• J. Shea

    It sucks to work late but coming home to D.M.A. is worth it. thank you!

    • mello

      Not gonna lie but that video was creepy as fuck. People be taking this chive thing a little too far

      • GeeROiD

        Yeah, it's a site not a way of life.

  • mrmostlymittens


    Yeah…that's neat…I guess…

    • 3MC

      $20 says John is photographed wearing one of these in the next calendar year.

    • Trav1121

      You spelled 'gay' wrong.

    • Jen

      WTF Lenny?

    • Bojo

      Wow, he's alot smaller than I thought. Like, newborn small.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #4 My douche scarf, is bigger than yours…

    • Loki

      With a stitching so pure

      • Guest

        My scarf could walk right through that door.

    • https://www.facebook.com/yann.mathieu Yann

      Lenny Kravitz rocks !

      • Steve

        Kravitz sucks…. Aways has.

    • flamingclothes

      Who knew Lenny Kravitz prepared for his role in hungergames with method acting?

  • p1ll

    #9 wow just WOW

    • happy day

      She likes them large…

      • Cal

        it is not as a great as you thought it would be. It's kinda gross. I mean, it was really givin it to her. To be honest, we all just felt bad for her, kinda felt bad for the horse.

        • turtles suck

          LOL +1 for the forty year old virgin reference Cal!

          • yup


    • some-dude

      Wow. Sarah Jessica Parker has a not friend!

      • some-dude

        ugh. typo fail.

        hot* friend. She has a HOT friend…

  • MattyDeuce

    #12 Want to buy it?

    You're welcome 🙂

    • Ron Burgundy

      who would?? be a man. put a goddam flask in your pocket.

      • gma

        Apparently, ol' King Clip-on Tie guy would. What a piece of shit.

      • McBeastie666

        not to mention that if you tried to fill that up the way that is shown, without a funnel, you're gonna have a bad time.

    • DavidNorthrop

      I smuggle my booze in using my stomache

  • Renob

    #9 Guess which one I'd really like to mount?

    • stupidboner

      we all know- the horse

      • Renob

        Hahaha, fucked up minds think alike

    • Swaff

      sarah jessica parker?

      • HatBomb

        So played out, we need a new one for sure.

    • Mike Hunt

      We all know why they call you Zoolander.

  • Sheldon H

    #32 what is this ancient device? It looks like a stationary iPhone with a cord.

    • Richard

      They used to have them all over cities. It's called a toliet.

      • Misfit7734

        great futurama reference

    • Claude

      That's the internet, before they put it on computers.

  • joey

    #17 if it fits it ships?

    • MattKL


  • scoopit

    If #5 and #12 really existed, this world would be a much better place.

    • Taco_Depot

      Clearly they do exist. As you can see by the photos provided.


    It takes a lot to make me smile and that vid did it, goog job!

    • happy day

      Don't you have recruits on firewatch to oversee?! Get on my quarterdeck!

    • kenk85

      Needless to say, you should probably get Natalie a tour thechive HQ.. just keep Mac away. dude creeps me out..

      • JasonJay

        YES! Get her to the Chive offices! And post the photos!

      • http://twitter.com/Mel_Fab @Mel_Fab

        HEY! I love him!

    • HatBomb

      I'm in agreement, I think the video was great. And she ought to end up in Venice cracking a beer at Chive HQ.

      • Domster

        Agreed! Make it happen and get the girl to the chive.

      • Nat

        Haha! That would be amazing! I can but hope 😉

  • Wittry

    Look at those HIPS

    • Tiber_Septim

      find her

  • NOLA!

    #34 No thanks ill just die.

    • Book Worm

      If you're just going to read a book…

      • Guest

        Yeah but if you climb the side of a rock and then act like you're bored it makes you look really jer…I mean cool.

        • FrankFuror

          It's a multi-day ascent. They're resting before they go to sleep. Notice the sleeping bags? They didn't just haul that shit up there for laughs.

          • http://twitter.com/ijlaing7 @ijlaing7

            Tommy Caldwell is pretty awesome

    • mandalore8015

      Crap there goes my bookmark.

    • Static

      just looking at that makes my hands sweat. fk no.

  • MattKL

    #17 Pedobear appreciates a discreet shipping company.

  • Beardo

    The song was nice, not good, but it was nice. Chive on!

    • http://twitter.com/ThomyGold @ThomyGold

      Plus there was nips @2:05

  • http://www.chadberry859.blogspot.com KY_Chive

    That lil video at the end was awesomeness. great way to start a wonderful day!

    • fact checker

      I gotta say, at first I thought it was going to be some asshat trying to monetize or leverage the chive name in some way for their own personal benefit. However, after watching it was just a really talented and sincere chivette being awesome and it made my morning

      • http://www.chadberry859.blogspot.com KY_Chive

        Yeah… I agree… It was actually really cool… Score another awesome point to thechive.com Chive On!!!

  • ConstableDubs

    #28 It's a bird. They recover on their own just fine after hitting windows. Don't waste animal control's time with such matters.

    • Richard

      Now now, some people like to pretend they can improve on nature.

      • Dingus

        Next time you'r child breaks a bone.. Just let him rest, humans can mend ther own bones in months.. It migth not work as befor and heals stright but go for it.. Dont wast the ERs time!

        • Boomer Sooner

          Animal control will do nothing, there will be no X-Rays, no vet will see it, and if it doesn't get up a fly soon they will just kill it. Perhaps in the forest of sunshine and happy thoughts, they would move him on down the gumdrop highway to the marmalade medical center, where he would be tended to by a team of surgeons and specialists; recover and then star in an underrated Disney movie about his exploits.

          • Mark

            LOL, I sense a big of a Homer rant in there. But also yeah, no one was trying to be mean. Birds hit windows all the time. They always get stunned and just chill for a while. Most likely, if it did actually have something wrong with it, they'd euthanize it.

            • Mark

              BIT! not big. eff.

    • Rich

      It's a Cedar Waxwing, they're very social birds.

      • TChrisB

        They also like to fly into windows. Found a dead one under my picture window about two weeks ago. 🙁

  • RealZoo

    #18…and we are in the air!!!

    • Notknowing

      Give her credit. She stuck with it. Even if she got a mouth full of sand, she did what they told her to to do.

    • maybe not

      as graceful as a gazelle …

  • Spoon

    Awesome #24

    • Grant

      Go go gadget helicopter!

      • Anomanom

        you beat me to it.

  • happy day

    Seize the day chive!

  • m. jasmine

    Loved Natalie's video. From one Chivette to another — Chive ON!

    Seattle (Husky) Chivette <3

    • http://www.chadberry859.blogspot.com KY_Chive

      Yeah.. Awesomeness. KCCO, my friend!

    • rzrbackone

      Yep. Pretty cool. Def brightened up my morning. Well done, chivette.

    • Bham Chiver

      Agreed! Great job Natalie!

    • socalmarti

      UDub <3 !!!

      • Nat

        Thank you guys!

  • colettemt

    #11 #28 33


  • kenk85

    #34 NOPE

  • FarmBoy

    #35 awesome idea, but should have hid it a little better.

  • Loki

    #15 I've never had sex with a porn star but I've watched POV on a wide screen.

  • Anjin-San

    they'll never learn

    • gclark

      Could be worse, she could be an asianfemale driver. I make my peace with god everytime I let my girlfriend drive.

      • Dayervid

        To spell.

      • DrGarnicus

        Family Guy nailed that one!

        • gradaddy

          "good ruck, everybody else!"

    • hugh.m@rshall.us


      • louistulley

        To be fair, it could just as easily be a high schooler of either gender driving that car, the only difference is that the music would be played louder and it would be one of those new music groups like the Kesha or In Sinc

        • sean

          *N SYNC… I've got to ask, was that mistake intentional or are you even more unaware of pop culture than your mom?

          • louistulley

            This was satire. I am also aware that she is Ke$ha, not "the Kesha" as I stated. I am also aware that N Sync has not been popular in about 8 years, but at one time was very big.

            What I did was pretended to be a lame old man who was angry with young society, but he was oblivious to their culture. Apparently, I was too good at it and the satire was completely missed and I became the character I was portraying.

            • Awesome

              That moment when your sarcasm is so thick that people think you're stupid…

            • Hrdwood

              For what it's worth… I laughed really hard… but then again, I really am a lame old man who is angry at society… Nevermind, I'm going back to drinking now.

    • MattyMo

      I have an idea, how about commuting as a collaborative effort, and why are you so important that you cannot be two minutes late going someplace? Trust me, the people you are meeting will not mind waiting if you are always so unreasonable and impatient. It will be a welcome break from your company. It's a journey StressBoy, stop and smell the roses just once; turn on the radio, listen to music, contemplate the universe…Better yet try mass transit or walking/riding a bike. Otherwise you may be the one all the other commuters are cursing after you flat line while driving angry someday…Oh I almost forgot: Merry Christmas, Jackass!!

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