theCHIVE Official Seattle meetup tickets on sale now!

theCHIVE is coming to Seattle for an Official CHIVE Meetup this Thursday, October 18th!

We’re pumped to finally descend on Seattle for our first official CHIVE meetup! Come thirsty as Tito’s Handmade Vodka is providing the vodka. Join John, Leo, Bob. Mac, theBERRY girls and more at Garage Billiards and prepare for a night to remember (but probably won’t).

This is an intimate event. Tickets are limited to 200 so get ’em while they last.

Get ready Seattle, the Emerald City is about to get a whole lot greener as theCHIVE takes over.

When:  Thursday, October 18, 2012 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT)

Where: Garage – 1130 Broadway

TIckets: $40 – includes a special edition KCCO/Tito’s t-shirt in addition to all the domestic beer and Tito’s Handmade Vodka cocktails you can drink from 7pm-10pm. Liquor drinks will be available for purchase.

Tickets on sale now for theCHIVE’s first official Seattle Meetup! Click here to buy.
UPDATE: Tickets are now sold out, but there is a good chance we may open up another 50 tickets next Tuesday. We’re waiting to hear back from the fire marshal!

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  • bob_the_cook

    Thursday night? Why Thursday night? How about a round 2 on Friday or Saturday night when Oregon folks (who have jobs) could make it?

  • butters

    Edmonton chive meet up!!!

    • Sorry


    • myst

      Calgary chive meet up 😉way better

    • Parkview

      Yes! I thought I was all alone

  • Todd

    This is like a special torture! It's on my birthday and I can't even make it!

    • Hunter

      Tell me about it, they finally come here and it's the same day I'm flying out.

  • Chadwick


    • Jacob G.

      How is it Denver got second place in the vote held a while back and yet we have now been stiffed on the past three meet ups?

  • Nels

    Sold out already? Really?

  • Mad bro?

    Mmet me in Seattle for some feltching

  • GSizz

    I'm in! See you there BITCHES!!!!!

  • Snuffle-afugus

    Sweet got tickets!!! Mac, my friends newly single mom is coming!! and she's only had 6 kids!!!

  • thespotlite

    Got 'em! I'll be there in all my Chiver glory, ready to get shmammered for 3 hours and beyond!

  • boldspoo

    Bringing my Chivette and ready to put myself into (sadly not too) rare form!

  • archdukedanger

    d^_^b I got mine!

  • JD88

    SONUVABITCH!!!!! sold out too fast, no chance of a special break for a guy who lost his dog this week?

  • bainer

    the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON will be showing some love for theCHIVE. DAWGS & Chivers and Chivettes in the house!!!

  • KCO617

    Come to Boston already!!

    • Boston Rugger

      Second that

  • Jusby the Clown

    Pie in the face, Chivers?

  • Bham Chiver

    already pending on the chiver side

  • Justin

    5 words. Baltimore meetup

    • YeahRight

      Hahahhahahahah! That's hilarious

      • Throbbit Yuengling

        Chivers are everywhere in Maryland. I always get "Chive Ons" while wearing BFM and I've seen quite a few Chivettes with KCCOs. Plus B'more is rocking now with the O's and Ravens.

  • matt

    Canadian Chive Meet up should come to CALGARY… Don't go to EDMONTON where they make and sell fake shirts!

    • myst

      Calgary please 😉

  • BigPup

    Of course you guys come to my home town while I'm in San Diego for work…. *sad face* I think my second chive office raid is in order!

  • Billy

    I thought Tito's was only a Texas thing. Good to see it made it to Seattle.

    • SeamusOMah

      We're big fans of Tito's in North East Indiana too!

  • Curtiss

    Well I hope everyone going has a freakin blast.. Wish I could go… but alas fate does not see it that way

  • Giggidy

    If it was on the weekend I'd totally make the trip! DANGIT!

  • Brent

    Chiver tix are sold out… only 6 Chivette tix remaining.

  • joey

    Nooooooo. Why is it sold out

  • Mike Ho.
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