• http://twitter.com/bdaley84 @bdaley84

    #44 moar please

    • Hunter


    • PiratesFan

      She is quite the looker, no doubt about that.

    • http://dirkpittfan.tumblr.com/ thatwasfun

      could not agree more. THAT is one fine looking woman

    • pirates05

      Yes indeed! Chive, you know what you must do! And I hate how their wearing fakes in #45


      Stone cold fox!

  • Christian

    #45 wanted to go when I was 8. Went when I was 20 and had just as much fun.

  • 1st


  • jeff

    does #27 have the overly obsessed girlfriend in the background?

    • Yeah

      No Jeff. But maybe you are overly obsessed with her?

  • Gursch

    is anyone else aware of the possibility of a worldwide bacon shortage predicted for 2013. what the fuck am I going to eat.?

    • UPITT15

      expensive bacon.

    • Way

      stock up now…

  • Eric

    Nice Boat!! #33

    • derp

      boat? what boat? is this one of those damn magic eye pictures or something?

  • CowboyChiver

    #13 Yes there is.

    • Yeah


      And there what is?

  • KCCONewEngland

    #44 who the hell is this?! Jesus flying baldheaded Christ, she needs to be found

  • TxGal

    I have yet to meet a chiver/chivette here in San Antonio, Tx… but will be awesome when the time comes….

    • SATXChiver

      Keep looking. We are here 🙂

    • 210Chiver

      San Antone Meetup!

    • http://twitter.com/suck_my_fire @suck_my_fire

      The 2 guys in 64 are from south Texas… Im the one on the right. There are chivers there too just needa expose urself

      • JustSayin


        And yes, please expose yourself.

  • collin

    #20 you know what they say about texas, only steers and ******

  • oclvtrek

    #81 MOAR please.

  • ChrisDG74

    Keep telling yourself to KCCO, you'll need it. I coached my son's teams for 7 years(until he started high school. Tonight is Senior Night, the last home game he'll ever play. I'm sure the wife will be an emotional wreck.)

  • SAChiverSteven

    No South Africa?? C'Mon!

  • jimctu

    #2 why jump with a helmet? I will surely keep you safe if the parachute doesn't open.<img src="http://rj.revolvermaps.com/h/m/a/0/ff0000/50/0/9do6egcg8eu.png&quot; width="1"/>

    • Amy

      Mostly for the landing and wearing a GoPro. Other than that, all that it's saving you from is if you take a nasty landing.

  • NebraskaGuy

    #3 FIND HER … and give her a Chive shirt!

  • Jezdezpez

    #10 that chick is nasty, chewwy is sexier than her fat head.

    • Billy

      You talk to your mother with that mouth…….

      • Jezdezpez

        Yes, I also talk to yours with this mouth too, I make it stinky and dirty with your mother too.

    • A Sweet Chivette

      Chivers don't need to be mean … Not necessary!

    • weaksauce

      She's quite pretty. But the seahawks suck and they totally lost that game on Sunday. Still cute girl though 🙂

      • weaksauce

        derp monday. whatever. They still suck.

    • Yeah

      Don't be a twat Jezdezpez.

      Pink shirt chivette, I think you're cute.

    • The Great

      Be my Chivette E

    • Adam

      Shut up douchebag . Go fondle yourself and pretend a 300# toothless slag hammer might one day be stupid or drunk enough to say yes .

  • PiratesFan

    Not gonna lie, the only reason I know where #4 is located is because it was in 10 Things I Hate About You. Yeah, I said it. Heath Ledger was the man! Still is!

    • AssHaterson

      If you wind up in Seattle, just follow the smell of hippies until you wind up in Freemont. You'll find it.

      • Sorbic

        I tried to make that trip once. I ran out of Fabreeze and had to go back.

        • AssHaterson

          It starts to burn the eyes if you don't get through quick enough.

    • roadhog0

      I've met this lovely Chivette at a motorcycle show!!

  • Jezdezpez

    #13 WHAT THE FUCK, a pink sucker and a pedicure… take off your skirt Nancy and grow a pair.

    • Tuacadog

      Fuckin A. Turn in your green KCCOs and BFMs for panties and knee-highs ladies. Or nut the fuck up.

  • wkdfrog

    #47 By the expression, I think the BFM Chiver is getting the shocker from the hot Brunette behind him!

  • TheHeezil

    #10 Hey it's movie quality!

  • Alexandra

    is there a way to tell if my submissions are going through???? I submitted a chive everywhere but have yet to see it!?!?!?

    • KCCO 1fjef

      Yes we have received your submissions. If you could show a bit moar boob we would probably put your images on the site. Also sending us any sort of bacon infused baked good couldn't hurt.

      Thanks and KCCO!
      The Chivers

      • Red

        Also… MOAR camel toe Alexandra. Camel toe is needed. Thanks.

    • Lucky Lucy

      not everything gets used… people submit stuff for months and get nothing posted!

  • andy

    #26 good job. 1 Royal NFLD Regiment . KCCO boys

    • Jezza67

      How do you know thery're 1RNFLD? Greetings from 4/3RAR.

  • Dan

    #13 there is when youre sipping some fruity cocktails…atleast the guy on the right is doing it right with a beer…still gay though.

  • Drew

    #29 WOOOO Red Bank !! Best Town to live in if you're in your mid-20s in Central NJ! Ill have to start wearing my KCCO shirt there more often!


    #44 Yes please. A find and moooaaar is in order for this one.

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