• fuzzy_1

    number 8's HOTTT> and btw FIRST

    • stopwiththefirstbs

      too bad you're to stupid to re-post the pic correctly

      • Joe

        too bad you're TOO stupid to know how to correctly rip on someone! Work on your grammar.

        • ...

          Says the asshole who starts a sentence without a capital letter.

          • charliesheen


    • Daniel Tosh

      hey dumbass let me help you

      • Yeah

        Damn she's hot!

    • ...

      #8 there you go chief and btw fuck you

      • Rubes

        She needs to get some sleep…….

        • Sad Panda

          And a new face

          • Big Joe

            Y'all are assholes! If a nice chivette wants to show us her cans and a poppin' ass, be nice and say Thank You!
            Thank You Kassie, keep sending those pics and KCCO!

        • Kassie Danae

          My eyes look like that all the time. No matter how much sleep I get. Thanks for the advice though dick.

          • I jacked it

            How many times did you refresh this page to read these comments? LOL
            Might just need a water pill…….

          • Geezer

            I like you eyes and face, would look even better with my dick in your mouth ;o

            • suckass

              Found: double u x3 – meat spin (one word) dot c

            • Anon

              That's the only way I can look at your girlfriend.

          • MayTheFirstBeWithYou

            MOAR please!

  • ChiveFromWA

    #21 is a cutie

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Must work in Massachusetts.

    • Buster Cherry

      yah, she's wicked cute.

    • 2andaHalf

      Now I'm wicked hard at work

    • Mike Latoris

      I bet she's got a wicked awesome snappah.

      • Rubes and Carnies

        Wicked Oval Face

        • Dhsgreenwave

          Hey #21 why the long face?

    • Tait


  • AllanA

    #26 Well played…we need MOAR!

    • Skermitt

      Colorado?! I've not seen a Chivette in the wild here in Denver yet.

      • Kmart

        You must not get out much. I run into chivettes almost everytime I go out. There are a lot in Denver!

    • Kristen

      *Weak play…what a WHORE!

      • liz

        Ur such a sweetheart Kristen

        • Kristen

          You misspelled your name, Lez.

          • liz

            Not sure who pooped in ur cheerios but i sure didnt…sorry u dont like my post

            • yeah

              That's the problem. She didn't get her daily allotment of shit this morning.

              • Guest

                I demand this Liz chick get her own post … You got an instagram?! (fingers crossed)

    • bananaflapjacks

      current lower back problems

  • slumpbuster

    #3 they're huge!!

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      Nice to meet all three of you…. Damn.

    • FunKiller

      Holy jeesus i wanna lick em.

  • Wood

    #3… At first I was confused as to why she was wearing a Chive shirt at work, while also taking some kind of test, but then all I thought was BEWBS.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      They're glorious

      • Notknowing

        They're Unfkngblvbl

        • Kristen

          What you did there, was completely fucking stupid.

  • Alex

    #28 Where have you been all my life? Any chance your from Houston?

    • nate33uc

      creepy bro

    • dutch


      • Mark

        We have a whole section of "Find her" and its creepy cause he wants to know if he is local to a hot new Chivette? I says, YOU SIR ARE DOING IT RIGHT!

        • https://www.facebook.com/N47WTF Michael Gannaway

          She needs to be from Dallas not Houston 🙂

    • Perhaps?

      Hottest Judge I've ever seen….

    • Anshin


  • Kuran


    • Really?

      Fuck the Kuran.

  • JoN

    You can do better Mac…

    • Huell

      Agreed. Weak sauce… You got all night for your cats to lick your balls, Mac.

    • Truth

      Aside from #2 , #6 , #7


  • HOOK

    WOO HOO Tranny FTW #26

    • Punsiher

      I'm an internet tough-guy.When I see you I will beat you up…and down…repeatedly. This is turning me on.

      • McSmizzle

        "I'll beat your dicks off with both hands!"

    • liz

      Promise hook im no Tranny! Born with all women parts just small boobs so i bought bigger! Lol kcco

      • DaMitz

        I don't know what the hell hook's looking @…. you're definitely all girl in those pics… maybe he typed in the wrong #..

    • roastednuts

      Looks like Liz in these pics? Maybe?

      • liz

        its me! hi

        • TJ0351

          If I worked with Liz I would get nothing done all day !!!

          Awesome pic !! Feel free to post often 😉

        • roastednuts

          I think you look amazing Liz. You can come work for me!

          • liz

            Thanks caught a lot shit today…kept thinking where is my roastednuts to make my day better! Ur the best!

            • roastednuts

              You're welcome! Glad I could cheer you up. I love finding your pics on here, hope I haven't and don't miss any.

              • liz

                u have found them all 🙂

                • roastednuts

                  Yea me! 🙂

                  • liz

                    Hopefully become one of ur favorite chivettes! Kcco!

                    • roastednuts

                      You mean there are other Chivettes? 😉 (Btw, your boobs look fantastic..)

                    • liz

                      Hehe! 😉

        • Windle

          I love you Liz

    • thorsky

      Hook…….go kill yourself. This girl is smoking………I'd get lost in those bewwwwwwbs for hours!

    • liz

      thanks all…almost decided NoMOAR 🙁 but KCCO! Love my fellow chivers!

      • TJ0351

        Definitely MOAR !! Please and thank you !!

  • wkdfrog

    #1 You all made a Chiver much happier at work (with awkward trouser tent)!

    • Fog Ducker

      #1 My relationship status would change to "it's complicated" if I worked with you.

      • A22

        you wouldnt stand a chance buddy so it wouldnt be too complicated…

        • Fog Ducker

          Says the guy who bashes people on the internet

    • http://twitter.com/Paul_Hizzle @Paul_Hizzle

      too cute! i wrote a poem about her, but forgot where i put it

  • Just Sayin

    Horrible tatters on #26, Frankenstein boobs

    • HOOK

      Fuck you, Just Sayin'. That tranny is fuckin' hot. I want her cock.

    • liz

      U both suck…my tits are awesome and so is my pretty pink vagina!

      • Kristen

        *saggy, brown, puss-filled, wart-infested vagina

        • liz

          Sounds just horrible whats going on in ur pants kristen…u really should go get all those symptoms checked out by a local gynecologist

    • thorsky

      You're a homo — I'm going out with this girl tonight and I'll prove they're awesome………..know how the hell to I find her!!!!!!!

    • TJ0351

      What planet are you from ???

      Nothing wrong with those twins at all !!!

  • BigPup

    Is it weird that when I'm bored at work I look at girls bored at work?…. #15 I think not.

    • Tank702

      #15 best

    • Jason

      This one is damn near perfection

    • Cody

      Totally went to school with this girl. Her name is Silkyn.

      • Josh

        I suggest you get back in contact. Stat.

  • bones

    these girls are smokin

    • Kristen


      • Josh

        So which number are you?

        • Jack Wagon

          She doesn't post, she keeps submitting but TheChive doesn't post pics of 800+/- whales

  • Kroger_Security

    #26 B E A UITFUL

  • Jeff

    #3 if you can wear that to work I'd love to work for your company.

  • SteveO

    Pretty sure #2 is Holly from The Office……

    • Henry IX

      If my HR lady looked like that, I'd get myself written up all the time.

      • Mr_Cellophane

        If my HR lady looked like that I would be in every sexual harassment lecture. In the front row. Practicing. And signing up for private lessons, with hands on demonstrations.

  • growupalready

    #26, where in CO is this beauty? I'd love to take her to lunch and spice up her work day.

  • tim

    #11 love to crawl under her desk and get to the base of that tattoo

  • robvc

    #6 good god… your smile could knock a room flat on its ass, cute as hell to boot!

    • tommy

      i recognize that smile and cleavage:) this hottie posted a sports bra pic a few days ago….. if your reading this send more. portland chiver

    • roastednuts

      Very beautiful smile wanna see moar! Moar! MOAR!!!

    • zaffa

      I'd like to lick her teeth

      • Josh


    • chiver
      • JustSayin

        Nice. Thanks chiver!

  • BigPup

    #19 Amazing smile!

  • http://twitter.com/dbumbaco @dbumbaco

    #15 so cute

  • Daniel Tosh

    "hey if your bored at work the bathrooms need a cleaning." hat's what my boss would say

    • Yeah

      Please. Go on.

  • theWizz

    #15 best in show…

    • Kristen


  • misschris

    #26 Well thank god for slow days at work!

  • Joe

    #8 total smokeshow!

    • YOYO

      Still looking good, even a day later!!

    • Kristen


      • Kassie Danae

        fuck off bitch. who the fuck are you?

        • Crazy_Jake

          You are pissed like that is your butt in the most perfect looking painted on panties I have ever seen.

        • Kristen

          Me? I'm general manager and CEO of the universe, you fucking cunt.

          • Jesus

            Holy fuck that was lame.

    • Truth Hurts

      Why does everyone say that she is so hot? Body without the face is an 8, with the face brings it way down to a 4-5

    • Jr Mint

      Thers something about those pics that makes me think she is going to regret it. I dont know what it is.

      • Kassie Danae

        Why would I regret it?

        • Jack Wagon

          I don't care what they say, I think you are a fine looking chivette. Oh and "kristen" is an 800+/- moose they puts down all the fine looking chivettes so ignore the whore

      • zaffa

        ohhh maybe because she works in a professional setting and posted semi-naked pictures showing her face on the internet during work hours perhaps?

        • Jeff

          Why are so many of you old fucks so uptight?

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