We had a blast making the new Chivette Clothing Line (33 HQ Photos)

Whenever we launch a new t-shirt, we always bring our awesome Chivettes in for the Diet Coke of Chive photo shoots, the product shots. We carefully highlight our new designs - clothes are pressed, makeup artists are brought in along with the Chivettes, lighting, photographers, Mac is never invited but he always shows up.

Because of the technical elements, most product shots are pretty boring. This Chivette shoot was anything but.

The Chivette Clothing Line offically launches today at Noon PST on theCHIVERY. We had a rare opportunity to bring four of your favorite Chivettes together for this one, Asa Hope, Ellen Monohan, Erin Young, and Sarah Jay. The Chivette Line Product shoot was unlike any product shoot I've ever experienced, not just because we got drunk, but because these girls worked for a very long time to create a product worthy of our awesome Chivettes. It's been an exciting experience.

I decided to look at all the
photos we took that day and it was as funny as it was sexy. I thought y'all might like to glimpse behind the scenes.

This is your day, Chivettes, this site would be crap without you so we hope you enjoy the stuff.

Asa’s Twitter Machine. Ellen’s Twitter Machine.

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  • Scott

    Hmmmm…. Ellen pics. Loads of them! My lucky day!

  • gingergreek

    Your job SUCKS!!! *hides jealous rage*

  • teight

    wow #33 "ended" up being the best pic

  • svp

    #15 i love her. #19 hilarious

  • tede

    #25, Mac stop being so fucking hilarious

  • Eduardo P

    #28 is She a boy?.. some huge stuff down there

  • nw

    #22 those are huge panties!

  • Dan

    What a joke this website has become. Its all ads and clothing that's always mysteriously sold out or not in stock.

  • Bobby P.

    Working at The Chive has to be the sickest Job out there…


    OK, my want meter just popped a spring! Someone owes me a new want meter!!

  • BuckersAZ

    #18 #19 #30 #33 Asa and Ellen are the most awesome and beautiful Chivettes ever!

  • Charlie

    More Erin young. She's my fave

  • Anthony

    These three women are stunning but #14, #15 and #16 I have an obsession for her that some might say is almost creepy…..don't judge.

  • chris

    picture 29: who Are they two girls?

  • Rene

    #2 noche abs Asa

  • JoeMamma

    Can we switch lives for like 35 min?

  • killer46270

    What I would give to work there…

  • ry_linch

    #5 & #18
    love her facial expressions lol derp

  • http://www.facebook.com/djfox Jamie Carter

    #3 is so damn beautiful, she needs a thread of her own!! xox

  • rob

    #23 Nice deltoids!

  • Edward

    Bought my gf a pink kcco shirt…pictures coming soon !

  • acoustrix

    #5 DERP!

  • James C

    #15 Damn Erin's gorgeous…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ClydeLions Connor Lyons

    All you ladies are incredibly attractive, but, #25… hot damn.

  • Petey

    What do you have to do to get a job at the Chive?

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