The Canadian Military KCCO’s have returned!

The Military KCCO’s are making their second appearance right here on theCHIVERY today, albeit a brief one. Thanks to all our Canadian Chivers for your support for our little-site-that-could. There is something in the water up there, I swear, your Chivettes are getting better and better. Yes, a meetup in Canada is on our radar btw.

Because we think we actually have enough stock this time, you do not need to be a member of the Canadian military to score a shirt, but please limit 2 per order if you’re not. We’ve been getting emails from a lot of cadets who are purchasing for others, which is fine, we’ve extended the limit to 5 for you and everybody serving.

Canadian Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

For the first time ever, BLACK Canadian Military KCCO’s available RIGHT HERE.

Oh, and because y’all are crazy about them, the Bad Mother Fucker wallets have returned today in Black and Brown right here.


Some Bad Mother Fucker wallets are still available RIGHT HERE.

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  • Shiguy

    Good luck to y'all. Enjoy, demand doesn't look as high as usual, should be easier for ya.


    Gimmi Moar Karissa.

  • Ken

    Now have all the colors, Thanks!

  • sasKcco

    Only my second shirt after BFM. Not a member of the CF, just a proud Canadian and a proud Chiver!

  • Pugs

    Got = Happy days!

  • Stan Darsh

    just got mine!! KCCO!!

  • Mike

    Traditional olive drab, yeah baby.

  • oclvtrek

    I FINALLY scored my first t-shirt!

  • Mart37

    Wish there was a law enforcement shirt! But in the meantime this will have to do…

    • reaperMEDIC

      Usually cops just wish they were Firemen… hahahaha

      • Mart37

        ahhh yes the never ending "battle" between law enforcement and firefighters….

  • Badger

    Got mine!

    thanks from Montréal

  • Anonnymouse

    Yay! Got it!!! And my BFM sticker, lol.

  • bonitaChiver


  • tv_paul

    I'm stay out of this one. I'm not from Canada and I don't want to deprive any of those lovely Canadian Chivettes of getting some shirts. Okay and I guess some semi-okay Canadian Chivers too. Good Luck.

    • Why?

      That's very fucking noble paul. WTF?

  • Notknowing

    That was too easy. It's almost scary.

  • Blair

    YES Canadian Meet up!!! Edmonton ????

    • LiveNletDie

      any Canadian Meet up will have to be in Toronto, seeing how it's the geographical, cultural, financial, etc…center of Canada

      • Ken

        I thought "Torana" was the center of the universe and everything revolved around it! I agree with Blair having it in Edmonton, SO many Chivettes in Edmonton and surrounding area! I'm in when its in Edmonton

        • Sarah

          I'm up for Toronto, seeing as I LIVE there 😛

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiz.guy.7 Tiz Guy

    Very easy, got the black & red!!

  • Hoytzky

    FINALLY!!!!!! I've waited not so patiently for months. Chive on my fellow Canadian Chivers!!
    Bill Murray stickas like a muthaluva.

    • Dude

      Yeah dude.

  • Underbaker

    Sadness ensues. I don't know if Chive changed the location of the pictures or the Army put new filters on their firewalls, but either way I can no longer see any pictures in the galleries. I'll check back occasionally to see if it works again, but no reason to hang here if I can't see the pictures. See yall later…

    • tv_paul

      Oh no, you have to post. I like to read your comments. Did you try using firefox, that's how I got around some issues.

      • Underbaker

        Hard to say anything if you can't see what you're commenting on and yeah I've been using FireFox for awhile. Everything loads except the gallery pictures, I can even still watch the occasional videos and see the pictures for the advertisements. Could be strict filters in the building I just moved to.

        • Yeah

          See if the IT guy is a chiver and can help out a bit? That sucks Underbaker!!

          • Underbaker

            I am the IT guy, but Net Ops is whole other ball of wax and while I could set up a proxy server at home, them net ops guys would sniff it out. The last guy who did that was canned.

  • Dick

    These shirts make the best cum rags!

    • Yeah

      I prefer your mom's mouth.

  • Blair

    The chive works perfectly on my Canadian forces computer!!

  • Chiver

    I do like the black version with that font (as opposed to the black KCCO), but not canadian, not military, its all good, KCCO!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiz.guy.7 Tiz Guy

    Btw, when does BFM 3D & mind the gap be available again?

  • Howard.is.god

    "I don't know Lloyd, the French are assholes"…..

  • Guy

    USMarine and cant even get a Chive Military shirt. How sad.

    • Aye sir

      Suck it up boot

  • Boner

    Canada has a military?

    • JuicyB3an

      We have Elk for our Army, Geese for our Air Force and Beavers for our Navy

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