• Buddy

    In front!

    • acupofjoe

      Thinking photoshopped? #60

  • yuuup86

    #79 All the way!

    • Kitra

      God bless Texas

      • Greens

        Saddledome in the background, that Calgary right there.
        Chive needs a Stampede post!!

        • Jeff

          Chive On from a fellow Calgarian!!!!

        • prd2bcnd

          I tried to tell them about the Calgary Stampede. mmmmm mmmmm

          • Chorel

            They HAVE to know about Calgary Stampede. We're in its 100th year, such a milestone for us. I've STILL yet to meet a fellow Chiver in the wild though. My boss is a Chiver but that's all about I know.

            • avreno

              I have seen 5-7 chivers at stampede, 2 with kcco shirts and all other with various bill ones… took pictures with none, still surprised as to how many calgary/edmonton/alberta posts are in this chive everywhere.. most I've seen in one gallery

              • Jack Miracle

                I was there for the opening. In the line up I paused to let this guy go in front with his kid. He nonchalantly turned pointed to my shirt then his bfm. And said thanks. Good Chive moment.

                Happy Stampede from Burlington, Ontario

    • Tyler

      She can certainly wear the hell out of that shirt.

    • Eric

      Needs to burn it.

    • normurai

      seven photos in the chive everywhere are from alberta! the chive is everywhere in this province. alberta chive meetup!!!

      • JamesB

        It should be right now at the centennial. Ive never been to a crazier party in my life.

      • avreno

        Great Scott! Yes!

    • john

      must have moar 79 and 83

  • cookit


    awesome picture dude

    • HumpDan

      Can't tell if sweating really bad..

      or photoshopping really bad.

  • Zach

    My pic never makes it! Eff!!!

  • just4fun88

    #6 I love these german chicks

    #28 fuck yeah!

    • z chiver

      My comment's exactly! I just can't post as quickly.

      Also #79 is one beautiful chivette as well

    • aksands

      I'm actually American, but thanks anyway πŸ˜€

      • just4fun88

        Oops πŸ˜€ well and I am not American sooo

      • just4fun88

        You have to visit Heidelberg, AWESOME city πŸ˜‰

  • tv_paul

    #83 Now I need the sex wax.

    • emailhobo

      This is one impressive picture. If we could only have more?!!?

  • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

    #18 needs to burn it

    • Guthrie_Atkinson

      Ya, he must work out.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

        I was thinking more of the girl in the background, but to each his own

  • http://www.facebook.com/nate.woodard.35 Nate Woodard

    #16 FLBP?? #83 Find her!

    • erikhart

      # 16 is my friend Mary!! She is stoked to have made it on here!!

  • Kelowna Chiver

    Lot of Canadian pictures in this post, and now Canadian KCCO shirts. Canada is taking over theChive!!!! Muhahahaha. Even though our entire country's population could fit in California alone…..

    • Oltimey

      Agreed….North Western Ontario…. Keeping Calm and Waiting On those new shirts!

    • z chiver

      I can't wait for one of those Canadian KCCO shirts!!! Hurry up and Come on!

    • CanadianChivette

      Hell yes! Alberta and BC are just full of Chivers and Chivettes πŸ™‚ can't wait for them to release the shirts!!

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #79 Thank you!

  • tv_paul

    #68 Sure we love corn holing…what…really..there's a game called that?

    • Jake

      Sorry bro, but…WANT MOAR OF HER!

    • KyleGamgee

      FLBP for sure. *thumbs up*

    • AssHaterson

      FLBP submission is most certainly required.

  • AssClown

    #41 Wish I was there…you better go watch Memphis May Fire and Of Mice & Men; they are ridiculously good!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=702650056 David Rivera

      nah, i caught a lil bit of mice and men though

  • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

    #28 beautiful view

    • Jen

      look at those beautiful mountains in the foreground…

  • timetrvlr86

    FIND HER!!!!! #68

    • zach

      hell yes please!

      • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

        Red head, FLBP, I agree. Must have MOAR

    • Macro

      She looks like she's 4 feet tall … me likey.

    • Griff

      Dang… I would.

  • NonBrit


    Been there, done that, found a cancer, it was in situ, kicked its ass FTW.

  • whyme1973

    #28 Yeah, I'd like to Chive with her.

  • Adam Banks


    Ducks Fly Together!

    • matt

      seriously, love that tshirt

    • Lower

      Yeah, true. That shirt is awesome. Want! Along with a shirt from theChive.

    • Brent

      quak…quak.. QUAK QUAK QUAK

  • Missoula

    #28 I'm proud to call Montana my home and now finally some chivette representation! Just need a kettlehouse beer and life is perfect.

    • Missoula #2

      I'm headed to Kettlehouse after work today! Hoping she is there haha

      • mtchivette

        a cold smoke would have been awesome but sadly they cut helena out of the running πŸ™

        • Missoula

          Too bad we in Missoula are drinking so much they can't distribute anywhere else… Better make the journey and drink at the brewery.

      • mtchivette

        headed to the brewery tomorrow, gotta stock up on some coldsmoke!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Asian4WhtSupremacy Jin Jung

    #11 Beautiful
    #23 Congrats!
    #46 Need to go visit Conroe, TX
    #60 Congrats, he is a lucky man
    #79 WOW!

    • AssHaterson

      Did they photoshop, very poorly I might add, a BFM shirt on #60? Almost like they used Paint instead.

      • Jules

        Thought the same thing….

      • NcouthYouth


    • McIrish

      I'm finding it hard to believe that the lady with the big gut shrunk into a tiny baby. But it's on the internet, so…

  • jimbozo

    #18 Find her!

    #78 You sir, have been friend zoned, HARD! The whole world now knows.

  • DCD

    I never liked this feature. Just seems like shameless self-promoting… on their very own site.

    • CCJosh

      its ok, this feature never really like you either, along with probably alot of people im guessing

    • Just Sayin'

      One of the dumbest comments ever made. Congrats.


      People like seeing that they are a part of something. It sells the shirts, which helps keep the doors open.

      I'm not one of these fools that acts like they work for theChive or anything, but I do KCCO everyday and I'd like to continue to do so.

    • Ben

      To each their own, but I look forward to this album every week. It's pretty awesome seeing how excited other Chivers are to find one another.


    #79 MOAR please

  • Guthrie_Atkinson

    #18 Really hope that's your gf and you're not stuck in the friendzone because she's HAWWT!!!

  • canadianchiver

    #73 that kid on the right is like 12 drinking a beer? KCCO!

    • chbeers

      the drinking age is lower at Hogwarts

    • Martin

      Those are my siblings, and I made them hold my beers for the picture.

    • XbigstewX

      I, a Californian, was just there a few weeks ago on vacation. Chive On!

  • https://www.facebook.com/BigFuzzyBush Justin Rukse

    #22 is the Hangout Music and Art's Festival !!!

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