• PsY


    • SlimtwigMJ

      Oppa gangnam style

  • Beev

    #6 Wow that's a win in my books

    • Bill

      All are amazing . But yes she is the winner

    • BWaecker

      uuhhhh winning

    • VaderWRX

      True story

    • http://tarper.com OH HAI


    • rgh

      Moar!!!! I mean more please…with a cherry on top.

    • maboze1x

      I'd add #80. Taken, still sends her shaven …. #respect

  • Whoopi_G

    #1 Remember what Chris Rock says about tongue rings!

  • Boomer223

    #11 Now that is one gap I do not mind.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      Everything about this is perfect

    • Wowza

      She needs an entire HD post. Please

      • AndrewJ411


      • Oli

        She just had an entire post yesterday……

    • blakice

      That GAP was made by a big black cock. My BBC… white boys cant hang.

      • Jakemo_1

        AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you're a professional comedian, right? You know that the scientifically proven average African American's "big black cock" is actually the same size as a "white boys." Also, the internal length of a vagina is usually about 4 inches. While they are elastic and can accommodate a range of sizes, it's the girth that matters, and again, science shows that you are not ahead of the rest of us.


        • Jonnboy

          if you go brown though………. you can't move around

        • Sully

          Way to stick to the facts, pee wee.

    • Flotrop05

      wow… PERFECTION! MOAR please!

  • Joe


    • KillYourSelf

      To fail!!

    • noobbuster

      Why do you try to first sexy chivers? It takes me took long to look at this to even hope to be first (not that I would want to be first.

  • Ih8U

    So nice!!! 🙂

    • dutch

      #17 Obsessed with dental hygiene much? Costco size floss pick bag and 7 toothbrushes?

  • Tyrion Lannister

    You made it! And you deserve it!



    • Duck

      Yes moar plz

    • I likes mah dranks

      Dayum! Humina humina haw wa ! Lady are those puppies for sale!?!?! I want the one with the wet nose!!!!! But in all seriousness damn right you made it! Very very exceptionally hot just like all the rest!

    • max

      Those eyes man…wow

  • Whoopi_G

    All of them are so fucking hot, but if I had to pick one #82

    • squirlzy

      Yup that's one sexy sasky girl, good to see her representing the land of living skies!!

    • Jables

      That's one Gap(per) I really don't mind

    • Nate

      God bless Sask!! -Moose Jaw native

  • CG81

    Theres sumthin about a girl in uniform thats just fuckin hot!!

  • justin

    #11 nice hips and booty:). #25..holy jesus your stunning..

  • Shallow Hal

    #36 her middle toe is longer than her big toe… Gross…

    • Rob

      Well if you noticed that, you're obviously gay.

    • ChiveOn

      With tits like that who fucking cares what her feet look like.

    • Jay

      I have some bad news for you if that is what you noticed first, or at all……

    • Red

      Shallow, if you are looking at her toes, you're gay.

    • Tillman61

      She is absolutely perfect.

    • Falthor

      actually i read somewhere that the middle toe being bigger than the Big Toe is a sign of heightened sexual appetite… God what a set of legs on her.

    • Ping

      Those are some fucking adorable toes. You're crazy

    • Garret

      She has toes!?!

    • Oatzfactor

      You are lookin at the wrong toe buddy.

    • Bugle

      My middle finger is longer too… we make a good match then 🙂

  • tv_paul

    #42 This is the kind of white water adventure I'd like to try.

    • paulslame

      tell your wife that??

      • tv_paul

        She knows I'm joking. BTW, if you want to keep posting or thumbs down anything I post under these anonymous names, go ahead it doesn't bother me. Hope you have a long & healthy life.

  • pimpninjaa

    #3 well that made me stand at attention!

    • Poseidon

      Fking gorgeous !!!

    • http://twitter.com/NorCalChiver @NorCalChiver

      she's gonna get some "A" school instructor in a bunch of trouble

    • Onlooker

      Who is this sexy beast? What branch? WOW~

      • Kyle429

        Navy. She has on blue digi-camo.

    • titman


      ..at ease

    • LS2

      Shipmate! Your uniform is unsat lol

      • Der'

        EMI for you. In my office. Come as you are. For real though, we need more of this on my ship.

    • Jason

      Go Navy!

    • DMT63

      corpsman up!

    • Kato

      the best kind of boob is ninjaboob

  • Bustanut

    very much like

  • Random

    #42 Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

  • jojobean

    #35 and #36 FTW …gotta love areola shots

    • Berto

      #36 FTW… She's damn sexy

  • Fog Ducker

    #22 #28 These are my two pssions in life. A great HUMP and a guitar.

    • james

      She wins… No doubt..

  • chiver

    #18 just tell me where to send it.

  • misschris

    #24 The eyes do have it!

    • lemmebefrank

      what are those things on the shelf, back left?

      • lostagain

        the snowboard?

      • MattyDeuce

        What could you have possibly thought the board with the bindings was?

    • chiver

      AND the boobs! another sexy Canadian Chivette

    • Dave

      Welcome back Katelyn!

  • MLP

    Never felt the need to comment on here, but, wow #11. Unreal body. Send moar!

    • http://www.thechive.com ChronicUser

      I would rip a kittens head off for one lucky night with this foxy lady.

    • theWizz

      she and her microscopic vag were featured the other day dipshit…

      • Paul

        Feel better now?

  • Tim

    Damn Ladies! #2, #11, #22, #42. Made my Friday awesome!

    • Falthor

      #2 and #22 were heart stopping for sure… God who am I kidding this whole post was amazing.

  • teight

    thank you for #11, and please continue to put a picture of her in every post

  • tim fritz


  • Whoopi_G

    #24 Great eyes! Lovely.

    • Spencer

      Beautiful girl.

    • Nate

      Chive find this bombshell!!! eyes of an angle!!

      • Dave

        She replied above…

  • evihc

    one wonders if there are non sexy chives among us

    • Crispy

      there aren't.

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