• lol

      you misspelled "turd"

    • http://www.facebook.com/battlestarcomics Battlestarcomics

      #6 #9 #16
      Really> Shame dam shame. LOL

      • backseatchiver

        Boredom: One man's trash is another man's treasure.


    • Ken

      all you sexy single chivettes my e-mail is sickboy82375@aol.com 🙂

      • SeriouslyWTF

        Gay porn bombardment in 3…2…1…

      • 'Merica


  • ThaGnome

    #2 wow

    • http://www.facebook.com/shannon.coverdale.3 Shannon Coverdale

      Re-post and I must say thanks for that. Absolutely gorgeous

    • Brian

      Will wear my chive shirt to the next Nationals home game. See you at the Red Porch!

      • Prick

        Natitude. She has it.

    • All Dat

      What are we gonna do wit all that ass. yeeewwwwww

    • I just rent chicks

      No matter how Hot a woman is….Somewhere, some guy is tired of putting up with her shit. These pics just prove that theory.

      Now go make me a sandwich.

      • FunKiller

        Wow, that's pretty original….did you pull that from the 90's?

        • Dave

          Wow, that's a pretty good comeback….did you pull that from your ass?

          • FunKiller

            I did actually, and it still ended up being better than yours!

      • The Woim

        Amazing that you have to resort to "renting chicks"; what with all that charm you clearly have to offer, surely you jest.

  • J.D


    Looking good

    • Guest

      The only thing I can figure is that either she has the worst butterface ever, or that's she's just plain crazy. Clearly the body is fantastic.

      • Falthor

        I'm with Guest… Either she's two and a half bags of crazy, or Super annoying. With a body like that i could overlook the face… Here's to hoping she's normal and her ex was just a douche.

    • Germie

      I'll say. Find her…I want moar.

    • K-9

      Appears she has the right uniform to be "girlfriend".

  • Bro

    #1 the guy who let you go didn't think so but i most certainly think you are dear.

    • Every commenter

      How do you know she's not batshit insane? She's a keeper just because she has a pretty face and a nice smile?

      • Shoop-da-wooop

        No. She's a keeper because boobs.

        • dutch

          what boobs?

      • kcconewengland

        How about its just a T shirt…stop hating, she is beautiful. and i can tell you for fact, she isnt batshit crazy

        • Underbaker

          How are we to know that you aren't one Bat Shit Crazy person covering for another one? Are you her shrink?

      • https://www.facebook.com/jonathan.reyes.581 Jonathan Reyes

        and a tshirt… don't forget that

    • Scaggnettii


      • theloosesock

        shes actually a pretty fly chick, think before u speak

        • kcconewengland

          She actually is wicked chill… these haters are probably in their parents basements watching cartoons and FAPPing to them

          • dutch

            wicked chill? sounds like someone is in the friendzone.

          • Mike

            kcconewengland…you know this girl personally or are you the keeper? Stop stickin up for her and get out of your parents basement fappin your ass off.

            • kcconewengland

              at work actually, which is somewhere you never heard of. and i do know her. she is a sweet heart and i can tell you any man would be lucky to have her. so stop fapping to cartoons you loser and get off the chive

              • dutch


              • Mike

                Im at work too hating on your bitch ass. If you like her enough just ask her out. She'd probably say no because you're her stalker and she has a restraining order against you.

                • dutch

                  I endorse Mike in this internet fight.

                  • kcconewengland

                    "bitch ass" you must be 12. but at least im being a good person and following what the chive is all about, rather than just going around hating. you must have no life to being this, and you must hate that fact… so you can call me a loser all you want, but it wont change the fact that you are a lonely dick

                    • Mike

                      Not that is matters but I'm 28, Have a full time job, own my own house, 2 cars (1 is a Corvette) and have a girlfriend. I'd love to hear the sad shit you have in your life. You lurk on the chive hoping for people to like your comments. Fuckin creep.

                    • blake

                      thats badass!

                    • Samhedi

                      Sooooper cool story bro.

                      Wait, corvette? Are you from the past?

                    • Lookin 4 Mike Hunt

                      1 is a Corvette … Fucks will NOT be given for such a comment; It is irrelavent!
                      You have a girlfriend? What his name … Dutch?

                    • CCJosh

                      I endorse Dutch endorsing Mike, stop arguing ya Vag's

                    • Mike

                      Sorry, CCJosh. But I won't let anyone bully me around on the internets.

                    • kcconewengland

                      bullying? youre going around hating on others for zero reason other than to fill the void in that blackened heart of yours..in hopes to get some odd satisfaction. you can say im a loser for leaving comments, but youre doing the same exact thing, but in a hateful manner… youre the definition of a loser, sorry my man, grow up. KCCO

                    • Underbaker

                      No kcconewengland , you're not being hateful at all. Just a person so full of love shooting it all over the internet like cupids arrows. I love how you keep calling everyone "Haters" then keep dishing out your own brand of love in every post your make.

                    • El Chicken

                      Well that escalated quickly…I mean that really got out of hand fast

                    • Underbaker

                      I had a hard time fapping to it myself.

                    • dutch

                      Mike/Dutch 2012

                  • ImaKeeper

                    Boys boys where's theKEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON spirit!? kccoNE got upset cause he does know me, doesn't mean he's friendzoned either! I got a weird thumb and submit pictures oh myself to Chive! I'm single im not batshit.. Let's be nice to these chivettes! Sometimes they make your day better because they want to show off and receive nice comments, maybe some have self esteem issues maybe some are marketing but whatever it is, let it go!
                    Chive on from GBR

                    • Hoosier

                      Imakeeper…….You rock!

                    • Alex

                      Thanks for submitting these posts totally make my day. KCCO!

                    • cjohnson0927

                      Didn't notice the thumb, thanks for the pic.

                    • imgonnakeepher

                      I'd marry you today!

              • he hate me

                she has a fucked up thumb.

        • FunKiller

          Normally I hate loose socks…but in this case, I'm probably in agreement with you.
          P.S. – stop being so uncomfortable.

      • sfb101

        I totally agree! Looks just like "overly attached girlfriend"
        The shirt does not help that matter…

    • http://www.facebook.com/Willsellout Dan Withers

      "1 is a corvette" Holy fucking shit that's funny!

    • foul83

      Her thumb is kinda eff'd up. Did she slam it in that door? Wouldn't want her to review movies. "Honey, we discussed this. Put your glove back on."

    • Cardinalfan82

      Where is she from? I'm a newly single chiver and I would be honored to meet her!!!

  • Corey

    Yes you are. Great smile.

    • Every commenter

      Takes more than a great smile to be a "keeper", IMO.

      • Daniel Tosh

        if you have a gf and her only job is to look good, that shit gets boring real fast.

        • 98409

          chivers wouldn't know. they're too busy pussy-worshipping.

    • dirty

      someone obviously doesn't think the same thing. probably because of that crooked fuckIng thumb, wtf?? gross

      • kcconewengland

        you guys make as much sense as a drunk baby. stop being douchie haters, and star being chivers

        • dirty

          @kcconewengland, her shirt says "keeper" and she just got dumped and she needs to see a doctor to get her thumb popped back in. wtf doesn't make sense to you?

          • kcconewengland

            HAHAH youre a clown. im glad to say i actually know her and needless to say youre completely wrong. and that whole thumb thing, if youre THAT picky, only points to the fact that youre probably a loser who can only get off to victoria secret catalog that your mom orders. get over yourself hater and leave the chive if youre going to be a dick

            • Rob

              how fucking hard did you get friend zoned?

              • Mike

                kcconewengland probably has a ton of pictures on her on his wall and just sits there naked and rocking back and forth wishing he could be her man.

            • dirty

              Wrong sir, I can only get off to pictures of goats and sometimes cat hair. Since you know her though, why did that crooked thumb bitch get thrown to the curb anyways

          • ImaKeeper

            Lmao I know my thumb is weird, I actually tried to make it look normal, it's called a hitch hikers thumb, genetic issue! And for the record I didn't enter this into the newly single, I'm sure John thought it was a great shirt and knows that I am single! be nice to KCCO he is a great guy and I would happily date him if it wasn't for the hundreds of miles!!!

            Chive On from GBR

            • dutch

              friendzone level: long distance

              too cute.

              • kcconewengland

                that fine, but at least i can take comfort in know i dont have to shit on other people to get some "happiness". and thank you GBR, you certainly are a keeper

                • awhite2020

                  Everyone! Eat some bacon, have a beer, and KCCO. This is not what the Chive is about.

                  • ImaKeeper

                    Mmmm Bacon, mmm beer

                    • Kristen

                      What's it like to be a stupid fucking whore?

                    • awhite2020

                      ImaKeeper you are awesome and amazing! Kristen is the opposite.

            • dirty

              Sorry about your ugly thumb, if you want to make itlook normal then you shouldn't give thumbs up. Your other fingers are pretty cute though.

              • ImaKeeper

                Right!!! I shouldn't give it but I was pumped about my Husker red keeper shirt.. It's just a family thing!! Thanks for calming down.. I like Chive better this way


                • dutch

                  Damn, you had to go and bring the Cornhuskers into this. I guess you're ok.

                • Underbaker

                  ImaKeeper, you KCCO well, I apologize and take back any BSC remarks I made of you. But I still think your New England friend is a flaming hypocrite.

                  • ImaKeeper

                    Thank you gentlemen!! Aww theKCCO Is restored!! Happy Fucking Hump Day y'all, closer to the weekend!! As for that Kristen Hoodrat, illstabahoe hehehe jk but seriously I have a trident…

            • Bogus

              You're cute.

      • Samhedi

        If it's her thumb you noticed then you may want to buy some his and his towels for your pink bathroom.

        • 98409

          yeah. because pink is for girls. what are you, 10?

    • huskernut

      no doubt a keeper – Go BIG RED!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Willsellout Dan Withers

      You know how I know you're gay? You are making comments about her thumb.

  • Jason

    #2 &#6 WOW!

    • Eddie

      My thoughts exactly. Where are these single broads at?

  • Jawbone

    #2 She squealed desperately, realizing that she's old enough to be the mother of every other girl on this list.

    • http://www.facebook.com/james.papadapa James Papadapa

      Dude that's not cool! COME ON MAN!!!

    • Ken

      i think she is gorgeous!

      • John

        Me too and I don't think she is old??? What is Dickbone in Jaw talking about

    • evergreatful

      did ur mom look like that???
      dam i want go to ur house!

    • https://thechive.com GordoZX

      You wouldn't know how to treat a lady like that !

    • AlBundy

      You obviously are a young man and haven't had the privilege of sharing some quality time with a woman like this. She would rock your little world and you would never be the same. Pray that your girl grows into a woman like this. Beautiful, confident, knows what she likes and knows how to please a man. Don't get me wrong… all women are crazy, but only few are worth the ride.

      • http://twitter.com/oplock @oplock

        "all women are crazy, but only few are worth the ride."

        That is some sound advice right there.

      • TheRealAlBundy

        You don't deserve the name Al Bundy saying things like that… Czech yo self fooo…

    • Guest

      She's beautiful. Most men dream of a woman looking this good. Being hot in your early twenties is easy. Besides, older women are AMAZING in bed. That when they have the sexual appetite of a 17-year-old boy.

    • jmiker919

      "Jawbone", how appropriate. As in: "jawbone of an ass"… Which noun (sorry for the big word) do you think most applies to you? Hmmm? She's beautiful you dork.

  • Sgt Hedberg USMC

    Lots of cuties!

    • Obgyn Pierce

      Nice name gaywad…

  • Tom

    #5 you won me over with your tan lines. I'd go for a bike ride with you any time.

  • Franswa

    WOW so many beautiful single ladies…. happy hunting !

  • chrisss

    #29 those eyes. wow!

  • nate

    i could easily help number 5 with her single problem, she is gorgeous!

    • Just sayin'

      you mean this? #5

    • Yeah


  • John

    #18 MOAR!

    • That Guy

      Winner. IMO

    • bdg

      We need a EASY Girls post!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Pancho

        No, no we don't.

    • foul83

      Her and #36. They won't be single long. Treat 'em right, dummies.

  • Synkien

    #5 Gorgeous!!

    • Connor Macmanus

      Jamie Bell

      • Squirrel_Bait

        Oh thanks, how did you know?

  • whoami

    if these girls look this good and are single, theyre either dumb as shit or crazy as fuck

    • A Guy

      Yeah, I always had the thought in my head, "Newly single Chivettes? Has anyone ever wondered exactly why she's single?" I bet I could ask one, "Could you get me a beer, babe?" "Go get your own fucking beer, prick! Just because I had sex with you doesn't make me your slave!" O_o Either that, or most of them are just bipolar. 😉 Just because girls are hot doesn't mean that they are going to make good partners. (That also means in bed, as well.)

      • Daniel Tosh

        all the girls only submit because they got dump, girls don't like to get dump they only like to do the dumping. For that reason their egos got all hurt and shit, so they decide to submit to the Chive so Friendzone John can give them a confedence boost.____and yes girls who are super fine are really bad in bed, they just lay there.

        • Filbur

          I'm SO sorry to hear that you've never had both in the same package, hot girls can be hot in bed too. Sounds like you've been dumped a lot, sorry to hear about that too.

    • Craigery

      Or, like most hot girls, they only date douchebags, tools, meatheads, and assholes, so they keep finding themselves single and wondering "Where are all the GOOD guys"? (Answer: in your friend zone, where you left them.)

    • GlibTongue

      while they're all cute…

      If they require validation from the masses of the internet that they are 'worth it', then they require far more attention than I'm willing to give.

    • Samhedi

      Nurrrrr, if dems iz singles then dems must be crayzeeee or stooopids or sumptin' nurrrr… I agreees with yooo wit all my brainzzz, yar.

    • Brick

      Yeah cause when you're good looking, you get with one guy and then your stay with him for the rest of your life. at no point in your life are you single because you're so hot unless youre dumb or crazy. This makes total sense.

      but seriously virgins go out and get laid. you're spending too much time on your computer.

      • 98409

        so, sweetheart. which one are you, and why did he dump you?

  • capton awesome

    nothing like seeing a ex in here from a couple ex's back lol she is single cause she is nuts……

    • Karl


      • dutch

        most, if not all. fact. all women are crazy, it's just how much of it you can tolerate or silence with alcohol.

        • Karl

          LOL!….YA I SUPOSE.

        • NotACrazyChick

          and you are so sadly ignorant. enjoy your life of living in your parent's basement playing world of warcraft and jacking off to anime characters in comic books 😉

          • Daniel Tosh

            ^^ case in point. perfectly mature and non-crazy response right there……..

    • Zuke

      I had believed that we'd ascertained that all women are nuts.

      It's just if their brand of crazy is compatible with your brand of crazy, cause if there's anyone out there who isn't just a little bit off their rocker in their own way I would sure as hell like to meet them…

  • Shant1k

    #36 how the fuck are you single?

    • Truth


    • Anon

      Because somewhere there is a guy who thinks/knows she is probably bat shit crazy (just like all the others posted here)

    • Kevrhutch

      It's one of those No matter how good she looks, someone, somewhere is tired of her shit

      • http://www.facebook.com/erich.backhus Erich Backhus

        My thoughts EXACTLY.

    • jallen

      seriously… what are digits??? I want meet this sweetheart!

    • Jake

      If Lee Newton is single, it's no surprise that this girl is single.

      • SomeBeans

        I think it's in Lee's contract that she has to be single

        • Jake

          Repeating a joke from Joe and Elliot? Wow, you're cool.

          • MattyDeuce

            Dude, Joe Elliott brought us the "Hysteria" album…repeating his work is totally understandable.

            See what I did there? B)

    • DubbyaWW

      I want MOAR!

    • SAChiverSteven

      She reminds me a lot about my EX. My EX belongs in a mental hospital.
      True Story

    • Manny

      Hey i know her! she went with me on high school! crazy girl… she was actually once fat….

      • Tricia

        Definitely was never fat…..

        • Daniel Tosh

          if she was fat once, that explains why she needs all the ass kissing people to tell her she is hot

          • 98409

            look out. the butthurt chivers are gonna get you…..

    • blake

      my friend said it well…"behind every hot chick theres some guy tired of banging her"

    • FunKiller

      She's not single, that's my girlfriend….she might not know it yet, but she is.

  • Psycho

    #10 Really? why bother sending him a message through theChive then?

    • bohica

      Agreed, if you didn't miss him, why are you reaching out to him through Chive?

      • thzchic

        cause she wants attention

        • Paul

          She misses him…..eating her pussy..

          • Salem


    • Zuke

      Be nice people. In reality there's a lot of things that don't make sense on the chive. Women are also crazy, especially when relationships are involved; we all know this.

      For real though, if she does, in fact, miss her ex, then there's no reason to make her feel worse, if she doesn't then her little sign is true anyways, and if she wants attention and you have a problem with that then I've got some news for you; that's probably one of the reasons almost every girl on this site sends their pictures in to begin with; for positive attention. And why shouldn't they get it? They're attractive, they work to remain good looking, imo they should get attention if they want it. They aren't hurting anyone.

      Also, as I find myself saying in a lot of instances, she has the guts to put herself up here and open herself up to criticism, regardless of what her motivations may be. Recognize that it takes a lot of courage to be able to let your guard down like that.

      Ultimately though, people, not just females, do some really crazy shit after breaking up and a lot of times they look back on it later and feel embarrassed about it. There's no need to rub it in. We all do things that don't make sense sometimes or let our emotions run away with us, so let's not throw stones.

      • phydor

        banana viper moat

  • Kidgorgeous

    Watch out fellas, there must be a case of the *derp* going around.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gareth.pride Gareth Pride

    #3 am I sensing a redhead…… I'm in love

    #29 he was a complete and utter fool!!!

    • Run. Run Far Away!

      #3 is known to me.
      Pic is blank -n- white because a color image wouldn't fully communicate the CRAZY!

      • Jacques

        I highly doubt you know her. Where does she live?

    • Leslie Chow

      #3 Was definitely my favorite. Just lovely babe-

      • http://www.facebook.com/gareth.pride Gareth Pride

        Sounds interesting….do go on

  • Jeff

    #4, you're so gorgeous you won't be single long!

  • http://thinkrandomness.blogspot.com beserker

    #18, in a box, wrapped and shipped express please!

    • Jezza67

      Nope, quite willing to hire a helicopter to pick her up, while dressed as a fireman and carrying a cute puppy.

  • http://twitter.com/PrimalRhythms @PrimalRhythms

    I just have one question…. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA OPEN THE CHIVETTE DATING SITE?!?

    • Shant1k

      yeah, where chivettes date chivettes and post pictures of themselves making out! WHY THE WAIT??

    • Gerry

      Damn true !

    • http://www.facebook.com/twowheels1306 Sam Christy

      It is open, if you would just look at the top of the page and click the DATING link

      • Abe

        Dude, that goes to howaboutwe which is downright sucky and has very few dates posted. Plus the women on it……………..

        • MattyDeuce

          yeah, and it really has nothing to do with the Chive…just a money-maker for them is all. maybe it is good if you are from NYC because that seems to be where 90% of the women are from.

  • awhite2020

    I'd like to make you all newly taken Chivettes! Especially #1

  • Steve

    #2 is ridiculous…need moar

    • Onlooker

      #2 THOSE, I mean YOU are gorgeous! Screw the shallow minded! You look GREAT!!!

      • Thank you

        Thanks sooo much. Would you like to put your penis in my anus?

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