because when I say "Just another reason why NYC sucks", I say it in a "charming" backwoods redneck twang!

              • anon

                I LOVE twangs!!!

                • Fish

                  I'm sure you sound just like your Boyfriend. Is he "charming" too? Redneck Republican Fag.

                  • anon

                    He's not charming but he is FABULOUS!!! Thanks for asking!! you really are giving New Yorkers a positive image! They should put you on their tourism board!

                  • Doug

                    For someone named Fish, I doubt you spent very much time in a school.

                    • anon

                      Now THAT, is a clever response Doug!

                    • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

                      30K total if they sell all the tickets, which I'm sure they will…..10K an hour on bar tabs…..fuck that, you assfucks can have NY.

                    • BrooklynTruth

                      good job doing math, stay the fuck out. whiny little girl

        • Fish

          Another reason for you to stay there in your Mom's basement in Topeka, Kansas. Asshole.

          • anon

            Ahhhh. That good ol' NYC "charm" comes shining through once again. You really are a peach! I bet you are a Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino admirer.

            • Fish

              I'm a "peach" huh? Is that supposed to be insulting? And no, all New Yorkers, myself included, despise the "Situation" and his Goomba friends for making us Italians look bad. Obviously you watch that stupid show because you know his full name. Midwesterner.

              • anon

                Nope!! I GOOGLED it!!

                When I say "Italians," I pronounce it "Eye-talian." May I call you Sizzle Chest?

                • Mike

                  I say your both idiots for rambling on yet again in this thread

                  • anon

                    He started it.

                    • Fish

                      Did not.

                    • Fish

                      Stay out of it "Mike"

                    • anon

                      Yeah "Mike." Leave the troll & his fish alone.

                    • Fish

                      Alright. got me troll. You probably live in Brooklyn, like me. Bastardo! Good one.

                    • Fish

                      Point to you, Sir. Well played. And I recant all vicious comments.

                    • anon

                      I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.

        • BrooklynTruth

          i agree…stay out. who the fuck needs you?

  • otagphoto

    kind of crazy

  • anon

    chivette too poor to chive on 🙁

  • whyzkid

    damn $60 is a little steep

    • mikey

      not in NY it's not. midwesterner?

      • Dark or light?

        I have been to plenty of open bars for half the price; Slate is the type of place that could justify the $60 though. Wish I could afford to go, but this NYC chiver will find himself at McSorley's preparing for the after party. All are welcome to join.

  • tBaynes

    I was so excited that I accidentally bought a Chivette ticket….. whoops

    • http://www.facebook.com/joeltodd Joel Todd

      Good Luck getting in.

      • tBaynes

        Hopefully that wasn’t sarcasm. I’ll KCCO, not worried.

  • https://www.facebook.com/ricky.bello.3 Ricky Bello

    bought mine already yessss

  • nobody

    Can guys buy the chivette tickets?

  • sarah

    $60 to drink for free in NYC is a deal, if you're complaining about it, you don't live in NY I can tell you that much

    • http://twitter.com/rickybello @rickybello

      I agreed that's why I got my two tickets

    • anon

      Thank god I don't live in NYC.

      • Fish

        Thank God you don't, either. Douche.

        • Craven

          Your punctuation is horrific, Fish.

    • boo

      60 for 3 huors sucks. waste of money..

      • Fish

        That's $20 worth of drinks an hour, which is a fuckin bargain. Do the Math, dumbshit!

        • Shearer

          Why are you so negative? Why can't you just let him know that this is in fact a bargain and be happy that you HELPED someone, rather than insult them. Where does that get you in life?

      • manbearpig

        dude, an average drink in the city will run you about $10 with tip lol $60 is nothing for 3 hours, thats a deal and a half. dont go then thats all. problem solved. youre welcome.

  • goForth

    $60 a ticket just means I have to drink $120 worth of booze!

    Done and done.

  • Joe

    i can get trashed far cheaper than 60 bones

  • SaltLakeChiver

    $60 isn't bad – Considering unlimited booze and probably the best night of your year. I drop more than $60 in an average trip to the bar anyways.

  • Katie

    Woo Hoo See you there!

  • will

    love the $60 haters. I live in NY and if you told me there was an all-you-can drink situation for 3 hours at 60 bones, I'd run over a small child to get to that place. Im in 🙂

    • Fish

      You're fuckin-A well told, friend!

    • jjj

      I don't see why people are complaining. I'm in Texas and $60 bucks and free drinks is not bad at all.

      • Dave

        Same thing in Minneapolis. Wish I could go!

  • xsacredhonourx

    Grabbed two Chive tickets. Am I allowed to bring a Chivette in place of a Chive?

    • xsacredhonourx

      Chiver, not Chive, tickets… Stupid autocorrect.

      • The Chive

        Yes. Just don't want a sausage fest.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joeltodd Joel Todd

      Same here, you can't deny an additional chivette can you?

  • C'mon!

    You people are stupid….complaining about $60, for all you can drink and an evening with gorgeous women…? Easily worth $200 per head.

    • Hammerdick

      Correction…$200 FOR head.

    • Walker878

      You call a sausage fest beautiful women?

      • Walker878

        I didn't read the post and now realize that they are selling equal number tickets for chivers and chivettes. Guess the sausage fest will be outside on the sidewalk waiting in line.

    • Stephanie

      But the Chivettes you see on the website won't be the ones you'll see in NYC!
      Just like the place won't be full of guys that have appeared on the berry! 😮

  • orly

    chive doesn't make a dollar off these things. I personally watched john pick up the tab on his own credit card at the last meetup. i wouldn't care if they did make money. this is america after all

    • Buda B


  • Nikki

    $60 all you can drink in nyc is awesome. plus the added bonus of doing it with chivers? amazing. stop bitching.

    • Fish

      Tell em, Nikki!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joeltodd Joel Todd

    Didn't realize we had such a low budget community here.

    • Max

      Considering we reached over $200,000 for Taylor Morris.

    • Drew

      No doubt.. I spent money on a flight in, another 60 isn't going to do any damage. It is NYC after all.

    • Charlotte

      Not everyone has $60 to spare these days. Tough times, you know. No need to look down on those who can't afford it.

  • Justin

    Way to start this early. I was on as 12:57 est and all the chiver tickets are sold out.

  • anon

    why is it pending!

    • Jen

      this confuses me – why would you pay money to drink with people that look at pics of funny shit and naked chicks? DOESNT EVERYONE FUCKING DO THAT?!

      • Tru Chiver

        exactly. HURRRR i look at pictures of half naked chick on the internets!

        OMG, ME TOO! we have so much in common! derp

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