#2,#16,#48..Gorgeous,Thanks Vlad

    • Anotherwes

      Weren't you gay yesterday?

      • HOOK

        Meh, Trolls I say…

      • poo-poo platter

        I think he wanted just a 'lil cock if I remember right…

        • Broke Back Girl

          #16 they all have thick, luscious beautiful hair

  • HOOK

    #16's look is orgasmic.

    • Irish Chive

      She should try a burger tho

      • HOOK

        I just wish she had a penis.

        • HOOK

          I bet you do 'HOOK IMPOSTER'…Again, no courtesy reach around today??You poor boy,just a 'receiver'…Wah Wah.

          • HOOK

            I wish you had a cock, I would suck it all the way off.

            • Josh


  • Randy


    • The2nd


    • FuckThisShit

      Sorry about your virginity bro

    • HOOK

      I know…not one tranny in the bunch.

      • HOOK

        …with a huge throbbing COOOOCK!

      • HOOK

        'Foolish Troll^

  • christiantf9

    Some of them just look silly

    • HOOK

      I know, they'd be a lot better if the had cocks.

      • HOOK

        Foolish Troll ^

  • chicago

    not my normal style, but had to: I'd eat the borscht out of there ass's
    #5 #19 #20 #22

    • HOOK

      What about letting me suck cock after you pull out of there ass'?

      • the spelling troll


      • chicago

        sure, why not.

  • Jayavc

    #17 I love long hair…but this is just stupid

    • Voldif

      still would though

    • Shinanigins

      Does the carpet match the drapes?

      • HOOK

        I like interior decorating almost as mu as I like cock.

        • Gnole

          Bangarang Hook!!!

    • sfb101

      I bet she gives a great hair/hand job!:p

    • AndrewJ411

      Rocky there's a limit

  • boob_cuddle

    Damn Russian ladies have big ta tas.

    • HOOK

      Wish they had big COCKS.

      • HOOK

        Foolish Troll^

  • temujin1234
    • HOOK

      So is cock.

    • Shutup Stan

      Don't you mean, "superb"?, you fucking retard.

    • tom

      Sorry dick but #40,38,2,and I'm sure others are not rueskies you pig dog bitch

  • Dick

    So much hotter than American pig girls

    • ChiveNOOB

      Although your comment will get shit on by the chive community you sir….are exactly right

      • Jakemo

        You guys must both be referring to the unsettling trend in Hollywood, et al, for women to have their noses turned up via plastic surgery…. All I can think of is "whoville" when I see it, but "pig girls" fits too

        • HOOK

          I like pig cock.

          • HOOK

            "Imposter Troll' here folks.

          • Nahvis

            How long is this going to go on interwebz troll of all trolls?

    • Man

      is your name a description of your personality? Thought so

    • GatOne

      You don't get to talk shit about America on today of all days, dude.

      • Dick

        Ok. I'll just talk shit to you. Go fuck yourself

        • HOOK

          I like your name…wanna kiss?

          • HOOK

            Again 'Troll"

      • HOOK

        I hope your pubes catch on fire, as I'm sucking your COOOOCK!

        • HOOK

          'Troll outta control' here.

    • Pablo

      Russian women are, on average, much hotter than american women. Not only a superhigh % of american women (and men) are overweight or directly obese, Russian's facial features are much prettier.

      • peteypablo

        According to what. What fucking research are you basing this on.

        • Iglesias

          He isn't. He's just an idiot. Move on.

  • HumpDan

    #44 would you take a money order?

    • HOOK

      I like how her arm hanging between her legs looks like a huge cock.

      • HOOK

        Makes my want to slurp on a big COOOOOCK!

  • acupofjoe

    For a second I thought she was missing an arm. #13

    • HatBomb

      Still would.

      • ChiveNOOB

        yep me too

      • HOOK

        Me too…if she had a cock.

  • tv_paul

    #36#50 Be very quiet, we're hunting for sugar daddies.

    • thatguy

      I think #36 's secret is she needs to shave her arms

    • HOOK

      Nope, it's cock season and I've got a no limit tag.

  • McSmizzle

    #9 big fan of her

    • HOOK

      Big fan of the cock right here.

      • McSmizzle

        …good one?

  • kal50

    #33 Wow, what a stunner!

    • HOOK

      She seems to be missing a cock, meh.

  • Verbal_Kint

    I'm having my own personal Russian missile crisis right now…

    • HOOK

      Mmmm, Russian cock shaped missile.

  • ChiveNOOB

    #18…gotta love a hot russian chick with nice eyes…

    • HOOK

      You misspelled, "cock."

      • DQS

        That comma is unnecessary. You're also an annoying douchebag.

  • Jeff

    I'll take #9 to go with a side of #14.

    • HOOK

      Hard to decide…which one has the biggest cock?

  • Spencetron

    One of my favorite parts of these posts, in addition to looking at beautiful Eastern European girls, is the crazy! Where is the crazy Russian spirit?!?!

    • HOOK

      Crazy Russian spirit is right here, letting me suck his cock.

      • Seriously

        Every post. Really? It's getting old.

  • frantic


    Could anybody please hand her a cheeseburger?!

    • ChiveNOOB

      if you bolted on a pair if dd's she wouldn't look half as skinny

      • HOOK

        I'd prefer a fat cock, but a real one…not one of those strap-on thingeys…they taste like plastic.

  • Dugan

    In Mother Russia, penis sucks you!

    • HOOK

      Sweet…one-way ticket to Russia, please

  • Sixty

    #39 is stunning

    • Pedo Bear


  • Shabooms

    I bet at least one of these girls was born in new jersey

    • That Guy

      Smart money is on #45!

      • HOOK

        Golly, I hope she has a cock.

  • http://informedguy.com/2012/09/11/russian-social-network-girls-are-always-a-fun-watch-50-photos/ Russian social network girls are always a fun watch (50 Photos) | Infomormed guy | Only what matters!

    […] View article: Russian social network girls are always a fun watch (50 Photos) […]

  • ...

    #4 all day

    • HOOK

      Yep, if she has a cock, I'll suck it alllllll day.

  • Seb

    Who is this?!?!??!

    • Si1entStatic

      item #18439023 now on sale. that or her name is "Click here to checkout"

    • HOOK

      Dunno but one thing I can assure you is that she has a huge cock!

      • HOOK

        Fuck you, Troll. That's Alexandra Bittencourt so fuck off.

      • HOOK

        Again, complete Douche here.

      • Go Home Kid

        Please go back to watching Saturday morning cartoons with the rest of the 12-year-old boys and leave the beautiful women for men. Again, men not immature little boys whose life goal is to put cock in every comment they can.

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