There are Sexy Chivers Among Us (87 Photos)

One again, thanks to the Chivettes for helping make this the best and sexiest community on the internets.

Chivetttes and first-time Chivettes, submit your photos right here.

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  • grandfred

    #6 sure 🙂

  • Bret

    Keep Calm and… OMMFG i almost poked myself in the eye with my own dick!!

  • Boston

    I have a huge crush on #31

  • Bryan

    The Chive has taught me that there are out there a great many completely gorgeous, thoroughly awesome and definitively single girls out there who don't live anywhere near me.

  • Jim Nicholson

    #70 i am in love. I also have a lifted xj

  • ChadCar

    #50 is a taste of something amazing. Moar!!

  • wICKED 1

    #11 and #52: I'm a single chiver.
    #53: I do! I do!

  • dennieyo

    36 43 52 54 58 63 64 87 me L♥VES you all!!! 😀

  • its_forge

    #75 Wow she's got a nice fig(scroll down) HOLY CHRIST WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT BUM

  • Bill shiftly

    #21. Who in their right mind would leave a chivette wit all that natural beauty and to top it all of she is awesome as fuck his loss our gain😄😄😄

    • Gee 2

      I know right?!?! And here I am trying to find a Chivette myself! 🙂

      • krystal

        thanks guys 🙂

  • ben n it

    #13… Amen

  • Tiz Guy

    #63 #70 ….. Yes please

  • Tom

    #53 i love you to golf I'll take you golfing anyday my love 🙂

  • Gallus

    #36 – So many lovely Chivettes. But, as usual, one grabs my attention and strums my heart strings! Thanks, 36.

  • Crispy

    #23 does it for me, but #27, I think I'm in heaven!

  • Hayden Andrews

    #33 Reping the 303 in a great way!

    • ChaseTheWalker

      What if she has a 720 area code? Or 719, or 970….

      • Hailee Spencer

        haha yup im 970

        • ChaseTheWalker

          Well that's unfortunate…. Kinda far from me. Sad day.

          • Hailee Spencer

            how far?? denver really isnt that far …

  • TXman

    Most females are too fragile for my needs, but #19 is just right. It's gonna take real man to love her properly. I volunteer!

    • ChristophersonofGray

      Good man, TXman. Way to step up.

  • @JDougE09

    #52 how exactly are you single? dumbfounded

  • Chiving in NJ

    Thank you ladies!!! You're all beautiful

  • Wally

    #52 where are you chive help me find

  • Firsttimeseriously

    Oh wow, so many beautiful women. But I have to say, #7 really got me going.

    • mysterychivette

      thank you =)

      • Firsttimeseriously

        Hahahahaha, did you really scroll through 10+ pages of comments looking for one about you? I should be thanking you for the sexy photos.

  • LordOfTheApes

    #53 we all do

  • Matt

    #61 Is that a UCM Chivette?!?

    • CarolineOEvans

      here I am! and yes.

  • Todd

    #33 what up Colorado???

  • Tots

    Just a quick question… when girls send in pics for you guys to post how do you know they aren't underage? And if they are… you guys are GROSS!

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