• chicago

    a great post to scroll slowly and admire every woman in it.
    #5 fuck !
    #17 I see why the 1950's was America's happiest time. beautiful .

    • Jangla

      #17 – Gemma Atkinson

      • chicago

        is a Gem alright. thx

    • shujat

      please do sex with me

  • canadianchiver


    • Roco


    • Ih8U

      Do not represent Canada like a loser!!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #7 #12 #18 #31 Wouldn't mind coming home to any of these fine ladies … but especially these.

    • The Jizzel!


  • stiffler


    • Roco


  • meat.

    #8 Herpburgers for dinner!

    • Hrdwood

      I heard she likes dark meat.

      • asdfaf

        with a shade of Bling Bling

    • guest

      I figured the only thing she would eat off the grill would be a brat. A subtle reminder to everyone how exactly she got famous to begin with.

    • realio

      She is half as hot as most of the women that send in their photos to Chive.

      • simon

        slight typo – should be "not even" half as hot

    • Busterbwn

      No No No. Shame on you chive posting pictures of like #8. Grilling on a gas grill is just wrog, you should know better. Plus now cause her you know she'll burn all the meat.

      • Josh

        Slower. And in English.

    • Computer.Guy

      You'll notice she's also lost

  • George Zip

    #20 = major fetish for me. I'm kinky; don't care.

    • bdg

      Holy Mackerel!!!!! MOAR

    • Jack

      Rachel, from spunky angels

  • BTinCO

    #14 The pillow on the counter could come in handy.

    • cman89

      wow there is a pillow on the counter … cant say i was paying attention to the counter in the picture

      • BTinCO

        Once I noticed it, it did take a while, I thought, how can I make her comfortable when I lift her to the counter. If it hadn't been bright red I probably would have missed it.

  • SteelHorseCowboy

    #4 I want to help…boobs

    • techno_viking

      #37 Nice hump too.

      • padres20

        Please find!

        • Daniel Tosh

          Bryce? I think

          • yes

            You are correct her name is bryci. Visit freeones.com she has all kinds of gallerys on there

    • Nixter


  • ChivetteLover

    By far the best post in months!

    • HOOK

      Not true…remember the tranny post? That was so hot…just thinking about it makes me need to go fap.

      • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

        Dammit Hook…stop ruining a perfectly good post regarding babes and kitchens with your stupid dood stuff. There is no place for dood stuff on the hot chick kitchen section. Time and place man. Time and place

  • Lindsey

    Is 16 wearing a diaper?

    • Derek

      Yes she most definitely is

    • Anon


  • Ross

    Some of these girls have nice "kitchens".

  • Mynameisjeff

    #7 and #4. Just the way ut should be.

    • Mynameisjeff

      I meant #41

  • Jayavc

    You had me at #1…great hump!

  • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

    Best post all week #4 all day long

  • Psychosocial1

    Some are barefoot but none are pregnant. What gives?

    • gulp

      good girls swallow..

    • Beathos209

      #30 looks prego

      • nate

        she is…or atleast was when this was taken

  • Jayavc

    #8 I doubt she has a clue how to cook. Her talents are in other areas.

    • Daniel Tosh

      correction she has no talent. have you seen her sex tape, yeah pretty boring

      • Jayavc

        yeah, I agree she has no talent, unless you include making millions of $ and trashing marriages. Then she has mad skills.

  • YOYO

    #4 #20, slutty bitches in the kitchen are my favorite

  • Sad Panda

    All of them are in the right place but I don't see a single sandwich!

  • Lucky ducker

    #39 my favoritest picture ever- must have moar!
    and #12 is that a supposed polish foreign exchange student I see?

    • PiratesFan

      #39 just convinced me to be a better person.

  • Ruprecht

    Is #8 Kardashian? And #28 Rachel Ray????? And #40 is just gross. Really?? This post officially jumped an epic shark.

    • Shoestring


      • Dick cheese

        Agreed that you're retarded!!!

    • Sick350Z

      You sir, are a retard. You couldn't handle an ass like that. #40 Looks awesome to me

      • timbo

        Is that caboose real?

      • realio

        Concur…looks too good to be true…but I like it

  • FunKiller

    #8 Hahahahaaa…….yea, right!

  • FunKiller

    #39 Yep, that works for me…..smokin hot!!

  • WordBergler

    #28 seems legit

    • Dan

      Right out of Maxim from about 5 years ago.

    • R. Ray

      It is legit and I was in FHM not Maxim http://www.fhm.com/girls/covergirls/rachael-ray/g

      • Jeff

        UGH… please tell me this troll is misplaced as she has no business here!

    • jimmer nobody

      That is none other than Rachel Ray.

    • chiver

      they must have used a body double

  • beasty

    Ummmm, cherries and peaches

  • Jangles

    #4 holy shit! #8 please dissappear

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