• TX Chiver


    Keep Calm and Wreck Em. Guns Up!

    • nate33uc

      #41 – hope you locked that up bro

      • Ryan

        No shit. That girl is cute.

  • redneck


    • TX Chiver


      • üäö

        follow John …on wheels

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #4 We may not always agree on the reasons for war, but we're all still Americans. Much Love.

    • Kato

      Lest we forget.

  • misschris

    #4 RIP indeed to your fallen comrade. Thank you for your service. KCCO xoxo

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      **hand over heart, hat off, prayer**

      RIP, Doc.


  • MacTheWrite

    Surly Darkness Day!!! Great beer!!!

    • stock194

      YAY That's me and my friend! What a fun day–HIGHLY recommend going next year!

      • Markpong

        Chive on my fellow Minnesotans!

        • MacTheWrite

          And a Chive On to you sir as well.

      • MacTheWrite

        Looks like you ladies has a great time! Have to support our local breweries in MN!!

  • SmokeyTheBear

    #6 One of the bombs that actually makes the World a better place.

  • TX Chiver

    #5 #41

    Two Texas Tech in one thread. Awesome!

    • 1911

      Loving those dimples!

  • SOhioChiver

    #26 I think he has eyes for her

  • CFCL22


    • https://www.facebook.com/illiniloyalty John Knolhoff

      I was just there, it's a lot nicer when the sun is shining

      • https://www.facebook.com/illiniloyalty John Knolhoff

        Actually my picture was taken at the exact same spot

    • Dar

      Hey Joe awesome pic. Definatley chive worthy.

  • KCJake



  • DrunkOldMan

    #6 That's not going to taste as good coming back up.
    #45 Chicks dig scars

  • felix

    #23 after he wakes up, return him to the pub. 😀

  • Victor

    epic cyber monday launch is epic.

  • chron247

    #1 My hometown… KCCO Huntington!!!!

    • waterboy

      word. chive seemed like some other universe til they threw my hometown up on here. saw janes addiction an snoop dog at paramount. best venue in tri state area

    • Pgrif

      werd to tha bird Keep Calm Huntington!

    • Karl_the_third

      Word didn't know paramount reps the Chive…KCCO


    #53, Livin in the D…Fuckin A!!

    • Peter

      Worship the Joe Louis fist. Cive On, from the 313!

    • Doc

      What city is that in?

      • HOOK_the_LEGEND

        Detroit city….A Chive meet up in the D would be epic.

        • Walt

          Best idea for a spicific location would be the Fox Theater.

        • mynameis

          What up doe hook? Make that shit happen!

    • Eric

      If that is truly a statue honoring Joe Luis, why isn't there a boxing glove on the hand?

  • melindu

    #25 stay safe out there, fellas. Kcco

  • Tom

    Someone seriously broke the bro code by taking that picture. However, thanks for sharing !

    • Red

      Man, you can tell that girl has had a few between them legs.

      • JSJ

        I'd be worried about the dude behind him, looks like he's having too much fun without the stripper.

      • Jen

        she's probably just paying her way through med school.

    • Kato

      Whatever happened to the No Touching policy? I'm guessing it's the dude's birthday or that stripper is his wife/gf.

      • thom

        No ring on his finger, but hopefully he won't be getting in trouble for that picture.

  • Face

    #16 #53 is awesome

    • JazzHand

      #16 was my favorite. That Chiver is having a grand ol' time. Touchin' them silky smooth stripper legs, covered in that stripper smelling lotion, good times right there

    • mynameis

      What up doe face! Shiptare peryet

  • SOhioChiver

    #68 That is a nice little tushie you have there complete with dimples and side boob.
    Semper Fi #50 #56

  • ggg

    #55 Go Dawgs! #69 MOAR!

  • Aquius77

    #3 = Cayman Islands??

    • FunKiller

      I was thinking Tulum in Mexico.

      • Aquius77

        You're probably right. I just saw the 'monument' on the cliff…and it looks very similar to the one at "The Wreck of the Ten Sails" in Cayman. But — now looking off in the distance…there is no barrier reef — so it couldn't be Cayman.

        • https://www.facebook.com/illiniloyalty John Knolhoff

          It definitely Tulum

  • baddbuzz

    #21 Twins . .

  • http://1057thepoint.com/loren Loren

    #48. what bar is that? i am a fellow STL chiver, and former server. Always happy to drop a fat tip to a chivette having a bad day.

    • Jon

      That looks like Buffalo Wild Wings in St. Peters

  • pa'ver

    #68 wouldn't mind be somewhere right now!!

  • nate33uc

    #46 – good luck girls

    • Just Me


    • ColoChiver

      The two on the left are from the @COChikers on Twitter

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