• Jay


    Need moar!

    • Everclear

      For the love of God, more #12

      • JMAKK

        #40 should have been the number one post!!

        • OMG

          Her tattoos are so awesome and original.

          • oughtnot

            … and stupid.

        • bdg

          God was paying really close attention to his work that day!!!! #40

    • blue_bronco

      I love real Chivettes.

      • Berty

        Yea, these girls are so much hotter than the models they post on this site….. Just Kidding.

    • Hugh

      Stripper. Got the key chain.

      • blue_bronco

        New Chive site – ChiveStrip.com. Find strippers in your area

    • Random Guy

      I won't point out which ones, but YIKES! on a few of these ladies.

      • Really?

        Why not take the extra mile and avoid saying anything about them to begin with and instead point out all the ones you like. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and being entirely subjective, cannot please everyone. "Nobody likes a negative Nancy" – Raptor Jesus

    • bdg

      #19 #28 and #40 We need lots and lots more!!!! Beautifully stunning!!!!!

  • bkibbs

    #21 Where have you been all my life?

    • Maybe


      Just me or could that be Deborah? Dexter's sister?

    • Hotchivette

      Wherever it was, please go back. She's a dog, woof woof!!!!

    • nanard

      Sho looks like a porn actress… she's hot still

  • Krecky

    MOAR #12


    #12 #62 Ohhh my God…Need MOAR!!

    • Guest

      On the west coast, where are you Hook?

    • all that jux..

      i wouldn't even take anything off. i would just slip it aside….i would eat thier sweaty dripping jux

  • cum dumpster

    #52 #18 #35

    WelCUM aboard!

  • fucked

    #34 you will thumbs up this because that is hot and this comment is early

    • fucked


  • Kev

    #34 "I'd stick my dick so deep in dat ass that the first guy to be able to pull me out would be crowned King Arthur"

    • mikey

      how about this one……. "id fuck that girl so far up the ass, that when i cum, she'll think her teeth are melting"

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      So…. you want a guy to pull your dick…
      That's OK, don't worry. Every straight guy has these feelings. No really!!1!

      – Fan testimonial: "I'm strongly against physical violence against women, which is why I would be completely comfortable punching you in the face – HumpDan"

    • Onoku

      You must be a real hit with the ladies.

    • kayla

      nobody cares what u would do loser

    • Really?

      Creative, disgusting and sad…but creative.

  • loonytik

    #28 THIS is a woman. Bravo.

    • TylerDerpen

      Deffo need more of her

    • Wrench

      PLEASE tell me #28 and #37 have moar!

    • TJ0351

      Now that's curves !!!!

    • clntber_fer

      indeed, she is amazing!

    • rico

      Soooo hot

    • Cingulus

      Yes, more of her…Find her ๐Ÿ™‚

    • JoeBlo

      Too much of #28 wouldn't be nearly enough. MOAR!!!!!!!! (please)

    • Hotchivette

      Ugh too bad she's a hefer. She's look much better if she wasn't squeezing a size 18 into a size 12 dress…fatso

      • fredd

        you sir, are an idiot.

    • http://twitter.com/bl4ckbu5 @bl4ckbu5

      i agree. nicie

    • http://reamers.org/clowns.htm Handjob Murphy

      This one and #4 did emboner me greatly. Yes, please, soft and delicious. But all the lovely young women who shared themselves with us here this day are beautiful and desirable and fascinating, each in her own way.

      And a special mention for infantry woman. Hey now.

  • Schnizz56

    #12 & #40 Good Lord!!!

    • Ishbar

      #40 – What in the world!? That's like Wendy Fiore size boobs!

      • sixdeadelves

        when i saw #40 i made an involuntary guttural sound

        • Todd_A

          Yes.. Oh, so much more of #40… In the form of an entire post.. Please, please and please

        • whale huntr

          I thirteenth the motion that we need more and moar!! My junk made a gutteral sound when I seen the last picture……

      • nanard

        She looks good but the horrible tattoos break everything…

    • Keith

      Did not anticipate those!

      • Schnizz56

        Yeah, the backside was fine, but when I saw the frontside revealed, It was a whole new ball game!!

    • biggles

      Been ridden more times than Seattle sue

      • Schnizz56

        Actually it's Seattle Slew. And I think u watched 'Liar Liar' one too many times

    • Don't Touch My Mum

      #40 is actress Monika Kis. You're welcomed.

      • Circle

        not really an actress, appeared in like one movie for about 10 seconds

    • Marco

      Because SQUISHY!!! Holy mole! That's what I call funbags….

    • Hotchivette

      White trash, absolutely disgusting face, horrible tattoos, holding those nasty tits up cause they probably hit the floor

      • DirtBag

        You need to get laid hotchivette. I will lick any spot you prefer.

      • TheGnome

        haters gonna hate!!!! why dont you try sending some of your own pics in? or are you scared of what people might say about you. #40 gets an A just for the effort and your wrong shes freakin hot so thats an A+ in my book. in the future if you dont have anything nice to say keep your opinion to yourself and kcco.

      • Schnizz56

        While I agree the paw print tattoos are not all that cool, you made it sound like her tits are so big they would hit the floor like it was a bad thing.

  • Logic

    #26 I'm at a loss for words

    • dood

      lily love

      • TylerDurden

        You're wrong…this girl is so much prettier!

    • Marco

      Seriously? Waking up to that? My oh my ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 007


  • Kev

    #32 Ummmmmmmmmmm nevermind…

    • MDFB

      She looks like she's baked javascript:insertSmileyReply("xD");

    • sfb101

      Looks like she just got off the bong!

    • asdf

      out here that girl looks stoned……immaculate.

    • TheVanityScore

      id smoke a bowl with her anytime

    • bomberblue

      Hi my name is Crystal. Crystal Meth!

    • Hotchivette

      Ewwww wtf…."she" looks like a demonic 12 year old boy

  • Schnizz56

    #56 Damn girl!! I could certainly get used to more you!!

    • Garret

      Nice to see an NY chivette, especially one that pretty.

    • Lyndsey B.

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Schnizz56

        No, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      • peter

        I am going to guess that your name is Lyndsey and you are the lovely lady in the post. Please send us some moar!

        • Lyndsey B.

          Yep, that's me! Some moar will be submitted very soon.

          • Paul

            So pretty!!!!!

          • Schnizz56

            Has anyone ever told you, you kinda look like Christina Applegate?

            • Lyndsey B.

              All of the time haha

    • Holden McGroin

      Killer smile.

    • Annelise

      Oh da bootyful bear!!!!

      • Lyndsey B.

        <3 you my little cub!!

  • guest

    love #12 – all day!

  • Richy

    #4 vet very sexy.. Come back

    • Dukes

      Amen to that…….

    • KBCool

      If adorably sexy is thing, you are that

  • Nathan

    #44 I'd be more gentle if you could spell.

    • louistulley

      Yeah, the first time I read it I thought she said be "genital"

    • Anonymous.

      damn you for posting exactly what I was going to say

    • Gental Giant


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_JyOLNsMpQ CarrotsHaveFeelings2

      She may read at a 7th grade level, but…..

    • grumpy

      It IS hard to be "gental" when someone tosses you a tempting slow-pitch like that.

    • warmwoolenmittens

      She's super hot. Spelling is for the birds.

  • yeahitsme

    #36 Because Canadian Chivettes are so damn fine

  • Mother Pus Bucket

    #44 – At least she's pretty

    • Kev

      C'mon man, don't make fun of her spheling…

    • Burlinator

      If she had said "be genital," I would happily oblige her…

    • grumpy

      Careful, or she'll post a comment like "Your not nice!"

      • Jon

        I can't express how much I love this comment. The "your" mistake drives me nuts.

  • sean

    #40 my goooodnesss

    • Poop Stain

      Chive, this babe MUST have her own post! Please!

    • dude 2

      Boy that escalated quickly!

    • Pfizzle

      Holy crap…I was thinking "cute…very cute…OH SWEET MOTHER OF GOD" after each picture.

      Yes, fun bags indeed.

      And I agree, she needs her own thread. Probably two if there isn't enough room in the first.

    • http://astros.com Teddywestside

      Monica Kis

    • Moknowsbest

      MUST HAVE MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hotchivette

      Must have LESS, I've never seen such an ugly face and nose. You're that distracted by her sandbags that you don't mind her horrid tattoos and pitiful face? You're pathetic

      • UhHuh

        I bet you're not hot. Anyways, I agree on the tattoos but everything else is pretty epic.

      • warmwoolenmittens


        What the hell?

  • Dc1234

    #43 damn your sexy

    • Grammer Police


      • Your!

        Fucking idiots like you should suck start a shotgun

      • Ab712

        Grammar you fucking idiot… Not grammer

    • Skermitt

      Finally! A Chivette from Colorado! By the way, I live in Colorado… we should be friends! Also, I have that same bathtub… So… Yeah…

    • zach

      Woo about time someone from Colorado is on here. Stunning! Moar! 303 love

  • WindyCityKid13

    #40 I gotta say, those chest cannons really surprised me

    • Tyler

      Yep. Need to see more of those CHEST CANNONS!!

    • TJ0351

      All I know is she needs to fire both of them off. Soon !

      • Bootlgr

        Sweater Cows!

    • Hotchivette

      Her face is HIDEOUS and wtf is with the trashy dog paw tattoo??

      • Yeahhh

        The face is good, but those tattoos suckkkkkkk. But then, boobs…sooo, there's that.

  • MarcF

    #2 Super hot!

    • Austin

      agreed man!

  • &sup2;good

    #57 #59
    We've been waiting for you.. Thanks for sharing

    • hmm

      yeah #59 did it for me too. Love me some hips

  • Joe

    #37 #45 #53 #59 Damn..

    • Wrench

      #37 is freaking smoking!

  • ChiverOnFoot

    Too many to comment on, you ladies are all beautiful

    • Hotchivette

      Are you blind??? These bitches look like the island of misfit toys,ones uglier than the next

      • jack meihoff

        Sounds like someones gross nudey pics were rejected by the chive.

        • KYchivette

          eh shes just upset, youll get em next time champ!

  • Chiven4Humps

    #62. Dat Ass, must have Moar!!!!

    • Kev

      What area code is that???

    • Marco

      That should have been tomorrow in HQ! That is a mighty fine ass honey…

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