• Err

    WTF nooooooo, had me going till the end. Que music from the crying game…

    • Bryan

      god damn it chive….wtf

    • http://tarper.com OH HAI

      doesnt matter

    • Vinnie

      I'd still hit that. If that makes me gay, then I'm gay.

  • Angela

    i was wondering what you meant by postmodern lol, well go her, she found her calling and does it damn well

    • Mike

      Me too, I thought they were just trying to sound cool, but I couldn't shake the feeling something was off, guess that was it.

    • Jesse

      him* he* his*

  • Tiber_Septim

    I didn't see that coming, but I I shouldn't be surprised

    • Rule32

      Rule #32 of the Chive,

      Whenever a 'hot model' from Thailand gets a post, make sure to scroll to the bottom of the post FIRST and insure that its not a dude.

  • Anon

    I'd hit that……with a bat.

  • Lint6

    No Chive…I didn't see this coming because it was Thailand. I saw this coming because it is on The Chive…a sexy asian girl labeled as a "postmodern" model, I totally expected her to be a ladyboy..

    • BGON

      Nailed it

    • Mike

      Definitely skipped to the last couple photos first to make sure I wasn't checking out a dude for 10 minutes. Turns out I was right.

      • Charlie Sheen

        Why does it take you ten minutes to look at a gallery? spend way more time on the comments…

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      Chive thinks Thailand is nothing but ladyboys. Spreading the ugly American stereotype.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        oh yeah…I'm wrong. wait 'til the next asian post and see how many of you fucktards make the same comment about how they "can't trust" asian girls anymore because of the Chive.

  • Slo

    I Don't care how she was born, she is still very beautiful.

  • ktmsandwitch

    i called it, i didnt even look at the pictures, i just scrolled down to the comments.

    • Jeff

      You sir win the internet

    • DaddyD

      You missed some beautiful photos

  • Big Maint'

    #16 shhhh i just farted

    • Rowdie

      Silly girls don't fart… Oh wait.

    • MikeHawk inyo mouth

      Ewww…. Who farted? B/C it smells like cum…

    • sixdeadelves

      more like shhhh i'm a man

    • blakice

      ….and it didn't make a sound… loose asshole

  • Nick

    Well that's just fucking awesome. I didn't read the title and now I have a couple of these scrolling as my desktop background. Thanks Chive, I still love you.

  • Dave

    bastards, just ruined my day.

  • Big Maint'

    shhhh i just farted #16

  • Danny


    • thatoneguy

      only cuz you fell for it

  • Big Maint'

    Really #16

  • Rhys

    Well I know have some important lifestyle decisions to make

  • TBone

    #1 Doesn't matter, had FAP.

  • David the Law


  • Der'

    Damn it, i finished fapping before the end. Thanks.

  • Bob

    FAP FAP FA….WTF?!? oh god damn it! aaiiieee!

    <looks around, still alone…>


    • leafsfan2005

      HA – your comment made me laugh out loud. Well played sir.

    • Gradaddy

      excellent use of FAP!

    • socalmarti

      Are you my ex? Nevermind I'd rather not have it confirmed! eeeeeeewwwwwwwwww!!

    • Maximiliaanvdv

      Familie of Fapregas

    • Canucks_Rule


  • Danehill
  • Loki

    SMH.. Last week it was Stas Fedyanin now this… Keep calm Bob, and chive on.

    • BigManJones

      I was wondering who posted that, then posted this. Seems he might like the LadyMen

  • zenki

    Hey Chive, out of all the most beautiful non-transexual women in Thailand (Miss Thailand World, Miss Thailand Universe, All the beautiful models of FHM Thailand, and the lovely car show models) you managed to pick the one super hot transexual celebrity to represent over 35 million women. I challenge you Chive, I challenge the Chivers to find these beautiful women!! You guys are missing out!!

    Here is a head start: google Sarah Ball Thailand
    She's a half Thai / half British model. Maggie Q step a side.

    • drake1988

      With all of the stunning 100% full blooded Thai women you had to pick one that was mixed. Hi pot meet kettle.

      • zenki

        I agree, there are a lot of hot full Thai girls. However are they 100% I may be wrong and I often am so lets take a closer look. Thailand is like America. Its a land of immigrants. Thai people are mixed every which way from Chinese, Indian, Cambodian, Vietnamese, and more recently European. This has given us the gift of super sexy Thai-Chinese and Thai-European women.

  • http://twitter.com/scorpiontx77 @scorpiontx77

    It's a trap, has a penis, the proof is #16, has a secret

  • Bob

    How do I unsee this??

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      you grow the fuck up and move on to flbp post.

  • grey

    well played chive, well played.

  • Amir

    one big give away is that it's tagged under WTF and not hot women…

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