• http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

    #15 is that a call out on bad photoshop? Confused on this one.

    • Cecil

      Yes and due to that bad photoshop, the boards on the walk had more curves that the girl did.

    • drea619

      yes you are confused..

    • Mesmirized

      I'm calling out MarthaJeane for having a firm grasp of the obvious

      • http://www.cupcakesbymartha.com MarthaJeane

        Well, it could've been a really crappy dock… maybe?

        Yeah okay, I just suck at spotting these things.

    • FunKiller

      Photoshop is for liars.

    • MikesLife

      I think I have to disagree on the photoshop. I have seen boards warp like that from the nailed areas out to end of the board, especially when constantly exposed to dampness or wetness. Besides, what would be the purpose of photoshopping a dock into the picture of the hot chick??

      • USF Bull Rugger

        They didn't photshop the dock INTO the picture. It is a picture of a girl standing in front of a dock. The girls obviously used the warp function to attempt to make her body look better otherwise warping the look of the dock. Obvious photoshop fail.

        Also, I live in Florida…known birthplace of docks…never seen a plank warp horizontally perfectly in line with the planks to its left and right fitting perfectly together like ancient stone masons put them together without motar.

        MikesLife is a lonely one.

        • The Ps

          That awkward moment when your sarcasm is so far advanced that people actually think you are stupid.

          • JHL1

            Stupid is not spelled a.d.v.a.n.c.e.d.
            At least you got it right the 2nd time.

            • Pete

              Oh my. I do believe you just proved his point. XD

      • $am

        The picture was "pulled" down, which in effect "stretches" her, making her appear more thin (and also "warping" the dock). Got it now, Mike? KCCO

      • sadman

        This deck looks normal. I can tell from the planks and from seeing quite a few decks in my time. :p

        • quailman8907

          At least someone got that he was joking.

    • til_death

      She's flat as a board!!!

  • hey now...

    #7 What a bitch!

    • i agree

      i was about to say the same thing

    • Pete

      She's as hardcore nerd as a white boy from Orange County is OG4Life…

  • IrishInNJ

    #10 is clearly a reference to the 343 firefighters who gave their lives on 9/11 in NYC. Kudos to that guy.

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      yeah…and it gets brought up on the comments section every time the Chive posts it…which is a lot. I wish they would stop listing it as a fail and put it in the cool tattoo post if they are going to continue to post this pic.
      Kudos indeed.

    • bigcityreem

      Thanks for the info. I look at this a lot differently now.

    • Wisti

      Now I feel terrible for judging it poorly…This guy is awesome 🙁

    • TEEKAY

      Actually 343 MEMBERS of the NYC Fire Dept died on 9/11. Not all where "firemen" or "firefighters". 2 were paramedics. As long as we're correcting each other on the facts.

    • SouthsideMoose

      Thank you, I felt like someone should say it.. just to clarify who was failing in that pic.

  • Crowley


    • Hokum

      If your name is a Supernatural reference, then that's awesome.

    • Jamie

      I have to agree with you. Some of these are pretty good, but not most.


  • Gofuckyourself


    • currentlyfucking


      • a-nom


        • FunKiller


          • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer


            • FunKiller


    • Ginger

      You need a role model, a hug, or something.

    • Fuck scroll ads


  • mjrigs

    When you shart in the shower, the problem solves itself.

    • Cecil

      You sick, hilarious son of a bitch.

    • ddd

      if you're alright with shitting in the shower…

      • John

        Its a shart, not a full blown shit… all you do is spackle the wall… problem solved!

      • SKEEBLER

        Sharting, not shitting! READ MUCH?

    • bones

      yep, laughed harder than I should have!

    • mrsrigs

      I live with this guy…and yep, he sharts 🙂

  • BigPup

    #9 Stupid is what Stupid does…

    • whoa

      I guess so, because stupid is AS stupid does.

    • Jawbone

      Stupid is AS stupid does. Christ, at least TRY to look intelligent.

  • crustybubblechunks

    #13 Had to mouth explosive diarrhea

    • http://www.facebook.com/luke.talbot Luke Talbot

      same here. Was easier than putting a mirror in the toilet…

      • TomTheCameraGuy

        Hahahaha, nice

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/GernBlansten GernBlansten

      This was the best one….

    • Katie

      Can't tell me you didn't mouth the words "poop" and "explosive diarrhea"

  • Cecil

    Omg, a few of these were just too damned funny!

    • Cecil

      #7 was my favorite though, and most of you would still buy her dinner 5 nights in a row.

      • Bob

        She is dumb but at least she plays games and won't get mad if you do too.

      • motojunky27

        Fuck no. What a bitch. And a stupid one at that.

        • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

          I absolutely hate girls that are all "I'm such a nerd!" and I'm like "No, bitch. I'm a nerd. Take off your lens-less thick-rimmed glasses and go duckface yourself a mirror pic."

  • Deepfap

    BRING BACK LG!!!! That was a tease a few weeks ago

    • JHL1

      Just google her there's tons of pics of her around the net.

  • C.C

    KKCO from IORL Cold Lake

    • Guest

      Its KCCO and when you say Cold Lake I hope you don't mean Alberta for my sake.

      • Timmer

        Alberta is great I don't care what you say!

  • Dan

    #14 must be from Scottsdale, AZ

    • JESSE

      OR LA

  • Dennis

    Love these posts! Keeps my faith in facebook.

  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.talbot Luke Talbot


  • moondog


  • socalmarti

    #11 When I kiss men they usually don't speak in the 3rd person either…LOL!

    • Tonmi

      Well Bulbasaur is kinda awesome, though.

  • Cecil

    #2 Only if you're doomsday dear.

  • Bob

    Morons and Facebook, = hilarious
    #2, #15, #20, #24, #28

  • Chase

    incorrectly regarded as a fail, they may be truck 341, but 343 firemen died on September 11th, 2011.

    • guest


    • .....

      I think the fail was the guy that commented about his tattoo not having the correct number. I don't know a brother on earth that would not know what 343 stands for. 343-Never Forget!

    • tim

      341 firefighters died 9/11 343 fdny members a lot of ppl get confused the tattoo is firefighters only not paramedics

    • http://wilhelmscream.net Rex Hondo

      Holy shit! Chase is posting from the future!

      • Wayne

        but you know 2011 was last year right?

        • Pants Pudding

          Holy shit! We're posting from the future!

  • HotashNerd

    #13 made me laugh super hard

  • TyR

    Best post I have ever seen

    • http://www.facebook.com/langer23 Christopher Lang

      Is it really?

  • Jeff

    Facebook is ruining the world.

    • FunKiller

      Facebook mixed with the youth of today is ruining the world.

    • Ken

      I agree! Just look at the world wide database the government can get there hands on… it has practically everyone's information on it and nothing gets deleted! So be careful what you say on fb, its for life!

    • MikeD

      Lousy schools are ruining the world.

    • Rtblakes

      You're so right…

  • misschris

    #9 How do people ask such stupid questions so publicly?? You obviously have internet… look that shit up before embarrassing yourself! Or just keep doin what you do and give the rest of us something to laugh at. Either way, either way is fine.

  • Rob

    Ripping off Lamebook content now.

    • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer

      Between lamebook and 9gag the chive might actually find itself some content.

      • Danno's Mom's Pimp

        Be careful Danno, theChive may find your Mom on Youporn.com

        • Notimpressed

          You are kind of a twit. Fanboys like you make opinions like his sound legitimate.

          • ImpressMe

            If you find the Chive so objectionable why do you bother to come here and bitch? Oh yes, because its the only way you can get any attention….. kind of pathetic.

    • Mike

      Does this really matter? Are you personally offended that somebody who maintains a website that you don't pay a dime for scoured the internet for you and conveniently placed the newest repost-worthy content in one place along with its original stuff and user submissions?

    • FarmBoy

      I like to think of theCHIVE as kayak.com, search one and done, I don't want to waste a ton of hours going to different websites, when I can just go to theCHIVE for what is arguably the best post.

  • pat

    #10 the 343 is how many firefighters died on 9/11

    • Jasper

      Yeah I dont why people keep putting this up as a facebook fail. Guys just paying tribute.

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