• airik g byrne

    First 8==> !!!!!!

    • brazzers

      you mean

      8=======D ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

      • StevieB

        Even the person who DOES get first gets abjectedly downvoted. So, good job being unpopular?

  • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

    who is #24 … beautiful

    • paulhitchcock


    • AB

      Cmon Chive. lets do what is right. COTW. its long past due!

    • Chris

      she is so gorgeous

    • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

      Texas has the best girls. I know, I live here!!!

    • Warner


  • Jayavc

    #29 Gotta love volleyball…

    • BUrnt

      sure do

    • http://www.facebook.com/jason.brown.5437 Jason Brown

      Yup, that pick stopped my scroll.

      • Alex

        Yup, pretty sure you can see her uterus, Jason.

        OH HI JASON!! -Alex

  • Buck


    • HOOK^ ^ ^ ^ ^

      Too many choices #32 Great vertical smile and panty Hamster.#26 perfect ledge.

      • HOOK ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

        Man, I hope that panty hamster is a huge cock.

        • HOOK^ ^ ^ ^ ^

          I bet you do, you Douche bag imposter. Find a reason for living,ya Nellie Butt Pirate.

          • HOOK^ ^ ^ ^ ^

            I do have a reason for living…COCK!!!

    • Ih8U

      Ummm NO! The lady's above are 'FIRST'!! Your just a loser looking for attention!

      • HOOK^ ^ ^ ^ ^

        Well put, the Douche needs to disappear permanently.

        • HOOK^ ^ ^ ^ ^

          Yes, well put…kinda like when you put your cock in my mouth.

  • Kelowna Chiver

    Gaps, humps, legs, and FLBP what a post!!!! It must be fri….. KCCO Chivers and Chivettes and have a good weekend!!

    • james

      Good…God… I'm with you. Can this pleaseeee be a weekly album? I'll get Mac laid if it can be…

    • Matthias

      totally agree with you ! make it weekly ….MOAR!

    • Dick

      Be better if we could see some hot man bulges if you know what I mean! 😉 😉

      • HOOK ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

        ^^^THIS!!!! MOAR^^^

    • Lewis Nixon

      Great post Chive. Fantastic even. I like where your head is today.

      • HOOK ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

        I like head too…in my mouth.

    • Gnole

      KCCO yourself, friendly BC Chiver.

    • jay

      I am still looking for the NSFW series of photos….(HINT)

    • nola

      THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Notme

      dont forget down the blouse

  • Mn dude

    Yikes that is hot

    • Smitty

      Indeed. When I started scrolling through this set, I was like, asdfjkl; O_O.

      But most of them are bent over at the hips.

      just sayin'

  • amplexus

    Sweet Jesus! #14 is wonderful!

    • darkSurge

      I know, I love a girl that does laundry.

    • Matthias

      And she is in her natural environment …..washing clothes…. 😉

    • ChivinSeattle

      Are #14 and #18 the same girl?

      • Dan

        Not a chance

    • Der_Joe

      find her quick !!eleven

    • lsu fan

      This post makes my face numb and my legs shake.

    • Fletch

      FIND HER!!!

  • crustybubblechunks

    #6 my word

    • Gun_guy

      If that picture had a sound effect it would be a nuclear explosion sound.

    • thebeefinjector

      she deserves to be found!

    • PapaSmurf

      More please!

    • fed

      that's not bending, it's arching, and it's a whole other chapter in the book of sexyness 😀

    • That dude

      It's photoshopped look at the branch at her left and the transition from her right thigh to waist

  • Ishbar

    very nice!

  • TacoChops


  • busterbrown

    #35 is she looking for something to smoke or drink?

    • chicago

      hungry for a midnight snatch, i mean snack…

    • The Truth

      When you see it…

      • TXStoner

        ……you know it. ✌

    • FTW tx

      ……you know it.

  • BigPup

    #22 Oh my fucking god… BUNK BEDS!

    • wayne


    • Huff and Dobak

      So much room for activities

  • keeter


    • Jack Wagon

      Ok ladies, hold that pose, I will be right there!

    • Tim

      TRUE STORY. well said sir

  • guest

    #24 ftw

  • Mike

    Makes a guy just want to slide right up behind that and get real close. Damn

    • Genießerin

      A guy?! I'm a gal and I tell you, Mike, I want to slide right up behind and get real close!! Oh mother, The Chive has corrupted me! :$

  • BigPup

    #29 #14 #18 Is there anything better than a round athletic ass? Dang…

    • me...bn

      yes its call…vagina!!

      • Hara

        Yea but any ole chick has one of those.

    • PapaSmurf

      I couldn't agree more

    • HOOK ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

      Delicious COCK FTW!!!

    • Jack

      yes. #6.

  • Trent Walker

    The best post EVER!

    #28 Big fan!

  • oondi

    #4 I would like to be that teddy bear?!

    • theWizz

      id rather be the guy that gets to bone the chick bending over…

  • GorestFump

    Face down ass up!

    • RunGorestRun

      thats the way #32 does up the buckles on her shoes?

    • socalmarti

      that's the way we like to …… 😉

  • Notknowing

    #8 WOW! Gotta git it in!

  • Forest

    #25 I don't care, Kim is still Hot as Hell!

    • Chivalrous

      Kim Fatassian? Nah. Even with hours of makeup and styling, followed by magazine airbrushing … nah.

      • whiskaleafa

        i agree, i think shes worthless.. and shes tryin to marry another stupid bastard, for what two months?

    • mith

      I have the over whelming desire to pick up a baseball bat and beat her to a bloody pulp every time i see a picture of that nasty twat or hear her retarded name. Dont know why just do….

    • Tex

      She is the furthest thing from a Chivette that there is on this earth – permanent ban?

    • The Truth

      Not a lot of Keeping Calm when it comes to her on here. She is how she wants to be and who can really blame her for that?

    • Average_Joe123

      She's a gross skank.

    • Cudaman

      I'd corn hole her just to see the look on her face.

    • cudaman

      I'd Corn hole her just to see the look on her face

  • MylesofStyles

    #14 Holy shit! Is that a Black & Decker cordless impact set?

  • Anonymous

    My new Favorite Post!

  • http://www.facebook.com/SnyderAndrew Andrew Snyder

    bending over = spanking it's a given, i don't make the rules

    • johnny

      Why did it take me a half hour to make it through this post? Just had to admire each one

  • Tommy

    #18 #21 #30 #34

    In biology we call this "presenting."

    • Kodos

      I like presents… Birthday, Christmas, whenever…

      • Justin Cider

        Yes presents are good and these are great presents fap fap fap

    • ghost

      Oh yes. The lordosis response.

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