• Pete

    Jesus christ !!

    • http://twitter.com/Davieboy817 @Davieboy817

      I hate yoga pants…..said no one ever!

      • Chadbrochill17

        There is only one bad thing about yoga pants. Fat chicks and old wanna be MILF's wear them trying to look as good as these girls.

        • goatpunch

          agreed. Walmart yoga pants, not so winning sometimes. Although the milfs aren't always bad

    • bdg

      #21 and #56 WOW!!!! Amazing!!!!
      #54 RIP Brittany

      • Guest

        #54 = Ariana Grande

    • Thumbs down

      Is legit 17 years old

      • Geezer

        And has an incredible body, I'd hit that shit!

        • Thumbs down

          Yea her no ass and no tits are wicked sweet

    • Nice

      One of the best in a while.

  • Romeo

    #10 #11 dat ass

    #40 had me hypnotized there for a minute

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      The girl on the left in 10 has been seen quite a few times, much to my delight.
      She & her arse need to be viewed more frequently.

      • goatpunch

        I'm annoyed with it. If no one has found her by now it won't happen. This picture is at least a year old, and it's not like it can be a mistake at this point that they put into every single yoga pants post. I mean, the girl probably doesn't even look like that anymore

        • goatpunch

          I take it back. Someone below has found her. Her name is Bianca Anchieta. Apparently Brazillian, and google images has much more of her. Still not sure why she is famous, but oh well

    • Where's Dildo

      I want #10. I need #11.

      • Jack Wagon

        Chive, you have posted #11 over and over and over. Thank you.

    • Alex

      One of the chicks in #10 is Bianca Anchieta, I think she's the one on the left but someone needs to name the one on the right too

  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 I will be glad to give her the physical exam

    • Buy this guy a drink

      man oh man you're hilarious! Do you write your own material?

      • etcrrrrrror

        creppy old stan

        • Anonymous

          just imagine, there is at least one guy out there that is probably sick of dealing with her bullshit and understands what exactly we all are missing.

    • Solitaire

      #8, holy shitballs batman, that woman is beautiful!

    • Mason420

      She has Scoliosis

  • D.Strawberry

    I hope these never go out of style

  • joe breezy

    i want to have doggy-style sex with these women.

    • token black dude

      id put a hurtin on them bitches

      • breezy britches

        hurtin' for a squirtin'

  • Leo

    Couldn't get to first because #40

    • Jezza67

      10 minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

      • Edmund

        But the question is, would you want to get it back?
        I personally spent a good 5 minutes stuck at #40 and will go back and stare for a while longer.

  • Jimmy_Recard

    #25 Your hat is stupid.

    • wade


    • Jon

      Yeah but her tits make up for it.

      • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

        … What? Are we looking at the same picture?

    • micky

      what hat?

      • Jack Wagon

        I really won't care about the hat when I am pounding dat pussy

    • T-Dawg

      Mr Recard I have nothing against gay men but that fact that you even noticed the hat in this pic speaks volumes sir.

  • Andy Valentine

    #26 – Shouldn't that side say "stink"

    • poopman

      bitches need to learn to wipe dey assez.

    • Jed

      They're on backward

    • futurama fry

      Shouldn't 17 year olds be playing xbox or something

  • Larry

    #1 and #8
    please find them and give us moar!

    • Solitaire

      I second that on #8! she must be found!!

  • scoopit

    I want to type in all the numbers, but #56 and #62 my gawdd

    • RBL

      It's so good she can tie her hair while doing that move.

      • deadpool

        Yeah my thought as well

    • Ayeeee ;)

      #62 emmanuelle chriqui?

  • p1ll

    #21 wins the internet

    • Kiki

      Fo sho, that pouty little puss gave me a rubbery one

    • bdg

      Holy moundy gap!!!!!

    • Maverick

      Who is the incredible girl?

      Definitely one of the nicest bods I've seen in a while.

    • Scott

      She is so insanely hot. MOAR please.

    • zackgonick

      Definitely my favorite! I also thought #56 was really impressive.

    • Honey boo boo

      Just incredible…..

  • poopman

    all these yoga pants make me want to watch videos of girls queefing. check out "stace hole.

    • tyrone

      i did. your feckin weird bro

      • poopman

        hey, that ain't me in those videos.

  • fartman

    #52 I had to fart

  • geoff

    #1 #11 #34 that'll do

  • FarmBoy

    #8 I wanted to say something witty but the blood flowed from one brain to the other.

  • grumpy

    #28 looks like one of them peed a little bit on the pavement

  • K-1

    #10, #46 and #59: Yoga pants + heels = great combo!

    • David

      #46 mydylan.tumblr.com you will not be disappointed

      • K-1

        I wasn't

    • moondoggy13

      you forgot #30!

      • K-1

        Good call

    • Not sure

      Is it just me that thinks #59 looks like a dude?

      • K-1

        I never focused too hard on the face originally, to be honest, but no, I still see a lady.

  • Rob

    Its a good thing you stopped with the gifs after 3, I have shit to do tomorrow.

  • falacer

    #21 #62 good lord MOAR!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.rosser.3 Jon Rosser

    Great scott! This is the best way to start the day #38

    • joe

      Jenny McArthy – she was hot until she decided to say vaccines cause autism

  • John

    #54 is Ariana Grande from Victorious on Nickelodeon. Just saying

    • Good2Go

      And shes 19… Just saying

      • John

        No she's not

        • Good2Go

          Two different sources say her birthday is 6/26/1993. If I can math right… that's 19. Shes smoking hot and legal. Do you have a source that says otherwise? Oh and this… <img src="http://www.celebjihad.com/gifs/ariana_grande2.gif&quot; alt="Ariana Grande bikini">

          • John

            Oh I knew that. I thought you mean she was 19 in the picture gallery. I misunderstood

    • Nique

      U must be a parent like myself lol

      • John

        I'm not. But I did meet her in person

  • tyrone

    #17 Is this the 5:00 Free Crack Giveaway?

    • Jon

      lmfao love the chappelle show reference

    • http://www.reamers.org/clowns.htm Handjob Murphy

      This one embonered me ever so much.

    • http://twitter.com/LosSaysSwag @LosSaysSwag

      You win post of the day.

      • VedHead77


    • working

      You should start a butt cleavage thread.

    • lawdy

      Keep going.

  • RealZoo

    #7 #11 #26 #46 Give me all of that!!!

  • Jack

    Dear Chive Santa, all I want for Christmas is MOAR of #33 and #62.

    • Lovethechive

      I could not agree more with you, impeccable taste!

    • Ayeeee ;)

      god i love google image search…. #62 is louise thompson 🙂

  • wtf

    #36 what the hell is up with the red stain?

    • Colin

      I don't think its a stain. probably the pants stretching out, showing the skin and creating a red pigment.

    • Kato

      It's the meat.

    • boogityboo

      I think it's just ripe….all good.

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