• nope

    fact – half of these chicks are batshit insane. why else would they be single?

    • Dan

      That's what I was thinking?, But I would like to see more guys break up with their woman just to see some more.

    • _DoC_

      Fact – All women are crazy on some level. Also, half are not showing their face, and none of them have pics of their mothers.

      • Matt

        I was thinking there needs to be more shots of faces. A body can only take you so far..

        • Paul

          You don't look at the mantle while you're poking the fire!

      • SOhioChiver


    • TheHoopty5.0


    • Spoon

      You sir, read my mind.

      • Jack Wagon

        i was thinking that more than just half were batshit insane, but god damn great to look at

    • anonymous

      Fact – 95% of insane women are insane because a man drove them to it! lol

    • r00s7a

      Another fact – No matter how hot the woman is, there is a man somewhere that is tired of putting up with her shit.

      • Marineman12

        My dad told me this when I was 13. Truer words have never been spoken!

      • uwchivette

        we get tired of your shit too, buddy

    • CanadianChivette

      Wow, you're like the first guy ever on the chive to come to that conclusion!

      Here's the truth from a woman's perspective.. We just hang around and give you dicks too many second chances, then eventually you cross the line, we speak our mind, and you call us "crazy" for not being your doormat anymore. You call it crazy, I call it having a backbone.

      Good luck, ladies! Hope you find Mr. Right soon!

      P.S. it's definitely not any of these ^^^ douchebags!

      • A22

        go make me a sandwich whore

        • CanadianChivette

          Ha! I think they need a post for SINGLE FOR LIFE CHIVERS! The kitchen jokes are funny, but I'm guessing you've never had a woman make you anything in your life. Besides your Mommy of course, who I'm guessing is just upstairs… Should prob just go ask her ๐Ÿ™‚

          • A22

            the moms basement jokes are much more original and clever…… dumb broad

            • CanadianChivette

              Just talking to you on your own level, buddy!

              • Donny

                STOP!! Don't do that, he'll drag you further down and beat you with experience.

                • CanadianChivette

                  I'd like to see him try.

                  • TheHoopty5.0

                    "Crazy" – I broke up with my GF of 2.5 years because she was unmotivated, close minded, and unwilling to try new things. I think that's crazy and didn't want to spend the rest of my life with someone with that mindset, hence my semi-facetious "Truf" comment above.

                    It's a 2 way street here, and as many douche bags as you claim there to be, there are also douchebagettes, some of them beautiful enough to grace the post above.

      • Hunting

        Get it girl. I'd say one or two of my friends actually deserve their hot ass girlfriends, the others are just good looking d-bags that drive chicks crazy. Just glad I found one that will put up with me, not the other way around

      • Deaner

        This bitch is definitely a fat chunker. Buy
        A dildo next time you pick up your 12 big macs because no dick is gonna want to see that flabby pussy.

        • CanadianChivette

          Not at all, actually. Just intelligent and confident enough to stand up to any random douchebag!

          • CanadianChivette

            26, married, mom of two! So fuck your logic!!

            • Osgood

              I'm with Canadian Chivette. Most of you morons are just that, morons. And the old, "some guy's tired of her shit" is the lamest comeback/comment I've ever read. Can't just enjoy the post can you fags? I guess if The Berry makes a post of Single Guys, all the chicks should comment that "some girl is tired of his shit"? Oh no, you idiots would say that the guys left the girls because the chicks are crazy, right? Bunch of fucking dickheads. I have met and know plenty of "hot" chicks that aren't crazy. I'm married to one, so climb out of bed and see if you can get one, any chick for that matter.

              • Osgoodsafaggot

                I got dumped because I refused to piss on the side of the toilet to make less noise.

              • Falthor

                so much hostility… i know some of these guys posted a lot of crap, but really the original poster was making a compliment. Basically he was saying there had to be something wrong with these women mentally because physically they are outstandingly beautiful, and there couldn't be any other reason someone would dump them.

                • anon

                  Backhanded compliment much?

            • I likes mah dranks

              The folks at the chive have really done and amazing thing here with the chivette… If John Leo bob and well… Maybe Mac lol hadn't shown us all including the chivettes how stunning the chivettes really are we wouldn't have these real gorgeous women sending In their self shot ect. for our viewing pleasure.

              The amount of smack talk you commenters do I find it hard to figure why they would.

              Keep posting you sexy singles give us all joor eye candy ! >;D

              Ps I'm 27 married for 7years so not forever alone and got laid 7hours ago so don't bother.

          • chiver
            • From_The_Hip

              Nicely played ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Dave

        all i heard was blah blah blah blah crazy blah blah blah blah doormat.

      • Falthor

        I think you took what the original poster was saying wrong though. He's saying that these women are so good looking there has to be something wrong with their personality for someone to dump them… it's like a backhanded comment.

        For the record I've been married 9 years (10 In January) and have 3 kids wife my beautiful wife. I hope that all the ladies on this list get to experience that "you are the one for me" moment like I did. Hell everyone int he world should feel that sense of belonging, even just once.

        Good luck ladies.

        Canadian Chiver.

    • Guest

      Half… You're Funny!

    • Donkey Punch

      If i hear this fucking phrase one more time I'm going to ask the Mayans to come early. We fucking get it. For Christ's sake find another way to say it at least.

    • S. Hawking

      perhaps but crazy =< crazy sex

    • Slim Jim

      na, sometimes they just are for you

    • Single

      I'm one of the girls in the post- not newly single because I'm "crazy". I decided to focus on my internship and college graduation instead of trying to unfairly juggle everything at once. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Tiber_Septim

    #1 #3 #25 stunning Moar please, the idiots who dumped you didn't deserve you

    • guest

      definitely #1 wow she's gorgeous!

    • Guest

      They're probably psycho beasts!!!

      • Flchiver

        Looks like Erin Willette

        • Nope

          Not Erin. Her name is Melissa.

          • Boston Chiver

            Well Melissa youre gorgeous

            • Mel

              Thanks everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚ you guys are all awesome.

              And no, not crazy- just chose to focus on graduating college, plus a few other things.

      • Frostback

        They would have to be super psycho-beasts that turn into Elder Gods of Insanity once a week to get me to dump them. Or they might like Ke$ha. Either way…

    • david

      U are absolutely right! You girls are gorgeous!

    • krackbawtch

      Why! #1; He's crazy!..or…um, ur crazy? Either way, I think I would've hanged in there!

    • Kato

      #1 Please… please be a Canadian Chivette!

      • Mel

        Sorry dear, not from Canada. I'm from the Midwest ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Jesse

          Where from the midwest? Like, around Omaha, Ne?

          • http://Www.twitter.com/Melissajstl Melissa

            No, Saint Louis.

  • Shat_Thrice

    #11 #26

    How does sane man leave these angels alone?

    • asdasd

      they could be crazy…

      • Shat_Thrice

        And I swear to God, I don't care. Bring on the crazy.

        • ChiveLove_00

          I assure you I'm not crazy…lol

          • Shat_Thrice

            See… beautiful and not crazy. She said so herself. Perfect Chivette.

          • awestruck

            Well then you're the perfect chivette for me. The last guy must've been a moron.

          • guest

            You are beautiful, the guy was a fool! Ignore the imbeciles. Take your time and find a good man.

      • Machew

        #26 is a true stunner. Gorgeous hair, eyes, and boobs to boot. Makes it even better that she actually chives! Thanks for submitting.

        • ChiveLove_00

          thank you and you're welcome!

          • ChiveLove_00's love

            I…saw you from across the party and felt compelled to tell you something. You have….the most breathtaking Berry shirt i've ever seen. I mean, that thing is good.

          • Machew

            What?! Good manners and correct use of "you're"…..a true chivette indeed. Some guy is going to be very lucky. If you ever come through Mississippi the first round is on me.

          • vinsanity03

            Are you from the Midwest #26?

    • NorCal420

      Crazy to Hot Scale? pfff F THAT we want MOAR

    • Dave

      Sexy woman in the blk is my fav

    • Machew

      #26 is a true stunner. Gorgeous hair, eyes, and boobs to boot. Add to it that she actually chives and the only flaw is that i dont know her well enough to make up for Captain Asshat who botched his chance!

  • Jeff

    #19 were you in the goofy girl post yesterday?

    • Jason

      Also is this Senior Frogs?

      • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

        Yes: Senor Frog's in the Bahamas.

    • blues

      Why is 60 inches not the same as 5 feet on the ruler?
      Sounds like someone was drinking when they made that!

      • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

        Haha. I think that was maybe supposed to be what made the sign funny..? I don't know. I only posed next to it as a joke, because we had a DD and didn't have to worry about drinking vs not drinking!

    • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

      I don't think that I was… I'll have to double-check!

  • muellerjt

    #11 #15 #19 #27 All great smiles and beautiful eyes. Should not be single. Also we need some Colorado Chivettes!

    • Jawbone

      #27 Looks all… Melty.

    • Smooth_moves

      We're everywhere Muellerjt. We just don't send in pictures of ourselves because it wouldn't be fair for the other states.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mueller.376 Jordan Mueller

        Maybe. But we do need show what they are up against

    • Fred

      #15 is the girl every guy they wished lived next door.

    • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

      Thank you!
      – #19

      • muellerjt

        youre welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

  • thetwistether

    Brainfart at #19

    "You must be this drunk to be tall".

    • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

      Hahaha! That's DEFINITELY what it should've said! I'm short, but bending over like that made me look even shorter! ;D

  • Petey

    Whoever made the sign sure wasn't a math major. 4'-6" does not = 60"
    Saturday night at a singles bar??

    • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

      Yeah; they were probably drunk when they made that sign. I only posed next to it to make fun of my own shortness.
      – #19

  • Joe

    As most of these girls are really hot the only real explanation that they are single is that a majority are bat shit crazy….. only thing I got.

    • bill

      The crazy ones are better in bed..thats my experience

    • http://www.facebook.com/denise.harroff Denise Harroff

      Maybe some of us just realized that we were being treated like crap by a cheating boyfriend and decided it was time to have enough respect for ourselves to move on…
      But just maybe…
      Although, there's also the chance that I'm just "bat-shit crazy".
      Take your pick.
      <3 #19

  • me...bn

    #20 i love gumdrops!!!

    • guest

      i like her because squishy…

      • CosmoKramerTheAssMan


    • Spicoli

      love the hangers

  • r1rider

    #27 stunning eyes

    • JMAKK

      They're fake, now #11 has some REAL beautiful eyes.. no idea how she is single!

    • Electric Boogalo

      A little less make-up please. It's not needed.

      • Notme

        t might be needed

    • me...bn

      thats nice…now show dem boobies!!!!

  • Jeff

    #3 you're absolutely stunning. Single? Not for long.

    • Dave on wheels


      • Jeff


      • Deaner

        I hope you go to jail and get buttraped.

      • rawsker

        Ur drunk dave go home

  • StarboardEngine

    You're one pair of scissors away from being in another relationship.

    • NorCal420

      Scissors? use Teeth they are better for the impending motorboating

  • Sethiroth

    I'll take an order of #11 and #33… to-go please, i wanna make it to the bar before Toby eats all the pickled eggs

    • Headshots

      11 is a pig. Looks like an ex junkie!

  • Digger91

    The guys that dumped some of these girls must be retarded. That or the girls are bat shit crazy!

    • name

      probly a little of both

      • JuanTaco

        or the girls cheated…they're always the innocent party regardless

  • r1rider

    #33 so close!

  • First Bitches


  • Bhodi

    Hump Day – B@W – Newly Single Chivettes: Yeah, so long productivity!

  • Wacko30

    I have dibs on this one.

    • big t

      little caprice

      • SOhioChiver

        I have detailed files!

      • Duder

        LC doesn't have tats, does she?

    • Marko

      She's from Ottawa. Somebody I used to know.

  • Dylan

    #33 and #25 both gorgeous!!

  • Dreymann

    #5 anytime you need a drink from a former Airman and fellow Illinois Chiver!

    • NoodlumNad

      She's a liar….she didnt burn it, she just threw in on the floor!

      • Mike

        Who gives a crap? She perfection!

    • guest

      You are hot! Forget the douche! Submit lots more, and thanks for serving.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robmaed Rob Maeder

      Or a drink from a former Marine now Airmen. Marines know how to drink!

  • Yup

    Men are fools. Beautiful Chivettes prove this point again and again… Chiver4hire, #9

    • Tillman61

      I thought the same thing. She won't have to worry, there'll be a line soon.

      • Brett

        Tracee Whitford. St Paul AB.

  • Notknowing

    #28 Is the best way to attract the fellas. SQUISHY!

    • Lindsey

      WOW! Talk about utterly degrading. If any of these girls had half a brain they would meet men like regular people by going out and socializing instead of sending half naked pictures of boobs and ass to this website. Have some self respect ladies, clearly you all think of yourselves as pieces of meat. Have any of you even graduated high school?

      Boys pick your tongues up of the floors, I would say men but clearly any male checking out photos such as these clearly would not fall under the category of being a MAN. At least go waste your time on a real porno site where you can see everything and those women actually get paid.

      It's photos like these ladies that give MEN or BOYS the idea that you're nothing but a piece of meat to them, what does this tell our future children and leaders of that world, that are already busy having sex and giving blow jobs in high school. GROW UP ladies, turn into ladies and not hoochie mama's.

      • Donkey Punch

        So many words…I only saw boobs, blow job and sex. Now back to staring at #26…

  • Jeff

    #21 you have that beautiful sexy girl next door look about you.

  • Nathan

    Any of you newly single Chivettes in Idaho?

  • TCC

    #25 She looks just like Bree Olson

    • pudge

      i thought the same thing

      • Dale

        me too

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