• Cracka_ass_cracka

    Time for a sexy party

    • Frankee Chuckles

      Not for you ;p

    • Kato

      Double the pleasure, double the fun

    • This Guy

      That would be Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman.

      • Bobby Klobber

        Actually that would be funbags #! and funbags #2.
        Potential objects of attention until ones load is relieved……after which they become noisy obstacles which need avoidance and discharge at others peril.

  • csor1120

    #1 they just look like they want to be set free

    • Bobby Klobber

      Denise Milani I know you just by the amazing smile and massive tits.
      What an amazing package……………Santa are you listening?

  • hmm...

    #14 is chewbacca going down on u?

    • AboutGorramTime

      Ha! Pretty funny. That's my pup Malcolm, interrupting my photos with some snuggling. He is going as Chewie for Halloween though!

      • zgl

        i thought it was a bear!

        • Bobby Klobber

          Thats what happens when you put peanut butter in the HoHo.
          Dogs love licking out a HoHo….everyone else would rather do Burger King.

  • ScottB

    Sunday Cleavage needs to happen every week!

  • doc

    boobs are awesome

  • evk

    this is new!

    • Mr_Cellophane

      I like it!

  • sam

    #4 #10 #35 dear god yes. this is definitely making my hangover a little bit better this morning

  • Eric

    #20 find

    • Slim Jim

      i think thats kim kardashian

    • mason

      "it" is a tranny i forgot "it's" name though

    • Keebie21

      That's a dude bro! It has been posted numerous times on thedirty.com

    • cdgg

      yupyup. tranny. tyson breast or chest.

    • max

      find #16 at least shes… nevermind

    • Doug

      Jennifer Paris, the man of your dreams

    • billyjack13

      she's tainted with black bean juice

  • doc

    bonus boob day!

  • csor1120

    #8 MOAR

  • csor1120

    Chive I just want to thank you for making my Sunday much more AWESOME with this post!!!

  • Notme

    #27 Pretty, But I'm an A Cup, B Cup kind of guy

    • bau5s

      Oh, so you are more into buff guys?

    • Loko

      kinda of a gay guy i would say

  • Abomb

    Thank you chive

  • Drew

    Mother of God…

    • Mr_Cellophane

      No, she isn't, but she does have great boobs!

    • elo2

      i think we need to see the back of this

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  • Lawrence

    I love cleavage, it makes me happy!

  • dude

    #9 I thought theCHIVE had a "no duckface please" policy????

    • Ian

      you don't think she deserves some sort of dispensation? really? i mean just look at her!!!

  • Kyle C

    #29 FTW. Subtly sexy and cute, just my type 😉

  • Gallus

    Cleavage is really cool, like #32 it gives promise of pneumatic bliss. But I prefer tits. I am a nipple kind of guy.

    • heywood jablome

      nipples are awesome.

  • Needlegun13

    #3 Well, I'm done….

    • Kato

      my kind of trampoline…

  • Jazzpants

    Has #13 been found yet?

  • Mr_Cellophane

    #3 it's the circle of life!
    #27 will you marry me?

    • Chris

      27 is gorgeous.

  • SundayFunday

    #2 #10 those half smiles are maddeningly sexy. Do it moar often.

  • Poseidon

    Ass spankible spoon

  • ilo milo

    #4, #7 , #10, #37

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