theCHIVE is hiring an admin assistant

You heard right, theCHIVE is hiring an administrative assistant. What does that even mean? It takes a village to do what we do over here at CHIVE HQ and by some freak of nature, John and I were born with only two hands each and we can’t hold all these limes. It’s an incurable affliction that can only be remedied with a badass admin assistant.

The candidate must live within 20 miles of Venice Beach and no applicants will be considered outside of that. The job entails everything. To apply you must record a short video (less than 2 mins) and upload it to youtube, vimeo, youporn -wherever, and email a link to the video with resume to workatthechive[at]gmail[dot]com. Creativity will always be rewarded. Do not send a video file, it must be a link. If you do not make a video, you will not be considered. You have till midnight on Monday the 5th to submit your video. More info on the position HERE. Gerd lerk.

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  • Wood

    Seems like a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen!

    • BidnessMan

      The Chive is first in dire need of a knowledgeable H.R. director and/or consult an employment atty. It is unlawful to require an applicant to furnish a photo, video, or any image of themselves because of obvious discrimination laws, and they are in place precisely for this reason.

      CYA Chive, you may be opening yourself up to potential lawsuits.

      • Jakemo_1

        I bet you're all the rage at parties.

        • BidnessMan

          I don't always party, but when I do, I bone your MOM !! And by mom I mean, the lady that shoulda 'accidentally' fallen down a flight of stairs when she was preggers with your DEWALT looking face. And by DEWALT i mean, your a power tool.

          Emmkayy, 'nuff said.

          One more for good measure…I am not always PC, but when I am I put my P, in your mammas C.

        • Steven

          Take that bitch.

  • Mr. T

    Go Bills!

    • Buffalo Bill

      Go Bills!

    • Shawn M

      Sry, But we can ONLY depend on the Buffalo Sabres.

      Finger to the Bills from Alden, NY

  • MylesofStyles

    I'm not shaving my nuts for the video.

    • Macintosh

      I would shave mah balls for the chive. Why might you ask? Because science.

  • Macintosh

    If I didn't live in the superior land of San Diego I would send the most bad ass video the chive has ever seen.

  • The Dude

    I hope you hire a hot one.

  • _DoC_

    What if I live just *slightly* outside the 20mi radius, like in Orlando? Do I still qualify?

  • Heywood Jablowme

    Requirements: huge rack, cute bum, devastating smile, can quote from "Slapshot" and "Caddyshack", eats bananas the long way, moves like Jagger, and drinks like a thirsty Irish sailor.

    • https://www.facebook.com/georges.smokeshop.5 Georges Smoke-Shop

      This is going on our new job application.. you sir our a scholar…

      • Heywood Jablowme

        Thanks, that's how my mom snared dad.

    • http://www.facebook.com/heather.duquette.501 Heather Duquette

      So I have it then?! Wahoo!

      • boner_fryed

        TITS or GTFO

  • MOAR

    Oh this should be good.

  • Fred Garvin

    Sausage alert

  • G_Had

    I hope these videos are going to be more creative than the submissions for the desing contests 😉

    • Spellcheck


    • Ina

      Nedds more thumbs^

  • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

    i would like to see more info than what you currently posted o.o

  • http://twitter.com/JstLkeUimagined @JstLkeUimagined

    I would give up sex for this job, ok wait, that is a little extreme. I take that back. Still, I want that job. Too bad I live a bit too far out, a few hundred miles out. Crying now.

    • MylesofStyles

      Crying because you just realized that you gave up sex years ago, amirite?

    • Heather

      You wouldn't want this job, because you'd have to work for these self important carpetbaggers: http://resignationmedia.com/about/ BARF! These people are ruining Venice and I'm sure they pay nothing.

  • NorCal420

    Please hire someone to haze the shit out of. a cute one would be too typical, maybe hire that one girl who can really take it to the next level. (or dude for all i know)

  • hi mom


  • mid13

    I'm a Jersey girl, but I will gladly camp out on the beach until I can get a place =]


      is there even a beach left?

  • Anonymous

    Defiantly think they should post some of the videos on the site

  • opisnotafaggit

    Can u pay me in gum ?

  • chivester

    must be willing to be paid in t-shirts

    • bob

      but then you could sell them on e-bay!

  • FrankieTheWop

    Oooh post some of the "better" videos 😉

  • Time

    Prerequisites Must be squishy, mind the gap, burn bra, know how to have fun and most of all like cats so that Mac stands a chance.

  • Dave on Wheels

    Hire me

  • FarmBoy

    Did you ask Erin before you made this public?

  • Perin

    You guys will do anything to quench your sexual desires.. Like me here on the Chive!.. :p

  • bigcityreem

    I think the Chive community should be able to see the videos as well. I can't be the only one who thinks this is a great idea.

  • Whorebait

    Does that mean whoever gets the job, gets to boss mac around?

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