So the NSX change-up was a flop…PPT in high-res (30 HQ Photos)

  • Tiber_Septim

    #40 put that on your pick-up truck and see how fast you go.

    • etcrr 132p

      you couldnt fit that in a pickup truck cause it would be to big to fit in a pickup truck. you obviously dont know anything about pickup trucks or engines cause you are just a dumb shit with bullshit on your face go play in traffic

      • SKEEBLER

        Well SHIT DICK if you went to school and learned how to READ you would have realised that ETCRR 132 typed, Put that ON, not IN, ON meaning the TRUCK bed most likely! And if was to small a truck just fabricate and re-inforce that shit mother fucknutz and have some fun!

  • SupraJeeper

    #14 You don't much easier access to an oil filter than that. Longitudinally mounted inline engines for the win.

  • hold the rice

    Pod filter on a mazda speed 3?!?! Now the engines gonna explode.

    • bobby

      #12 agreed.

      • Jimbo

        #16 #26 Why even post engines like these?

        • Rick

          I like throwing in change-ups

          • etcrr 132p

            You throw like a girl.

      • rusty

        agreed. SHAME an engine that rare (I owned a Mazdapeed6) should never be that dirty. clean that ISH up !! and get rid of that junk e-bay filter.

        • BTI

          I like the change up. Haters gonna Hate

        • John

          owning a mazda and admitting it, props to you

  • the bad guy

    #2 wouldn't want to do a timing chain

    • rusty

      audi. gotta love 'em

      • GRadde

        Do you happen to know what audi engine this is (or what car this goes into)?

    • BTI

      that thing is awesome I can just stare at it and try to figure out how it works.

      BTW you think that micrometer is big enough??

  • Kenny

    #2 Wish I'd majored in engineering now!

  • Louis


  • Average_Joe123

    #4 Bar Rafaeli?


    #39 and #40 DAT ASS

  • Ian

    Can i get a model for number 19? something i would seriously consider owning…

    • Ian


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