• Brady

    #36 Ohh Kayla….

    • http://www.reamers.org/clowns.htm Handjob Murphy

      These girls even advertise going ATM. Kinky.

    • brooke

      haha. love the aggies! goGIGEM.com has awesome photos of those aggies!

  • Mike


    • OzarksChiver

      Nice going, Mike…and to think people think the guy in the Dos Equis commercials is The Most Interesting Man In The World…

  • Name

    # 40 holy moly donut shop

    • http://www.thechive.com S_Giacomazzi


  • myles

    #21 moar the babe with 11 on her top

    • Ph3nom3non

      Georgia girls are some of the hottest in all of the US

      • I'm a Yellow Jacket

        Unfortunate none of them come to Ga Tech.

    • just4fun88

      oh please yeeeesss!

    • guest

      Vollyball chicks are awesome! They already have knee pads.

  • Yumbooze

    #28-Texas Tech?

    • TNchiver

      Yeah, come on Bob, get it together! Texas Tech definitely isn't in the SEC, and Texas A and M just got introduced into the SEC, yet had more pics than any other school! Not the best way to represent the best conference in college football! Oh well, SEC girls FTW!

      • Derek

        Yeah, big WTF on the tech picture. But I was glad to see my Aggies represented so well. Gig'em.

        • Rambo


    • Gradaddy

      right? ttu gtfo.

    • llano2

      Go Texas Tech, Go BIG 12! But why so many Texas ATM Faggies? Btw, they were forced to allow women back in the '60s.

      • TXNinOK

        You're a dumbass llanno2…better get back to your coloring class at tx tech high school

  • justabill

    Great, Chive. Now we have to deal with all the SEC trolls.

    • Katie

      time to change your name to justanasshole

      • This Guy

        +1 Internet

    • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.oday Chuck O'Day

      I'm sure The Chive will do a bit for your Community College conferences.

  • Park Diesel

    #28- Texas Tech is not in the SEC.

    • herpderp


    • Paul from the gump

      Tubs used to coach at Auburn, but that's as close as it gets…

  • Tiber_Septim

    #10 find her shes stunning

    • dmr

      So so saggy

      • John

        My guess is that you haven't seen a set that wasn't in a movie or magazine yet

      • 60yroldmanballs

        Those aren't saggy you dipshit, I'll show you saggy

    • guest

      GO MSU!!!

      • suck me dry

        MSU can suck me alllll the way off

    • guest

      I sure wish I had seen you #10 at one of the football games this past year haha

    • OmahaDude

      I love when MSU makes the CWS up here in Omaha. They bring the hottest women, hands down. This beaut is indicative of the average of what they bring

    • Yann

      SHE. IS. STUNNING ! <3

  • Max

    fuck the sec

    • Vroom

      Which team do u follow Max?

    • Scooter

      Jealous much?

    • herpderp

      Must be a Missouri fan

      • ColaChiver

        What you did there….I sees it.

      • chris

        Easy there Scoots. Missouri fans are still happy to be in the SEC, we knew we weren't ready, but we'll get there. Beware in basketball season!
        Go Tigers, SEC proud!

        • OzarksChiver

          Welcome aboard, Tigers…WOOOO PIG SOOOOOEY

    • Paul from the gump

      Martha Stewart?

  • http://www.facebook.com/justincredable71 Justin Lentz

    #10 #32 oh my word you are beautiful

    • jenga

      10 – do your tits hang low, can you swing them to and fro? Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow?

      • John

        My guess is you've haven't seen a set that wasn't in a movie or magazine yet

      • guest

        Jenga is a gay boy

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.oday Chuck O'Day

    #29 Go Gators! Damn that girl is fine!

    • David P

      go gators

  • BigManJones

    Good sweet lord there's something in the water down here.

  • Ph3nom3non

    Love some SEC Football. Love the SEC girls even more. And Tommy Tubs was an SEC coach but TTech isn't haha Do like the Bama fans say for every situation: "I made a mistake, roll tide!"

  • Jezza67

    Non-American here. What's a SEC? I have a feeling it's something that involves sports, beers and scantily-clad hot chicks drinking 'til they pass out. Please export this to Australia STAT!

    • wvufan

      SEC stands for South Eastern Conference, It is a college football conference.

      • Daquinkin23

        Actually its a College Conference in General, not just Football.

    • Jack Burton

      Hey Jezza check out Jessie Williams. He's the noseguard for the University of Alabama. He's an Aussie.
      ROLL TIDE!!!!

      • Bill The Butcher

        Or LSU's own Brad Wing.

  • David

    #21 turn around please 🙂 I love volleyball shorts!

  • volleychiver

    #29 Please, for the love of all Chive-osity, find her for moar!

    • Mike

      Pretty sure she works at Gators (restaurant) in Gainesville.

  • Jim

    How did Bob manage to find the 40 worst SEC pics?

    Dude. Worst post in a long time. Can't get the schools right and can't get any decent pics of SEC gals. WEAK.

    • TotesAwesome

      You know people on the west coast don't take football and the women at football games as serious as the geographic location of the SEC does…

  • Kodos

    <heh heh>.. you said GameCocks…

  • Alabama

    Roll Tide Roll!

    • Alabama


    • Bill the Butcher

      Around the bowl and down the hole

  • Chiver_Sammy

    #26 looks beautiful kissing that gamecock…Find her…

  • Vroom


    Yes mam we are! Rmft! Please post MOAR of this beauty!

  • Jeff

    #10 has an appropriate number in this post! You're one beautiful young woman. Can we have MOAR please?

  • Mark

    #28 – get that weak crap outta here.

  • Bryan

    #15 anyone else notice the lack of girls at this tailgate?

    • herpderp

      I think I see one

    • ColaChiver

      It's Kentucky. They can't score any way.

  • J.P. Mortin

    #19 for the WIN!

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