theCHIVE’s Official Seattle Meetup was one for the books (51 HQ Photos)

Check out the (very cool) timelapse video of the meetup below!

We always welcome your input on where to hold the next meetup. It’s time to announce the next offical Chive meetup will be held in Austin, TX, November 15th. Details shortly.

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  • Hal

    I really wish I could've been there. KCCO you lucky Seattle Chivers!

    • jobillard

      I love this site but, I love how individualistic everyone is, oh wait they're all wearing the same shirts. I'm sorry but one thing I loved about this site is that it used to cater to people that DON"T fit in and don't want to. Congratulations chivers for becoming what this site used to poke fun at.

  • jamie

    Damn !! Just moved to Seattle, Wish I could have scored tickets. Looks like a GREAT time was had!!!

    • chive is my drug

      I see Seattle is the place where 'Merica sends it's fugly people. Not a hottie in the bunch. Well maybe one.
      #7 on the left.
      Truth hurts doughnut.

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #12 Wow, I really wish I could have been there!

    • Mattman

      For those Seattle Chivers and Chivettes interested, there's a Facebook group set up so we can connect and have unofficial meetups and whatnot. I met lots of fun people at the meetup and then through the group afterward. Just search for "Seattle Area Chivers and Chivettes"

    • 12thMan, Man

      Seattles Best! #12

    • JLW

      Definitely need the blonde in front to submit more often!

  • redneck


  • MOAR

    #21 Derp

    • Trav1121

      No wonder Mac never smiles. His eyes cross when he does!

  • http://twitter.com/mation Mation

    #1 Either the girl on the left looks like a giant, or the pink shirt girl next to her is crazy tiny. Judging by other pics featuring them both, I'm guessing it's an optical illusion, but still…

    • Andy

      She is crazy tiny I brought her with me to te event

  • Genevieve

    #8, #13

    A great evening. It was especially nice to know the chive guys and berry girls are such nice people. Bob is hi-larious

  • Fred Garvin

    Yay…another sausage fest.

    • Seattle Chiver

      nope, there were plenty of girls there

      • chive is my drug

        and yet you still didn't get laid.

  • babyfartmagizax

    #14 Finally, can't wait to try and get a shirt. The site will most likely crash for this one though with the high demand, prepare for frustration.

    • rAs

      Also, FIND/MOAR of her, please.

      • Kevrhutch

        That's Rae Solomon,, Country singer, you can find her work on Ituens

  • Tillman61

    #51 That's a great picture all the way around. Wish I'd been there.

    • MDchiver

      Find the girl in the lower right-hand corner please

    • Andy

      That's me on the BFM 3D

  • MOAR

    Few things on this site make me laugh as much as Mac's antics. Keep it up, stud.

    • Morgan Freeman

      ..Great job!! Salame Mac!

  • ChivetteKellie

    Was an amazing time! I don't remember most.

  • Darrell

    Did you run into any replacement referees?

  • Thomas


    Was my second meetup. John actually remembered my name, good group of people

  • Just sayin'

    I think Mac needs professional help…or at least hair and make up before these gigs. #38

  • ibleedgreenngold

    I know it's cold hear, and this is crazy, but SODAK chivers are awesome, Sioux Falls meetup, maybe?

    • Ha!

      Whoa, n n n nnnnnooooooo. Lol…

    • Irish777

      NO ONE SHOULD EVER DOWN VOTE A MEET UP SUGGESTION….fellow SODAK chiver I feel your pain bro

  • nabA

    Mmm.. Tito's vodka.

  • jokerz4fun

    We need a meetup in Detroit. Our city blows and nothing fun happens in the D……….besides killing, looting, and burning.

  • Lame

    Oh finally, the Seattle pics! Oh wait, I could care less.

    • oxyMORON

      *I could not care less.

  • Miami Chivette


    Anytime, anywhere, Johnnyboy

  • Porkins

    Who is this girl #17 and #46? I stopped both times and gazed at this beauty!

    • SOhioChiver

      Same Here…Chive you know what to do!
      Find Her!

  • True

    #17 all the way to the right… have you posted? You are beautiful – please work on being chivette of the week

    • SOhioChiver

      great idea #17 #46 We need your help!

    • The Brazilian

      I like the middle one

  • KAJ


    • CO n stuff

      Yeah seriously, didn't Denver come in 2nd place back when they had the vote for the next meetup? The one that Denver lost last minute because Houston (I think) had the girl riding the mechanical bull. I think that means Denver should be next!

    • RyanP

      YES PLEASE!! Denver is an awesome Chive town. Just come see for yourself Chive.

  • Verbal_Kint

    when are you coming to SF?

    • sfb101

      YEA! We need one!

      • Yerp

        I would fly up for that one. Count me in.

  • Kris

    You guys should look at a Sacramento meetup!

    • Nope


    • Chivelover

      You guys should do a canuck meet up soon!

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