They do bend at the waist and it was great!

    • SOhioChiver

      I had to stop and stare at these two for a while…naughty indeed.
      #7 #39

  • Porkins

    Helllooo Red! #17

    • George Zip

      Love this picture. They could repost it every day as part of every series.

    • namestim

      Yeah…they need to find that.

      • shane

        MOAR #17, and #8 and #36, too

        • Kale Saladah

          As I've said before… PROOF that there is a God. Good Lord, what a trio of delicious!

    • crazedchiver

      Yeah this chick is crazy hot

  • frenchiver

    #6 #41 perfect hump, will give me a big smile for the week-end

    • Bradley

      #41 chive, you're killing us with this girl, but please, by all mean, keep it up…

      • AllanA

        No kidding! I'm starting to be a fan of her in that corner room

      • guest

        Chive you must find!

    • Falthor

      I love that #41 is just wearing normal bikini styled undies and is just KILLING it in them. no need for a thong or Boyshorts (although I'm sure both would look amazing)

    • PDG

      #1 #41 I wish I could just subscribe to your pictures.

  • N2MotoX

    #8 #43 Bending over with those curves deserves something straight!

    • John smith

      If you know what I mean :3

  • thrannix

    #43 Giggity!!

    • dean

      Looks like your ready to take it baby!

  • wkdfrog

    #30 Holy proportions batman!

    • Jedidiah

      Seriously! Misty girl, MARRY ME NOW! Please?

      Find her!

  • Steve

    #22 Moar Moar Moar……Oh and find her!

    • CHIVER


      • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

        If you don't like her keep your comments to yourself. Didn't your mom teach you anything.

        • Heather


      • http://twitter.com/Camdawgs @Camdawgs

        Why don't you nut up post your pic, Mr Anonymous "Chiver", and let these beautiful ladies tear you a new asshole???

        • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

          I would really love that.

        • sdafasdf

          Bro, you realize not everyone looks like you in this world, right? This wench is substantially less attractive than a lot of women by normal standards of beauty. No one is taking the time to post pictures off a guest account to prove they're better looking than you and this trash bag. Sorry for not sugar coating it; this should be common knowledge for a wise old man like yourself.

        • youloser

          suck up a little harder, failure

    • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

      That's the lovely @beatrixkiddo_22

      • Steve

        Thank you, I was not aware. 😀 KCCO

        • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

          Your welcome :))

      • Maximus_Titus

        And she is awesome – luuuv this pic, girl!!

    • weiner mcdickle

      Buzz, your girlfried…..WOOF!

      • Heather

        You're a fucking asshole. Megan is fucking more beautiful in ways you wish you could be. Anyone would be fucking lucky to be with such a wonderful and awesome person. Enjoy being alone, faggot

      • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

        Whats your girlfriend look like? let me guess, your mom? oh no wait, your left hand. Got it. Thank you Weiner mcdickless.

        • ree hee hee

          if she submits her pics to the internets, she's asking for criticism. SLORE.

          • http://twitter.com/Camdawgs @Camdawgs

            Guess that's why you choose to remain anonymous. Too scared of the criticism, so you dish it out? What a brave MF you are, loser.

          • Josh

            I bet you're a real prize too mate. Even if you don't think she's attractive, posting a negative comment just to do so is just plain fuckin' douchey. Oh well, your loss, she's a cool chick. It's easy to be a dickhead when you're anonymous. @xfitrookie

          • Heather

            Why don't you post your fucking face you son of a bitch?? If all you have to do with your life is to come on the fucking Internet and hate on one of the best people I have ever met you are missing the fuck out. Good fucking luck jerking it with your tears.

            • ree hee hee

              the anger!

              • Heather

                Of course. You have zero idea how amazing she really is. And you come on here and want to be an asshole? Cool bro. How's that working out for you? Because I'm that's the only reason you're on here is because no one actually wants to put your dick in their mouth. So why don't you take your dick beaters elsewhere and cry yourself some lube and shut your fucking mouth

                • ree hee hee

                  WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH !!!

                  • http://twitter.com/Camdawgs @Camdawgs

                    Ooooohh, you really told her off there dude. Why don't you take the Twinkie out of your mouth, scrape the Cheeto dust off your keyboard, and do something rather than be an anonymous suckhole on society. Let me guess, your anonymity is too precious to you.

                    • sdafasdf

                      LOL. nice diss you squid! ahhahahahaha

                  • http://twitter.com/TheZaffke @TheZaffke

                    It because of comments like yours that all your friends secretly hate you. You don't know shit about shit and unless you change your ways you will die alone. You're no chiver.

                    • sdafasdf

                      get real life friends, guy…. no decent looking chick i gonna send you a pic of her nip because you clit ride on the internet. wake up

                • sdafasdf

                  pretty sure he's laughing as hard as i am bout this. sorry buuuuuuud

            • sdafasdf


        • sdafasdf

          could you be any less witty? my lord, ugly and stupid

      • sdafasdf

        AHAHAHAHHAHAAHH wow, this had me ROLLING.


    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      Can't believe an army just came to her defense.

      • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

        Honestly, she's amazing. And us Chivers stick together. That's what chivenation is about. Not some bs dochebagery.

        • IsweatMeganC

          Megan C is the bee's knees. Smoking hot, great bewbs, sharp as a knife. I'd walk barefoot over a mile of broken glass just to sniff the toilet seat she sat on.

          • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

            Romance obviously isn't dead.

          • sdafasdf

            You weirdo

        • Gabs

          If that is the case I am totally missing the point. All this time I was just criticizing the pictures without caring about the opinions of others because… well… it's the internet… If some random girl posts a picture of her with her boobs about to pop out of her bra it's notmal to get horny comments as well as negative comments. Nobody cares if she is a wonderfull person in real life. On the net she is a sexy, nasty chick with big boobs. Time for you to wake up and stop your pointless crusade on internet anonimity and criticism.

      • BitchImMe

        I can. I hit this site up on the regular, and there is people that treat it like a community to socialize or some shit. They're just willing to lie and act like this chick is good looking hoping they'll receive some ego-boosting in reciprocation down the road.

        I literally came to the comments when I saw this pic cause I KNEW there was going to be hella funny diss comments because, let's be real, this bitch is haggard.

    • sdafasdf

      LOL is this a troll picture? chive owes me a new keyboard, just puked all over mine

    • Bcbigbuds

      barf barf barf barf……… sorry i just cant stop… after reading gay coments barf barf barf barf. NOBODY CARES HOW NICE YOU ARE WHEN YOUR AN ATTN. WHORE ON THE CHIVE……..BARF

    • Baba Booey

      Moar? Only if you like butter faces.

  • nobody

    Seriously #29 – how young will you stoop to up here?

    • yep

      Looks like first year college class. Freshmen always look young.

      • mittens

        What class would this be? Coloring Books and Posters 101?

        • hola

          I had to do that bullshit for spanish 1101.

      • mrkerrdontplay

        i dunno man… the corny bulletin board borders, american flag, and colored pencils leads me to believe this is a bunch of kids making posters for homecoming or something

    • Jimmy

      Yeah what he said. High school? You hope so anyway.

    • Ryan

      Agreed. Love the chive but this is just bad.

    • mike

      middle school?

    • ThatGuy

      I freaked out when i saw this.. this is obviously a high school classroom

    • scuba steve-o

      yeah this one comes with 5-10 years and your name on a list…..

    • Ken Khan

      that shit is to young.

      • shirt nonsense

        "too" young jeez…maybe you shouldve stayed in school

    • guest

      and photo taken by the teach? messed up…

      • http://www.speak-easysports.com Eric

        yea I got a problem with who took it.. Definitely
        high school.. look at the kid sitting across no way he is more than 15 at the most..

    • Guest

      Oh please.. Everybody acting holier than thou! If you were teaching this class you would be looking too, it's only when you act that you are looking at charges for statutory rape!

      • Guest

        You know what they say…

        18's okay.
        17 with consent.
        16 with a note.
        15 if her dad's in the room.

      • Tim

        Anybody is holier than thou in particular. Though most men would admittedly look, no one with any degree of sense would take a picture. Isn't that the sort of smut you can get busted for?

    • Show

      Definite high shool or middle school class. Tis tis chive. I think it's funny though when dads post their 5 year old daughter in chive shirt. It's like okay???? U REALLY want ur daughter to be a chivette? I would be so pisses if my daughter was a chivette. Lol. I'd be like have some self respect. And then I'd check out the girls burning their bra.

      • Guest

        Are you a 14 year old girl? Because only 14 year old girls type Lol! Use proper grammar you savage!

        • Bcbigbuds

          fuck yourself……..that is all

    • WTF

      Right, at first when I saw this I thought "Dope!" then I saw the person who is taking the picture is the only one with a computer. What the F*ck teacher leab dem kids alone ha

      • PiratesFan

        Maybe it's his girlfriend who decided to stop by and help out with class?

        It also could be his girlfriend who stopped by class because that's her 4th period class and it's one of those relationships they can't tell anyone about.

    • Yep2

      She's the teacher…leaning in to help her students.

  • Fred

    Love #29! Thats paying attention in class

    • Jason

      She's like 14-15 What the hell is wrong with you

    • mike

      you must be a pedophile

      • Donny

        Whats a pedderass Walter

        • Casey

          Shut the fuck up Donny!

          • Brian

            You have no frame of reference here, Donny. You're like a small child that wanders into the middle of a movie

  • Aquius77

    Find #5
    Must have MOAR!
    Go Canucks Go!!

    • Yeah

      Fuck Luongo and that whole team.

    • Canucks_Rule

      go canucks go!!

      fyi –> http://tinyurl.com/9l5xl2r

    • RedHotChivette

      Haha 🙂 Go Canucks Go indeed!!

    • Ginger Fan

      Ginger, Cute, Kayak… Need lots more.

  • craigmarchphotography

    thats what hip joints are for!

    • Blah

      Is a teacher taking the picture #29

      • craigmarchphotography

        sure looks like it

  • Med

    has anyone found inappropriate poser yet?

    • Lou

      No, but if you find the right girl at the right party and give her enought to drink, I am sure you can create your own.

  • r1rider

    One of the best posts yet!!

    oh and #10 is amazing

    • bcrack

      I'm pretty sure I hit that in college. If it's not Julie Laplaca, then that girl is her identical twin.

    • Truth Teller

      Nope…this is Paulina Gretzky. The Great Ones daughter!

      • Canucks_Rule

        sorry dude it's not. side note – god bless yoga pants.

  • Sheep_Dog30

    The slightest of slips on #26! Happy Friday indeed!



    • http://twitter.com/beavis8abird @beavis8abird

      Well spotted.

    • Yerp

      We have had a nip slip and a vagina slip this week. Chive is stepping it up!

      • Miyagi

        We never have had a vagina slip on Chive. Lots of Nipples slips though.

        • Yuppp

          Monday's post "A master of the female form, Alexander Tikhomirov" picture 15.

      • brian

        I's not a nip slip if its only areola. nip means nip.

    • busterbrown

      wow moar who is this

    • Yerp

      Ha! They changed the photo. Weak Chive!

      • Canucks_Rule

        ok, makes sense now. i had no idea what the previous posters were talking about.

        • grumpy

          Yeah, Chive doesn't think we're adult enough to handle it. Gotta protect our innocent eyes–can't have the tiniest of slips, I guess.

  • whyme1973

    #2 #8 #23 #33 Thank you for your naughty bending ways.

  • Mn dude

    29 is just wrong. Photos from pervert teachers really shouldn't be included in such a tastefully created post such as this

    • M-C

      for all we know it was taken by another student.

    • 1bat4u

      I agree. Plus I'm not sure if she is over 18 or not.

      • E. Pluri. Busunum

        I agree- c'mon chive– you can do better than that– regardless of who took that picture, it's got to go.

        • Jen

          I agree!

    • Noci

      I thought she WAS the teacher….and I'm sticking to it for my own moral reasons.

      • xx1

        omg I didn't even pay attention to the classroom in that pic, until it was mentioned! now I'm going to hell LOL

    • ab dirty

      Take that shit down for sure.. I always read the comments and this one flagged something really important..chive should turn this poster over too the feds.. Too many kids are gettin prayed on by pervs who should hang.

      Too dirty for alberty!

    • Soco

      Thought the same thing about highschool classroom. No way that a teacher would wear shorts that short. Lol. Way to go chive. Sometimes I think these girls have to be under 18 or just turned b/c realistically young girls are the only ones stupid enough to post pics like this. They arent thinking about their future. But I love the sexy pics so whatev.

  • Bill

    #2 Awesome

    • Popup

      Massive butterface

  • Slipping

    #39 I see you…

    • http://www.facebook.com/meghangennette7 MegIntheMitten

      I see you. Waitwhat?

      • Maximus_Titus

        Megan – stunning!

      • Slipping

        Meghan, I caught you slipping-your left. Nice slip. Very subtle and very sexy.

    • derrrrrpepepeprpd

      The lighter? She smokes she pokes, amrite?

    • Mike

      Meg has the best chive pics! So Fing hot!!!

  • bob_the_cook

    great googly moogly!.. that's a fantastic way to start friday

  • Thisguy

    Is this real life? Girls just hang out with each other in sexy lingerie all the time right?

  • Miyagi

    # 33 definite photoshop.
    #37 magnificent.

  • techno_viking

    #8 I think we're due for some MOAR volleyball shorts…

    • 29er

      As long as it's not high school chicks

  • Andy Valentine

    #26 – yup, that's what I think it is… PEEKABOO

    • Dutch


      can't find those on the internet anywhere.

      • Womb_Raider

        Yes you can. It's just more fun on here. It's like those old school Highlight magazine's photo hunt. Entertainment and hotness. Now pull the stick out of your ass and enjoy these gorgeous women.

  • Luke

    #1 #41 your body is a wonderland

    • I Am Ginger

      "But it was signed"
      "By your dad"
      "Ewww it said your body is a wonderland on it"
      "Yeah, I didn't notice that until after"

  • CanadianPiper

    #19 wish that bum showed up in my kitchen

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