• Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    #57 Damn…

    • JMAKK

      Best Picture He Will Ever Take In His Life… xD

    • SteelHorseCowboy

      Good Girl, I would like to shake her daddy's hand….

      • Jacobus

        ^ creep

        • SteelHorseCowboy


    • Chiver_Sammy

      Wonder how many dollar bills it to to get that picture…

  • suck me dry

    #82 Too funny suck it

    • Woop

      dont make fun of sir patrick stewart. He protected my virginity for many a year.

    • üäö

      Shattner looks younger than Steward

  • johnnystyle25

    #94 Boobs to live by

  • NebraskaGuy

    #22 Hand in there, little man and KCCO!

    • Jen

      #22 – cute little guy! oh and daddy, too!

      • jazzberry

        Keep Calm and Fight On young man

    • cheeseSammich

      seriously almost insta-tear right there.

  • Crushbent

    great ending. should be getting my black kcco and bfm today!


    • nate33uc

      this whole movement is spreading like wild fire…fucking insanity. KCCO!

  • Who cares

    Seems to be a lot of those "fake shirts" in there

    • Skermitt

      I noticed that as well. Lots of impostors….

    • Whitney

      I think that as long as they aren't profiting off of them, it shouldn't be a problem. Nothing wrong with a little homemade Chive love. AmIright?

      • Kristen

        Shut your whore mouth, whore.

    • shirt nonsense

      exactly….god damn, who gives a flying @#$ what the @#$ shirt youre wearing???? you go online and try to buy a shirt and get booted out so you buy a "fake" one….TheChive is only hurting themselves by selling a few at a time. and they cry about "fake" ones but post the "posers" anyways…. this shirt shit is @#$ ridiculous..

      • Who cares

        Calm down

        • shirt nonsense


          • Wait who?

            LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!

  • ConfusedHick

    #21 what cute tramp stamps you have

  • iXOredheds

    #37 Wish my fam was this cool!

    • Woop

      true chiver family. respect

    • theKid

      this picture is great!

  • chicago

    #22 #18 I wish you both a painless [as possible] and quick recovery.

    • #18

      The Chive makes the second time through so much easier. I thought I had to be strong to go through this again, but I cant even imagine open heart surgery at 3. #22 I hope you pull through soon and never have to deal with it again. I look up to you little man.
      Thank you for your service U.S.M.C.

  • machew

    #11 crocs? seriously?

    • Kristen

      What do you expect, he's a Chiver. He didn't get his wisdom teeth out, he had lock jaw from sucking cock.

      • http://twitter.com/LosTorre @LosTorre

        …that escalated quickly

  • pimpninjaa

    #34 #58 Dat ass!

    • Jezza67

      #34 Going the extra mile for Chive.

  • http://www.facebook.com/clt.chiver Clt Chiver

    #25 Charlotte represent!

    • DanTheMan

      Also the Mayor of my better city of Sacramento!!

  • JustTrollin

    #18 Second hip replacement at 25 huh? Good luck and KCCO! If only you could go somewhere for a warranty replacement…

    • #18

      This one is so much better then the last, cause I have the Chive. Thank you.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #82 How cool is that? I would be more impressed if he was flashing more of his shirt while standing behind them!

    • ManicCynic

      Its sad, but the thing I noticed first was that the guy in the back right has the same Dark Tower shirt as me. It was only then that I geeked out over the captains.

  • yuuup86

    I love seeing Chivers and Chivettes from all over the globe, smiling and having a good time because of theCHIVE! KCCO

  • E-Tex

    #34 looks like austin

    • JMAKK

      I See Nothing But GAAAAPPPP

    • Tim

      It is Austin!! It was after the bars closed at like 3 am….

    • What_Tha

      Austin is a funny name for a girl…

  • whyme1973

    #94 I'd love to KCCO on those chest pillows.

    • JAFitC

      Dunno about the "Keep Calm" part if my head was there. Just sayin.

  • http://thelasthonestpodcast.com Scott White

    #50 Dragon Con is way better the Comic Con(tradeshow) and PAX Prime together. Everyone is there to have a great time! I am already planning for 2012

  • chiverbr0

    #80 this is awesome

    • Kristen


  • Scaggnettii

    #58 League of Legends chivers FTW!

  • tv_paul

    #22 Good luck little man be strong and chive on.

  • I Eats Bacon

    #94 is how you wrap up a Chive Everywhere post!

  • twoedges

    #12 Chive on at the Linc, baby. Fly Eagles Fly.

    • G!A

      i'm so glad you appreciate my love for the eagles 🙂

      • MattyDeuce

        I was there, rockin' Reggie White!

    • Kristen

      Huuuuuge teeth. Eagles suck.

      • Wait who?

        I kinda wanna rape your asshole with no lube….. Then pull an ATM.

      • G!A

        hahaha whatevvvvvv

    • PA Chivers

      Phone won't let me hit "thumbs up" soooo thumbs up! Fly EAGLES Fly!

  • CowboyChiver

    #39 Nice Sturgeon!!

  • Mike

    #38 Awesome photobomb

    • Fat Tire Mmmmm

      I was there and I was KCCOing but I never saw these two lovely ladies. I'll keep my eyes open in town from now on!

      • Skermitt

        I was also there! Got a few "Chive on's", good ol' New Belgium.

        • ODELL RULES

          NBB is SCHWAG.

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