theCHIVE is hiring an iOS and Android Mobile Developer

theCHIVE is always striving to make your mobile experience better and better and we are stepping up our game and hiring two in-house developers for iOS and Android. We have been outsourcing development of our apps since day one and we have heard your requests for bug fixes and new additions loud and clear and we’re hitting the accelerator.   If interested and qualified for either of the mobile developer positions, please click HERE to learn more.

– If your iOS app is force closing upon opening after the latest revision 1.5, you may have to uninstall and re-install it. We know this is a bitch and not the best workaround, but it will work and it’s a necessary evil. The old version was storing too much information locally on your device and this will essentially “clear your cache” and this is the first and last time you’ll ever have to do this. Click HERE to download v1.5

– A new Android version is coming out by the end of the month

– Animated GIFs! I swear on Mac’s virginity

– The ability to upload photos directly from your phone

– Cross platform sign-on and commenting

– Captions and text will be present on the apps

– The ability to locate and connect with Chivers in the real world (this is why we ask for your location and you’ll be able to turn this feature ON/OFF)

Your suggestions are always welcome and thanks again for your patience. KCCO!

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  • 1_eye

    About time. The android app sucks.

    • Daith_Lee

      every time I click on a arrow for next, i sometimes accidentally click on the ad at the bottom cause it changes levels for some unknown reason….God, I hate that.

      • Lucky Lucy

        I hate that too!! I do it constantly!

        • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

          Do you hate it when people like you for your personality?

          – the one you love to hate

          • Hurt


        • Daith_Lee

          Your…avi made me…forget my re…ply….oooooooooooo YEAH! Remembered. Drives me nuts! Constantly!

      • upandatthem

        and is it just me, or do all the thumbnails disappear once it finishes loading?

        • Daith_Lee

          Not just you sir. Happens on my phone every time. I thought it was my gs3 but I guess it is the app.

      • what

        if your phone is rooted you can get adfree from the market and no mo ads

      • Paul from the gump

        That bottom banner ad is the fucking devil. At least make it so it can be taken off like everyone else does. You will still get credit for running the ad, but at least I can take it down. As it is it is imp[ossible to look at a single whole image. You have to look at the top half then scroll down to see the bottom half. The ad takes up half the pic.

  • F5 F5 F5

    This is not DAR…

  • Pfcustoms

    Did you ask Siri?

  • late to the party

    about damn time

  • Rand

    So if you don't get animated gif's you have to get Mac laid…..Good luck with that!!!!!

  • Nub

    Yea man fix the app!!! It's pretty awful with the ads

  • jmdmn

    No updates to theChive Pro? Why turn your back on those of us who paid?

  • Daith_Lee

    God knows you need one…

  • Macro

    Finally! That location feature better work in Canada.

  • Lucky Lucy

    Looking forward to the animated clip part! Also, I really wish you could see the text that you guys write sometimes… for instance, the Moonachie Fire Dept. post. I wanted to check up on the totals, but all I could see was the pictures on my android tablet app. Would be great to see text too!!


  • OffDaWall

    Would be nice if the current PRO version got updated as well for these new features! All I can find at the app store is the free version anymore, why'd ya'll get rid of the PRO version?

  • Travrick

    How bout an app for Tapiture too!!!

  • Alex

    No Windows Phone love? 🙁

    • Rob

      There's already a fantastic Chive App for WP!

      • thom

        What is the name of the WP app?
        I found one called ChiveOn. I would love one that is made by TheChive.com though.

        • mid13

          I don't have my windows phone with me currently, but the Windows app is amazing. I thought it was from thechive, called thechive, but I could be wrong.

        • Alex

          I usually prefer official apps, it's a personal thing but thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely check it out

          • Nik Rolls

            The official Windows Phone app has been out for quite a while, at least before the Nokia Lumia launch (my first WP): http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=1b0d79f0-56d3

            It's had a fairly decent upgrade recently, but it'd be great to see these new features come as well!

    • Edge

      Damn straight. Windows app works great.

    • Bob Fungus

      Would love to see a Windows 8 app too. And since Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 share the same core, they could kill 2 birds with one stone.

      Anything that allows me to browse Chive outside of a browser is a win. Thechive.com is the biggest resource hogging website in the history of the Internet.

  • therealstake

    Downloaded and uninstalled the official android app countless times hoping it would get better each time. sadly disappointed.

    Dont forget the links of the day in the new app!!!

  • J-Walk

    No offense but thank god! Good shit fellas!

  • bob

    i hope you are also firing your current mobile team. they B-L-O-W!

  • Paedin

    No Windows phone lovin?! No bueno guys!!!

  • Wilson

    Windows app works perfect

  • mid13

    totally applying. I know java and mysql, and boobs cover the rest of the requirements, right?

    • Donkey Punch

      You could be correct; let's see your boobs to make sure.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MCandelet Michael Joseph

    Love the Location bit. I just moved to LA and haven't met to many people yet. would love to meet some Chivers and Chivettes

  • João

    And don´t forget about the next ecosystem Windows Phone 8

    • Bob Fungus

      +1. My Nokia Lumia 920 is the greatest phone ever.

  • Eli

    Also, on iOS, making it possible to send a picture directly to a text message instead of sending a url of the picture would be nice

  • Daywalker

    What does the apps feature that bookmarking won't?

  • GREeddy

    I hope Chive would have its own social networking site cause we Chiver's are just plain awesome.

    • Paul from the gump

      yeah that is what the world needs. Another social networking site.

  • https://www.facebook.com/luke.a.mcdaniel Luke McDaniel

    finally, the android app sucks balls. not sure why you want one though, mobile site is fine…

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