First time Chivettes (48 Photos)

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  • bz1

    #23, #28, #39, #46 Awesome cleavage, ladies! MOAR! HUMP?! Please!!!!! 😉

  • ilookfamous

    usually I'm not a fan of chivettes that refuse to show faces, but we need to see if #3 has a face to match that fine ass…

  • ronnieblaze

    #5 hands down… can we get more please..

  • chesterdrawers



    Some nice Canadian First Timers on here #6 #15 #48 but #29 gets the win because she's from Saskatchewan

  • Joe

    #20 is bulls$%t, there is no tattoo on her left arm, nice try!!!!

    • GulfCoast

      Is not hot regardless of tattoo

  • JimBob

    John and Leo – please oh please start a Chive After Dark site…

  • Jim Dazley

    Too all the new chivetts thank you thank you thank you! To #37 God bless

  • Truth

    #36 If you were Irish you wouldn't call it 'St. Patty's' day.

  • Todd

    #15, what part of Alberta so I can see moar!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    The chive just seems like a big sorority …random girls showing off all of their assets just to be able to be accepted..for the ones that actually keep your clothes on and give a nice smile good for you..don't feel like you have to up the anty by taking your clothes off..just shows that you're trying way too hard.

  • freddy boy

    #13 Makes me want to re-enlist. Almost

  • Jason

    moar of #20 sImply amazIng!

  • B-GO

    #13 was on find her yestarday and can someone find #1 pls!!!!!

  • KC & Thunder Up

    #37 Thanks for sharing those wonderfully pierced nipples.

  • Sixty

    Number 37

    Good god

  • Stuffy

    Wrong type of flash we were looking for #31

  • ThaGnome

    #35 find them all. this is the exact reason i dont discriminate.

  • Bustanut

    Luv women

  • Jonny Isles

    #17 Holy Mother of……

  • JonnyBoy

    #3 God Bless America!

  • St. Anthony

    #18 Moar! Moar! Moar!

  • ibleedgreenngold

    #24 Sweet! I wish I had an outdoor kitchen.

  • idp0318

    need to see faces in order to comment. nice bods but need face too!

    #1 & #24 bringing it!

  • Shat_Thrice


    Oh, dear God, please give us MOAR!

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