theCHIVE is Hiring a Mobile Czar

theCHIVE is seeking a Mobile Manager to manage the monetization, development and marketing of its Android and iOS apps as well as it’s m-dot site.
If you live within 20 miles of Venice Beach, CA and know the mobile space, we want you. If your email says “willing to relocate” we will not consider you for the position, sorry, but we just get too many applicants and need to narrow it down to locals. Click HERE to learn more about the job opening for theCHIVE’s Mobile Manger.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/james.ramos.355 James Ramos

    Too bad Idk mobile for shit, but I could give a left nut?

  • Cocky

    Dream job

  • Willy T McRibb

    Czar??? WTF

  • blue_bronco

    Give me a job!

    Per Obama

    • Chris

      "You didn't build that."

  • Michael

    I wish I knew anything about that..or lived in Venice Beach. How about Global Promotions and Event Coordinating?

  • Johan

    Kill for a job at theChive..!

  • http://www.facebook.com/The.Savvy.Salesman Joshua Stilloriginal Sauers

    Will gladly take the 3,000 mile trip and stay with my uncle!

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/07/31/thechive-is-hiring-a-mobile-czar/ theCHIVE is Hiring a Mobile Czar | | Just another WordPress site

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  • jrk

    I'm just glad that they're trying to improve the mobile platform. Hire ASAP please.

  • ChestRockwellz

    I give the Chive 8 months before completely selling out. Ads already cover 80% of their page. Anymore and we'll be required to fill out a survey before viewing the pics.

    • The_Dood

      Where the fuck are these ads everyone keeps bitching about?! I've been Chiving for two years now and they have had a consistent amount of ads the entire time! Every now and then there's something for a movie or a game or a liquor, but the page has pretty much kept the same layout for the last two years.

      • Larry

        the worst is the moble site. adds bouncing around while you scroll get annoying.

    • Cooper

      Jailbreak/root. Adblocker. Free. No ads. Then quitcherbitchin'.

      • I don't know

        Or you know some of us have iPhones (no Adblock) and aren't really wanting to go through the process of jailbreaking just to skip ads on this one site. Think. Use common sense. No stupid comments. Then quitcherbitchin'.

  • Charlie_Cheen

    Request #1 for future Android mobile app developer: Make the mobile comments section access the same as the desktop comments. Part of the fun of theChive is the community, I hardly ever use the Android app because the comment sections aren't the same as the Desktop.

    Right now you have to use Facebook (I think?) to commend on mobile posts and I don't want my mom and grandma seeing me comment on how much I like a picture of someone's gap.

    • AdamK


      • stufff


  • graham

    im really good at surfin the mobile chive while im on the can!!!

  • Tom

    Wish I lived in Venice beach!

  • Jack Henoff

    Bout damn time… Your mobile sites suck root !

  • Mjc

    Allow .gif images to be viewed on iOS app

    • Bravo


  • Mee

    oh man, if it was 10000 rather than 20 miles I could czar the shit out of your apps

  • Jared

    Dear Chive. I think You need to Hire a Mechanical Engineer, From TX, maybe around the N. Houston area.

    I cant really think of a reason why… But It would be good for yall, I have a good feeling.

  • Easy

    Good. Finally. Your mobile site sucks ass. Why don't you make their 1st priority to implement code that makes the pics expand to fit the width of the screen when viewed in landscape. Done make me click through twice just to read a friggin demotivational poster. Thats lame ad-whoring. Stop being such huge ad-whores.

    • http://www.thechive.com Leo

      We are really, truly sorry for providing free entertainment. Again, sorry.

      • http://freshdub.tumblr.com KCO617

        Right on Leo. Easy, why don't you ease up, or pay for pro.

  • Rob

    I love how so many people complain about a free site that from all my wAtchin is fuxking awesome. KCCO FUCKHEADS STOP BITCHING. Chive rules now I just need to get my hand on a shirt so I can show the world.

    • Easy

      They announced it in public. That automatically makes it our business. It's hardly free either. Thy get paid for every thing we click through. When their /very/ basic mobile site hasn't worked right since day one, and they ignore emails about the problem for years, yeah I'm gonna come in the comments and bitch. But you know, go ahead and stay on team stupid. That's clearly working out for you. Clown.

      • http://freshdub.tumblr.com KCO617

        You're exactly who we don't need around here. It's a mobile APP btw you clown. It's free, they have to make some money to keep it running or otherwise it wouldn't be cost effective for them to let you view their content on the go. Monetize, evolve and kick ass.

        • Easy

          I'm not arguing with using ads for revenue. That's how the Internet works. They can monitize it any way they see fit. The shirts are a great way. I already have two. This is not my argument.

          My issue is with the site(s) functionality. Its just not up to snuff. And it's not just the apps, it's the m dot, i.e. mobile site, that I'm referencing. The apps are largely unusable. The m dot is close to having its basic functionality down. Close. But the images don't expand to fit the screen when in landscape. That's pretty basic, and sad to have not fixed in the past couple years. I've emailed the chive, I've emailed resignation media too. No response. So sure they're looking for a team member to work on these things now, but they also paid someone to build the .com and m. In the first place right? So they should tell them they missed something simple like the image resize issue and have it fixed. Like 2 years ago.

          • Robs A Douche

            Robs a DOUCHE Can i get an A-men brothas n sistas?
            And fix the god damn gifs. WTF and some higher res pix would be nice.

  • Jon Willis

    will work for humps!

  • AMA

    Jeez, it's about time. I love the Chive and have for a while, but their app is garbage.

  • http://www.facebook.com/willberry88 Will Berry

    How about a Windows Phone app? There is an unofficial one on the market place that is half decent, but one like the official one would be appreciated.

    • I don't know

      I'm not really sure why people use apps for any site including thechive. They never have all the features of the site and they take up room on your phone and still require an Internet connection to use. If nothing else you should just use a shortcut to the website that way you can see everything and comment and all that.

    • thatguy

      Easy solution: get an iphone….

      • http://www.facebook.com/willberry88 Will Berry

        But I don't want an iPhone.

    • wp7

      Yes! Windows Phone rocks. Don't forget an app for it too!

  • thatguy

    Hopefully they can fix that piece of shit you call an app.
    Enable gif's and video, get rid of banner ads (as the last update was SUPPOSED to do, but did not).

  • DB Conor

    Immensely like. Chive iphone/iPad app does not facilitate either keeping calm or chiving on.

  • http://thechive prof

    glad to see that you people are using your free time to complain, since you have so much of it why don’t you get off your ass and do better?

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