• Mr. T


    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Triplets, Basil….triplets!

    • Trav1121

      Video or it didn't happen like you think! *crossing fingers*

      • tv_paul

        No, they are the Pierce Triplets from Texas.

    • thebeefinjector

      i'll take #2 all day everday

      • Scuba_Steve33

        twice on Sunday

      • mr. pitt

        yea that right cheek is remarkable i'd kill to see the left. total bipartisan love

    • _The_Stig_

      silly spam bot – theCHIVE is for people

  • Jukebox

    Tk is a homo

    • Blane

      Why do people like you think a comment like that is funny? Your immaturity is too obvious.

  • Big Duke 6

    #44 not enough e's in pleeeeeeeeeeas.

    • William

      Probably because you forgot the one at the end.

      • Albertanchivette

        Ha ha ha beat me to it

      • Big Duke 6

        See what I did there.

        • speachles

          Dnot worri bout it I catn spel shitt wiht thoes 3 on my mynd. red meesn horray rigt!?

    • http://thechivefun.com/ www.thechivefun.com

      Emma Watson Top 10 photos <3 http://bit.ly/RHxE8U

      • _The_Stig_

        go back to your box spam bot


    #6 perfect, #22 unbelievable, #39 incredible

    • Paco

      #39 Monique.Luchese

      • Jobo

        She's a doll man

    • http://thechivefun.com/ www.thechivefun.com

      Emma Watson Top 10 photos <3 http://bit.ly/RHxE8U

      • _The_Stig_

        I'm honestly running out of clever replies

  • pnutz

    #44 Mother of god, i need to be alone for awhile

  • http://www.facebook.com/justincredable71 Justin Lentz

    #6 oh my word. Id never leave

  • hggvh

    #1 The Charlotte John and The Chive are awesome #1 The Charlotte John and The Chive are awesome

  • mike


    looks like raven riley

    • john

      Yeah, gotta be her

    • Alby

      It is, and Tori Black is in this post too… It's like a game of where's the porn star lol Excuse me while I go fap.

    • gill33340

      hi how ru
      looking bueatful
      miss u
      when u meet me

  • tigerraider

    #31 #42 Death by snu-snu please

  • CallMeMaybe

    #20 Duuuuuuushku!

    • Jouhker

      Her lips should win an award!



    • Lukeatmacok

      Rick Fox agrees…

    • http://thechivefun.com/ www.thechivefun.com

      Emma Watson Top 10 photos <3 http://bit.ly/RHxE8U

      • _The_Stig_

        cricket bat. I'm not joking

  • pimpninjaa

    #22 #37 #44 Chive posts like this seem to be making me a more religious man, as I keep crying out… My lord!


    #22 Is just fucking amazing…

    • baddbuzz

      I would get her out of bed if she wanted to F CK on the floor !

  • Equinox

    #39. DAT ASS

    • Poopyshores


  • Jukebox

    Piper has red hair and is old. That is all.

    • Candy

      Old ginger? Sign me up.

  • mr.

    #22 More pls thanks

  • Chew

    #1 damn!'

  • MacTheWrite

    After this post, I think I am going back to bed. Goodnight everybody.

    • MacTheWrite


      Almost forgot, I will need you to join me.

  • N2MotoX

    #1 #9 #43 I'd get out of bed……………………………there's more room on the floor!

    • caleb

      i would love to stick my cock in you

  • Jeremiah_808

    #13 #29 are beautiful!!! #15 "oh! Got a boner…"

    • Jaye

      Semper Fi. I know a DI cover when I see it. #15 is hotness!

      • bbb

        Its my favorite marine's cover 🙂

  • alex

    One of those albums that my jaw drops from beginning to end! #3 has some beautiful amazing eyes! wow!

  • HMG

    Because I got the wrong Bed !!!!

  • dallas_oc

    Because of#25 her bed will be my new home.

    • Jack Burton

      You gotta love a chick that wears garters and bustier. This one did go the extra mile. Thank you!:p

    • MattyB

      She shoulda saved that outfit for the Ritz not Motel 6…

  • RazorChiver

    #9 Perfection

    • Needlegun13

      Dear God: Thank you for this true thing of beauty. You're the coolest. Sincerely, All Chivers Everywhere.

  • Anjin-San

    Richard is a lucky guy

    • mikey

      what a ho

      • yoyo

        I actually agree.. I am not saying I would leave the room.. Just saying, if you like weed that's fine.. But you just don't walk around with a shirt that says, "I am a pot head"..

        • NiteFox

          It's underwear from Dick's Last Resort… A restaurant… Come on! Shows she has a sense of humor!

          • beasty

            It shows she has a nice ass

    • Blah

      Apparently loves cheeseburgers too

      • Alex

        Still would. Happily.

      • Boo Ya

        And pizza…and ice cream…girl's gotta eat

    • opc.tim_88

      I think that picture was a little over the top, TheChive

    • lucid_eye

      We need more curvy 10s like this MOAR please.

  • tv_paul

    #25 This is one present I 'd take my time unwrapping.

    • mikey

      no joke, id give this girl the best 28 seconds of her friggin life.

    • J. D. Rage

      My fav as well, and the fact that she's in a hotel room makes it even better!

      • tv_paul

        Right, from this picture you know something bad (really good) is going to be going on soon.

        • Al Bundy

          Hahahahahah I was thinking the exact same thing: bloody basta*d who took te pic have certainly had a hell of a ride! #mejealous

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