• John


    Find Her

    • Where's Dildo

      Good call, John

    • Ryan

      Hmmmm I live in Canada…Im on it!

    • lost

      and her bewbs…

    • Yuppp

      Haha, you just want her to come hang out with you at theChive offices. Can't say I blame you.

    • HatBomb

      Amen to that.

      • Skermitt

        Anyone else notice the guy in the top right corner of #49 holding a sign that says "I love a man in uniform"?

  • rAs

    #65 Denver Airport has some creepy ass artwork lining its walls.

    • moose_nutz

      Not to mention the huge bunker the airport was built on.

      • ChaseTheWalker

        Silly conspiracy theorists.

        • _DoC_

          While conspiracies do surround the intent of the bunker, the existence of it is fact.

          • F.A.G.

            No "doomsday bunker" just underground "highways" so luggage can get from the terminal to the airplane.

            • _DoC_

              If that were true, there would be conspiracies about a dozen other airports with underground luggage highways and tram tunnels. Appears to be a bunker for the Pres+ government in case of nuclear war and the airport provides quick access as well as ample landing for multiple 747s simultaneously. They want to keep it "secret" not for the public, but so it isn't a target if a country decides to launch ICBMs.

              I work for the Military- being classified most definitely does not make a conspiracy.

              • ChaseTheWalker

                This guy ^ Believes everything he sees on the internet.

            • ChaseTheWalker

              Don't forget about the miles of underground train tracks!

          • ChaseTheWalker

            And where do you get these facts? Wikipedia?

    • _DoC_

      Thats because of the doomsday bunker underneath. Google it.

    • Davis

      And a tunnel that runs to Cheyenne

    • ChrisDG74

      There's an episode of Jesse Ventura's conspiracy theory show(the name escape me right now) devoted to it. Very interesting.

    • Red

      Check out the crazy looking blue horse sculpture outside too. That piece of shit killed the original sculptor during constuction and had to be completed by his son.

      • Skermitt

        Oh god! That freaking horse is scary as hell! First thing you see when you enter Colorado is a big freakin blue horse with red glowing eyes. I live in CO and I hate that thing.

    • 5280_Thunder

      Welcome to Denver bitches! We have crazy blue horses, underground bunkers, and some guy named Peyton Manning. Now stay the fuck out of Colorado. Please, it's for your own good.

  • Heisanidiot

    #2 Yes, please. Where does the line start?

    • nate33uc

      #18 #40 #42 #66 – that is all

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Y W C A !

  • Jb098

    Love how it end with a hump …. Can't wait till my chive shirt gets here

  • Where's Dildo

    #66 #70 Did you get any new toys for Christmas?

  • crustybubblechunks

    #23 Hats off to you sir! Here's to a speedy recovery

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    All's well that ends well!

    • Just Me

      I miss tan lines.

  • lemurfart

    #10 shes hot!

  • roadhog0

    #70 Look at those Tan Lines!!

  • tralfaz

    #17 Aslan?

    • Josh

      Hover hand

    • JLW


      • Red

        Do you blame her?

        • Tim

          Where is that??

    • El Emm-el

      no… clearly mufassa…

  • sfb101

    #10 Would make my day too!
    #70 Nice ending chive.

  • Lucas_Schmidt

    #70 Bring us MOAR dear!

  • Josh Martinez

    #65 DIA. Crazy ass murals!!!

  • Question_Mark_

    #54 Chive On AZ!!!

    • FunKiller

      So bummed I missed this meetup, but we had a blast in Mexico Chiving on!

      • ChiveOnAZ

        Go us! FunKiller, there will be plenty more meetups in the future

        • FunKiller

          No doubts on that! I plenty of pics of my KCCO in Rocky Point, hopefully they'll post at least one!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Another lost opportunity to alcohol…

    • savagecabbage

      I finally made the chive!!! and yes i'm sure i was talking absolute nonsense to her anyway

      • lets dance

        Congrats, now send me a few bag of the Taytos you pikey!

        • savagecabbage

          fuck tayto. King are… King

    • KennyC

      Is that the Centra in Temple Bar?..

      • savagecabbage

        Good eye. I'm sure i was gettin a sausage sambo or somethin

    • KennyC

      Is that a real chive Tee coz if not where you get it…i need one while im waiting for them to go back on sale on this!..

      • savagecabbage

        Yes it's a real chive tshirt. Got it and a bfm the first day they started selling the kcco hoodies

    • KennyC

      looks like I'll just have to wait so ha…haven't seen anyone else in Dublin wearing one

      • savagecabbage

        Either have I

  • Pfizzle

    The finisher…#70. Impressive.

  • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    #32 – makes want to sit up an beg for buttermilk.

    • Miggy

      Tailand dive boat?

  • Mekrob821

    #56 #65 Glad to see there are more Colorado chivers.

    • Skermitt

      Agreed. Love it here in Colorado.

  • tv_paul

    #25 Nice assortment of Sweet Tarts.

    • Jason

      it's also nice to see Fred Durst is doing well

  • bubbarob762

    i think #1 is my ex!

    • Ziiiip

      I think you done fucked up

      • bubbarob762

        i would have to agree with you

        • melanie

          I haven't dated a rob before …

  • crustybubblechunks

    #44 You can tell they're going fast because of the ripples on the first guy's face

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    #32 #34
    Nice knobs!

  • Wang

    Thanks for only wearing out the first two inches of her box.

    • ibloggedyourmom


  • pa'ver

    #70 why I would love to!

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