• Jeff

    #4 you're beautiful and won't be single long.

    • TexasA&MRules

      ohh yeah!! all these chick are amazing. #11 and #15 are my favorite Texas!!! There are a bunch of Texas girls on gogigem.com also.

    • loves sammiches

      If that isn't Jolene from Nitro Circus, it's her twin.

    • Whorebait

      It seems only single chivettes are in Canada or Texas 🙁 wheres my Upstate NY single chivers?!?! COME TO ONEONTA

  • AB

    #3 let me speak for everyone when i say…"what a fuckin idiot"

    • someguy

      pretty sure the other chick has boobs aswell. just saying

      • Daniel Tosh

        I know right. It seems that the only thing she brought to a relationship was a pair of boobs

        • Daniel Tosh

          Fake boobs to be exact

        • theWizz

          his ex girlfriend was probably #6. cheating excused….

    • iXOredheds

      yeah! duckface? I don't even see it!

    • marco

      Well, I'd like to see what that "fuckin idiot" went back to. And I'm sure if they've gone out long enough for her to post, he's already seen the goods and knows what he's giving up.

    • MO Chiver

      Chive, I believe I speak for the majority of Chive Nation by saying, we want MOAR!!!

    • yep

      that tiny amount of nipple peaking out of that bra made my pants a little tighter.

      • Daniel Tosh

        Why do nipples make boobs better?

    • jmthibs

      A wise man once said "no matter how beautiful a woman is, somewhere in the world there is a guy tired of putting up with her bullshit"

      • MattyDeuce

        I've never heard that saying in my entire life. Especially never ever on this website.

        • Tanis

          Well you have now.

          • FacePalm

            You missed it.

    • Mr X

      MOAR has never been this appropiate to yell out

    • Dunny_

      I want to hug her…….topless.

    • PFizzle

      Agreed…this boobaged blessed lady needs to send us moar.

    • I-NeeD-$$


    • BuckNasty

      So, you can tell just by her picture that shes not a nut job and HE'S the fucking idiot? Intersting…

    • Barack Obama

      Pretty sure that you are not speaking for me….. People brake up, it happens, I am sure he had his reasons…

    • Guest

      Her ex-boyfriend must be gay.

      • Huh?

        Or she is bat shit crazy.

    • Alan!

      This is an obvious MOAR right? Can we find her? I'm a rebound specialist.

    • SockMoney17

      Notice it seems the guys were doing the dumping here and not the other way around? Remember, these are single women who's fathers can't wait for someone else to take over payments. It doesn't matter what they look like, they will do whatever it takes in order for some guys to take care of them and pay their bills. I'm sure their ex-boyfriends found this out and are better off for it.

    • DiamondX

      To OP. Its so funny I was think the exact same thing when I saw this post. May I add….Damn those are some Tig ol Bitties!!!!

    • Jesus

      Wait a sec… So a guy who dumps a chick who thinks it's a good idea to post a bunch of skimpy pics for all the creepy Chivers (and you KNOW there are a hell of a lot) to leer at for revenge and he's the one who's a fucking idiot? Some guys clearly have to learn that no matter how hot she is, it's never worth it to stick your dick in crazy… more than once, anyway.

      • oughtnot

        Apparently what he will be missing is a set of big ole boobs …. what else do you bring to the table?

  • Jeff

    #25 what a beautiful smile. I wouldn't mind seeing that everyday!

    • Humphrey Bogart

      agreed……… and #6 & #8

    • Ned Ryerson

      for the win…. by far

  • http://www.facebook.com/steven.sheret Steven Sheret

    Lots of Canadian chivettes today! Thanks for reminding me how great this country is ladies!

    • http://twitter.com/westbc69 @westbc69

      I agree KCCO

    • weldsoft

      It does almost seem like the Canadian addition of Newly Single Chivettes. Let's see MOAR of that in the future.

    • Jonathan

      It'd be even better if they were saying what province they're from!! 🙂 Great posts though!

      • Kreig

        Province and/or city!

  • J.D


    • iXOredheds

      Indeed she is. But I can't stop the gif in my head that has her backing up over and over against that lower peg there.

    • http://www.Dysdania.com/ Phil

      Oh my good God, you're hot. Dysdania.com!

    • Txheat81

      God GOD moar please!

  • Jeff

    #21, yes, absolutely chive worthy!

  • KingThing

    "These" pictures…… Where are the rest Chive!? Quit holding out!

    • someguy

      good point. well made.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      And, um, who took them?

      If it was a girlfriend, I REALLY want to see the other pictures!

      But if it was a man, I can guess why you were dumped.

      • Livin' Legend

        Oh ye of little faith. I know she's blonde, but I bet she managed to figure out how to use the timer on her camera.

      • Barack Obama

        why are you still here???? shut the fuck up already, nobody wants to drink your shitty coffee…

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          Here's your dummy back, fella, now go back to sleep.

          Oh, Romney sucks the dicks of deformed puppies and I want to punch his hag wife right in her uptight gap.

          • Barack Obama

            Why the fuck are you still here?? do you know what you call 100,000 liberals at the bottom of the ocean? a good fucking start!

            • Jesus

              Because after we perform the ritual drowning of the liberals, maybe the fertility god will be appeased and grant us spontaneous abortion after incidents of rape, just the way nature intended.

              Jesus fucking Christ, it amazes me how stupid some people are. I may not agree with a lot of things that the majority of self-proclaimed liberals preach, but to support conservatism is to support pseudoscience. I think Palin already has proved this point LONG ago. Why are you still here? Don't you have an appointment to go fuck your cousin or something?

            • AnyoneForCoffee

              "Liberalism (from the Latin liberalis) is a broad political ideology founded on the ideas of liberty and equality. Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally liberals support ideas such as capitalism, constitutionalism, liberal democracy, free press, free and fair elections, human rights and the free exercise of religion."

              Yeah, I'm a proud Liberal.

              What about that do *you* disagree with, Slackjaw?

              • Barack Obama

                Liberalism is all about removing freedoms… if I enjoy doing something that you find offensive then we make it illegal thus stealing my freedom. You cannot stand the thought of putting a convicted murderer to death, but gladly kill innocent babies. you want laws to tell everyone how to live rather than allowing people to make their own choices and dealing with the consequences. Liberals confuse the idea of "equality". the options in front of everyone are equal, the results depend on how hard you work for it.
                the only free religion liberals support is atheism!
                Conservatives have for quite some time had more in common with the definition of liberalism, however it has been hijacked by the progressive movement and thus killing freedom!
                Oh yea, suck my nuts you fucking gunch!

                • AnyoneForCoffee

                  You, sir, are a bit stupid.

                  Admit it. You really aren't that bright, are you. Because, if you were, you would see that what you wrote MADE NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL.


    • Josh

      "he became an ex and never saw these"…he's sure as fook seen them now, along with the rest of the world…well done, you sure showed him….

    • Txheat81

      COTW with her set and some at The Chive please….

  • dutch

    #3 boobs

    • hunter

      It's duck season!

      • Daffy

        rabbit season!

        • hunter

          duck season!

          • Daniel Tosh

            rabbit season!!!

            • Elmer

              duck season!!!

              • Jimmy C

                Elmer season!!!

    • Yep

      Yep. Pretty sure those are called 'boobs' these days. Good job, Mr. Dutch guy.

  • Cledus

    someday I will have a girl like these beautiful lady's and treat her like a queen… untell then… I will KCCO

    • Ronburgundy

      The rest of her must be pretty crazy and not in a good way if you would cheat on those boobs

    • dutch


    • almost


    • Gonasiphaherpalitis

      Doubt it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/toledo11 Matt Orosz

    These girls won't be single for long.

  • BGrimsleyII

    #6 Awesome

    • tonym74

      bravo! thats very awesome

    • http://www.facebook.com/chris.gloss.90 Chris Gloss

      That is some top shelf stuff right there…

    • SweetDannyJ

      Ummm, so, your ex is actually gay and likes hairy chests then?
      Wouldn't let this one out of my cave

    • chiver

      simply magnificient

    • Paul

      i am newly single and would like to know more.

    • RicH

      I'd mind that GAP!

    • bheld

      The only hot one on in this post!!

    • BHeld

      The only hot girl in this post. Usually hot girls are a little crazy or spoiled though!

  • RF3

    The only explanation for #3 is that one of them is a nut job. I volunteer to experiment and find out of it's her, for science of course

    • Hara

      Honestly, he's not missing the tits. The other chick prolly has some too.

  • Jeff

    #2, #4, #7 & #21. So many beautiful newly single Canadian women.

    • someguy

      #2 move to australia please

    • iXOredheds

      Exactly what I was thinking. I need to move to Canada. The XX chromosome there is so spectacular and seemingly abundant with awesomeness.

      • Gonasiphaherpalitis

        Fuck off. We are full. Just kiddin, they let any dip shit into this country.

    • Phil

      Blame Canada!

    • Brandon M.

      And I'm stuck in Colorful Colorado. Yay….

    • robvc

      All me peoples…. so many single gorgeous women… so many retarded men apparently 🙁

      Any of them happen to be BC ladies, first beer is on me!

    • Anon

      Here's to hoping some live in Ottawa!

      • naluukti

        I'll second that!

      • weldsoft

        Nah, Montreal is better.

        But they probably all live in Calgary.

    • Far

      And I am a newly single Canadian Chiver. Where are these Chivettes hiding?

  • *dash*

    Don't worry #3 I can think of two reasons you won't be single for long

  • Bonnie

    #3 If he gave up you I really wanna see what his ex looks like

    • someguy

      i like your style bonnie lol

      • Kristen


    • DuckfaceHater

      I bet SHE doesn't do duckfaces 😛

      • Heisanidiot

        She did do a duckface in that lower shot, didn't she?

        How did I miss that?

        • Obvious

          I can take an educated guess why you missed it 😉

    • chesterdrawers

      He knows what he gave up…

  • dutch

    #18 nice slipup

    • James

      where can i buy one of these…?

  • queso fresca

    so in order to get girls to take their clothes off and take skanky pictures all we have to do is break up with them??? fellas hear me now!!!!! break up with your women so that we may all look upon their underboosum.. UNDERBUSSOM!!!!!

  • Craig

    Alternative title:Newly Single Chivettes but not for long…unless they are a crazy bitch!

    • Really?

      They need to add a way to contact these Chivettes.

      • weldsoft

        They could contact you… if you weren't hiding behind anonymous postings. And of course assuming they wanted to.

  • Asolare

    #21 so, so worthy

  • Brian


    Not single for long me thinks.

  • titie lover

    #3 im pretty sure youll bounce back!

  • habsfanx

    Hump day+Single chivettes = A great Day … Thanks chive !!!!! KCCO from canada

    • Alex

      I second that!

  • tv_paul

    #15 Forget him and move on, if he dumped you he was a dumb ass anyway.

    • photo

      I can see why he left her…."1.25 yrs". I'm surprised she didn't put in the hours, minutes, and seconds! Remember, good looks doesn't mean that they're not bat shit crazy! :p

    • Maytrix

      Don't see this as a bad thing – at least he didn't take 10 years to figure it out.

    • Falthor

      I'm with Maytrix… at least he only wasted a year of your life. If your personality matches your body I doubt you'll be single long. good luck.

      • TheGirl

        I'm glad he did it now! Parting words were I couldn't be better. The guy is a mathematical genius…hence giving the time spent precision 😉 Thanks guys!

    • Jw87

      Where In Tx? JK

  • CharlieBowen

    #34 Both of you are very beautiful, I would love to see moar


      NOW KITH

    • Just A. Jason

      Except for that piercing. Gross.

      • CharlieBowen

        I like the piercing

    • Master_Rahl

      agreed, two stunning beauties

    • Tomx569

      Question: Are they both single? Giggity!

  • Ishbar

    #26 there is just something about this photo that terrifies me… She has the crazy eyes!

    • http://www.Dysdania.com/ Phil

      So hot, want to touch the hiney.

    • weldsoft

      Probably. But worth it.

    • James

      She looks like my ex. This terrifies me.

    • JESSE

      "Dead" eyes. Crazy eyes have more fire

    • Tornarcho

      First time I actually know a girl that's been on the chive!

      • Jake


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