• Notme

    #73 is a cutie

    • Agreed

      Yes, as is The Chives MissChris, #18..
      Simply adorable..

  • Frank

    #23 Are those knock off shirts or new ones?

    • 29er

      knock off shirts…horrible knock off shirts. Except the middle one.

      • Oli

        Shame on you and your knockoffs! I see these shitty knockoff shirts everywhere here in Edmonton. Ass hats buying them at the mall.

    • Kris

      Looks like the only possible real one is in the middle

    • Chad

      Need to FIND the brunette!!!!!

    • Dick

      I use my official Chive shirt as a cum rag. I moan "Chiiiiiivvve Ooooooon!" and then smear skeet all over my chest. 🙂

      • HOOK

        Thanks for the visual…now, off to fap.

    • Ohms

      I thought the same thing….counterfeits!!!! Lol

  • groinfro

    Pic 8.. DEEP FREEZE!!

    • Oli

      Here ya go newbie #8

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #47 The brunette's right hand suggests this group of beauties might be fun.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Or is that *his* arm….?

      • KW6969

        My arm is not that long. Just everything else.

  • Drew

    #82 is smoking and the Stan Lee pic is disturbing!

    • Yeah

      Fucking fake pic text. That picture is all over the interwebz. Good one Chive.

      Is that not Tripson?

  • mikeymike75


    I see something that I want.

    • Simon

      It's too bright in there to be midnight.

  • CowboyChiver

    #78 Is hilarious!!

  • Amir

    #47 that's one long arm, you should get that looked at

    • tralfaz

      Looks more like a gift.

    • MathNerd

      That elbow is pointed straight up too.

    • MatadorPride

      looks like someone got 'shopped out

      • Otter

        The girl in black has her arm around the shorter girl

    • Nick

      Also looks like they're slipping their hand into the shirt!

  • Amir

    #52 it's nice to see other Israeli chivers or chivers in Israel

    • Oran

      Indeed it is

  • Steve

    #19 #55 your doing it ohh so right

    • Prestigeworldwide

      Boats and hoes

    • Yeah

      *you're, asshat.

  • chicago

    #79 223 years in the future and he still couldn't get a chive-tee. keep tryin' you'll get one!
    #82 gap is the perfect midnight snack. having some gap is satisfying at anytime.

  • yeager

    #78 is she holding babes giant blue balls?

    • Your boss

      You read my mind!

  • 29er

    #79 Chive on from the future!

    • otp

      Texas High Point!

  • Dunny_

    #76. Good Luck. Keep Calm and Kick the F**king Sh** out of Cancer!

    • Fizzy

      Good luck! Lots of rest and KICK CANCERS ASS! It is women like you and my mother (3 time survivor of breast cancer) that make me proud to wear my Bikes4Boobs cycling jersey.

      • Greek guy

        a hero!

    • 3Monkeys

      Send this woman a pink KCCO!

    • Gipper

      FVCK CANCER!!!!!

    • Bradley

      F*CK Cancer! kick its ass and Chive On! May your spirits stay high during your chemo! prayers and wishes with you and yours.

  • Chiver

    #33 KCCO True Believer!

    • Eric

      So how did you describe theCHIVE? Other then saying it's probably the greatest site in the world, I have problems describing it to people.

    • Sad Panda

      She's got some Sasquatch arms

  • G1880

    #47 second left is a naughty little thing…

    • Dar

      Always the Opportunist. Cope a feel whenever you get the chance!

      • G1880

        Yep, it's such a shame the judge didn't see it that way at my trial.

  • 29er

    I've seen some Chivers in Appleton, WI! Shout out to them and any other Wisconsin Chivers and Chivettes! KCCO!

  • Bubba

    #14 FIND!

  • whyme1973

    #55 Damn I need a boat. Looking good ladies!

  • whyme1973

    #82 I see the snack I want.

    • Matt

      I'll have the moon pie…

    • Yep


  • Anonymous

    #43 and this is why we get these shirts!

  • TNChivette

    #22 hell yeah!! If you ain't cav you ain't shit!!! KCCO!!
    Love, a loyal Army Air Cav Chivette

  • Mike

    #79 is from the future

    • Dakota

      glad i wasn't the only one who noticed

  • BGrimsleyII

    Canandaigua Lake. CNY CHIVE!

    • Chris

      Grew Up In Honeoye Falls, Now Live In Orlando… Sure Miss That Lake And The Views

    • Tom

      I live right in Canandaigua. That boat has brought me so many good times already. We should meet up sometime.

  • TheCommish

    #76 Good luck….positive thoughts….kill those nasty cells!!!

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