• dork


  • CD3


    id still hit that

    • Sparknotes

      i'd still hit all of them

    • NothingToSeeHere

      So does her son!

  • http://twitter.com/imixplastik @imixplastik

    #12 and #19 still look pure sex

    • http://twitter.com/imixplastik @imixplastik

      meant to say #18

  • Nathan

    Can't believe how many these models have been referenced in Family Guy.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    #15 Did someone open the Ark of the Covenant?

    • magnusthe1st

      That's a good one!

      • nao1120

        Oh man, Classic line. I was thinking…..augh what a transformation

    • In Diana Jones

      Bwahahahahah Well played sir.. well played

    • HUH?

      i think i read somewhere that she is addicted to plastic surgery. i think one more should just about do it.

    • danno

      I'd never even heard of this heinous bitch until the maybe 5 years ago.

      • VolleyMav

        Agreed. She was far from a supermodel. Does not hold a candle to the rest.

    • Fign

      Sir Shackleford, that is the best I have heard on the interwebs since quite some time ! Tip off my hat to you .

  • Cab

    Oh Cindy, I still love you

    • that guy

      I actually got to spend a day skiing with her in 1997. Good thing shes hot cuase she sucks at skiing.

  • DanielEvans2007

    #1 Elle MacPherson stil looks amazing. #8 Kelly LeBrock & Janice Dickinson…not so much.

    • spliggs

      Careful what you say about Kelly – Steven segal's gonna come and pummel you.

      • jjj

        Just like he pummeled Kelly?

    • Red

      Yeah, geez Kelly, back off the groceries.

    • Mike D

      Not a current pic of Kelly, its not much better but at least 50lbs lighter http://movies.yahoo.com/blogs/movie-talk/weird-sc

  • RealZoo

    #1 That swimsuit…oh the memories!!!
    #7 Still a knockout!!!

    • jmonster

      We'll never see another swimsuit model like Elle. Tall, fit, busty with an amazing smile. Her 88 cover was even better.

    • Burlinator

      Oh the mammaries!!!

  • VestibuleRules

    #5 If Jill Goodacre offers you gum, you take it.

    • Andrew

      Gum would be perfection.

      • none

        thats where i know her from. 😀

        • Bob

          If Jill Goodacre offers you mangled animal carcass, you take it.

    • Esotericchuck

      Is it sugar free?

  • bbbbb

    Dam….weird science

  • majorfathead

    #7, #17,#19 These are the women who helped me discover my "special purpose" they will always hold a specoa; place in my heart. Thank You ladies!

    • Silverstone

      You talk funny….what the **** is a "specoa; "???

      • majorfathead

        *special stupid fat fingers

    • The Jerk

      "I've got a Special Purpose!"

  • Aaron

    Worst post ever, absolutely gutted, I liked them better in the 80's it makes me sad to see them now.

    • jordan

      I bet you're an Adonis aye Aaron?

  • http://www.giornalettismo.com/archives/695475/le-modelle-prima-e-dopo-la-cura/ Le modelle degli anni '80 prima e dopo la cura - Giornalettismo

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  • http://www.politicfeed.it/le-modelle-degli-anni-80-prima-e-dopo-la-cura/ Le modelle degli anni ’80 prima e dopo la cura | PoliticFeed.it | Tutte le notizie sulla politica italiana

    […] ricordate le modelle degli anni ’80? Carol Alt, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, ecco come sono […]

  • whyme1973

    #12 #13 Some of them still got it.

  • K-1

    #1, #6 and #9: would totally still do

  • FiddyKing

    I'd do them all then a week later I'd tell all my friends "I did her back in the day"

  • George Zip

    No Christie Brinkley? Just saw her on Parks N Rec, and she's still quite hot

  • Hank Hill

    #8 So sad. I cranked out many potential children to her in Weird Science. Now, all she wants me to crank out is more burgers.

    • bUSTERA

      haha love it. my thoughts exactly

  • SOhioChiver

    Stephanie Seymour #13 looks to be holding up the best…but I'd tap all of them just to say I did it.

    • Old Dude

      Yeah, if your sheep would give you the ok

  • Noreaster104

    It's amazing how some age like a fine wine ; others like milk.

  • testudo321


    Hello boys!

    • 1911

      Hell, she's only 39.

  • Joe

    I'd still jump at the chance with most of them. Especially my girl Kathy. #17

    • Brian

      She is also a millionaire now, huge home furnisng business.

    • Matt


  • mmmm

    I owned #1 when I was a teenager. Pages stuck together.

    • whatever

      It's even on the title "Splish, splash"

      • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B


  • tralfaz

    It's like an awkward boner flashback.

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