theCHIVE is throwing the best party at Comic-Con! You’re Invited!

The rumors are true. A few weeks ago, Corona Light approached us and asked if we might like to throw a massive bash at this year's Comic-Con? Yes, we can do that.

Can we bring an 800 lb. painted elephant and Mikhail Gorbachev? No.

Booze, beer, and admission must be free. Done.

To that end, we've been quietly crafting the biggest bash at this years' Con, Chive-Con. It all goes down at The Merk this Friday, July 13th at 10pm. We are opening up all the tickets to Chivers right now for free, first come, first serve.

The ground rules: You may only reserve a ticket if you will be in San Diego this weekend. You must provide your full name in the email and you CAN ask for a plus one. If you ask for more than a +1, your request will be considered invalid and ignored. The first 200 people to RSVP to chivecon [at] gmail [dot] com will receive tickets. You MUST receive a reply to confirm your reservation (allow 3-6 hours for reply). Must be 21 to attend.

You can wear whatever you want to this event within reason. This is a Chive party after all.

Also, as many of you know, I play Kevin Ellis on True Blood. Because Comic-Con celebrates our Fantasy and Sci-Fi artists, I am reserving a small block of tickets for actors, actresses, cosplayers, and my fellow industry peers. You can contact Mac at macthechive [at] gmail [dot] com to inquire about that.

If you're still reading this, you're probably too late. We'll see you this Friday the 13th!

John n' Leo

The Merk
820 5th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


Friday, July 13th
10pm - 1:30am

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  • james gate

    a free comic-con party for chivers? yes, please.

  • sarah

    can i wear my Xena Warrior Princess costume?

    • Improper - I know

      From the waist down?

      • sarah

        no cause then you'd see my penis


    first time to the Con and i get to party with the chive!!!

  • jtp

    Please do this next year as well.

  • ATon

    I missed the last meet-up in SD. Hopefully I can get tix to this one…

  • Wet_tosti

    Let's all wear our green KCCO and go like the Hulk!

  • George Strait

    Cool! Cept I live in Texas…

  • BetterThanNothin

    Of course I fly into San Diego on Saturday. Dagger…

  • daily grind

    my boss is in charge of one of the other parties. she's scrambling around the office 'fucking chive just stole my thunder.' lmao

    • lisa

      yeah, the biggest party in town just rolled into town. not much you can do

  • Paco

    That would be cool but in Bama

  • boyRenaissance

    i could probably make that drive.. from canada..

    • Nope

      No that's ok.

      You wouldn't know what to do with all this awesomeness eh.

  • Feeling Lucky

    I just have to say that I am having an incredibly good week. Personal and Professional stuff is great. I feel blessed.

    I’m not boasting … just hoping some of it will rub off on y’all – my fellow Chivers (and Chivettes of course). God bless.

  • Fail

    Yay I think I RSVP'd in time.

    Well see I guess?!

  • wendy


    sorry, excited about this.

  • Mark B.

    <img src=> That's great, Sounds good, I'll be in there in time <img src=>

  • Danica

    Fuck ya! Just sent in my reservation, Chive San Diego meetup number two!

  • A.J.R

    Wish I lived in Cali!

  • Hands so low

    Man I wish I was at Comic con!!!!!!! Post Cos play girls Chive, come on!!!!

  • MTG

    I hope I get tix. For my prego chivette and myself.

  • JLBugbee

    Can we get a chive meet up in the heartland? KS

  • Hands so low


  • Chivettest

    I hope I emailed in time, I missed the last San Diego Meet-up

  • TomTheCameraGuy

    I feel like a complete jackass for not knowing he is on True Blood… I saw the pictures from the bowling thing, but I didn't realize he was an actor in it. Surely I'm not the only one just finding this out…

    Keep livin the dream man.

    • 3dzer0

      No your not the only one, I clicked on the link and I was like Holy Freaking hell !!

  • atp

    Luckily I live in SD, I really hope this pans out!!!

  • Nate Birkas-Schatz

    Didn't know the royal crown was your new logo?? I mean the slogan is one thing… xD

    • rlly tho

      i know. lazy bunch of rip off artists, aren't they? they actually make money off that shit too.

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