• Jamal102

    #21 If she needs help taking that card out I'll gladly volonteer

    • TheUndertakerr

      first you might wanna make sure you can spell volunteer….she might find that a little unattractive.

  • Cholley2

    Thank you Chive…thank you.

    • Guthrie Atkinson


  • deakion12

    #33 all day…

    • Macro

      I like a little more meat on my skeletons.

  • Honest

    Nice job Chive!

    Suggestion: Less model pics and more realistic pics!

    • Ateka

      Suggestion: more front-facing pics. Oh and models are humans too.

      • Lotus

        Humans that can be seen anywhere, let's make the chive work a bit, eh?

  • Rubik5cube

    Loving #40 #25 #21!!!

    • Reed Tarded

      #40 – Ok, there are two ways we can go about this….

  • Bangerang

    Hope #12 is over 18. Perfect blend of cute and dayum!

    • biggles

      And, since you are only looking at her, does it matter if she's over 18?

      you fucking retard.

  • mIdwest

    #18 #41 omg tie for tha win… Chive making workin on monday not so bad

    • zgl

      18 is malena morgan, NSFW!

      • Harry

        Hell yes…. WOW !!!!

    • Phil

      #18 is Malena Morgan. NSFW and totally worth getting fired over

  • ChiveFromWA

    #18 #19 Great gaps. Thanks for making Monday bearable

    • Cousin Woody

      i love the underpants pulled down look

    • absure2


  • levian

    Just wanted to say I met my first few chivers and chivettes at yesterdays warped tour in Toronto and it was awesome!


    You had me at hello #2 Minded it (;

  • iceman

    #16 #37 friiggin gaptastic!!!

  • eltorrito

    #2 i have that same face expression of that guy in the tv when i saw this picture

  • Brad

    Officially not doing shit for the rest of the day.

  • https://www.facebook.com/AKParish Andrew Parish

    #44 That's not very nice. You owe me an apology in person I think 😉

  • tv_paul

    #43 Witchcraft… perhaps but I do like the wiggling between each change.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I think her rug is alive.

  • ARM5280

    #30 So Much Win

    • Macro

      Beautiful sleeve work.

    • JBit

      Ladies with tats, Ahh so hot

  • amazed

    #31 ftw

  • tv_paul

    #42 Nice gap and great see-thru bottoms, thank you.

  • IrishInNJ

    #22 Wow

    • hankalank

      Yea, that one had me stuck for awhile too.

    • rrsuperstar

      the perfect ass hands down! bone up!

  • AssHaterson

    #41 Damn near perfect.

  • oughtnot

    #28 and #29 … seriously, what's up with the stupid piercings?

    • guest

      What? who doesn't like a good ole fashioned titty piercing?

    • http://www.facebook.com/rzgonick Zack Gonick

      You are insane. #28 has to be one of the hottest pictures I've ever seen here! PERFECT body and a unique (and hot) piercing to match.

    • nade

      Actually they're surface piercings, not "stupid" piercings.

  • Alpha_Dog

    Your wish is my command!

    • justinmacumber

      That is one magnificent gap…

  • guest

    #35 wins

    • duke

      gotta love lips….

    • map

      Yummy reverse toe…Nom nom nom

    • KingOfStuff

      that made me stop for a few minutes

    • Drew


    • Carucha

      is she duckfacing?

    • Brummie lad

      No, no, no. Pantyhose are rank! It's got to be hold ups every time…

    • thefrenchchris

      Gap in a gap WOW!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/garrett.krohn Garrett Krohn

    I LOVE BACK DIMPLES! outstanding job on this one gentlemen!

  • Central-Scrutinizer


    • stingray

      and she likes to ride with her top down

    • ottothebent

      please find her!

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