• john

    i can tell, he is already a better actor than his father

    • Saint Nicholas

      go oooooooooooooooooooooon

      • Irish-Man

        Yes but I just got paid $100000 for killing retards who fuck up comment boards. So join me and we can end this annoying problem. fuckyourich45.com

  • meyouher


  • Cheetos

    pretty much sums up my reaction

  • JoeBlow

    I knew it.

  • FTLT

    WTF! Nicolas Cage got laid?!

  • Chicago

    mother of god….

  • Razzle

    #12 explains exactly my reaction

  • NoodleBoy

    So Nicholas Cage is the mother, who is the father? Satan?

  • Bud

    nathan explosion wanna be

    • Anonymous

      That's exactly who I thought he looked like.

    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan


  • dooderino


    • Bill

      Yes please!!

  • Awesome

    I thought Glenn Danzig for sure

    • Burt

      He is to tall to be Danzig's kid.

    • nola

      me too

    • Falthor

      yeah i'm sitting here thinking Danzig… and the BAM… nick cage.

  • Jake

    why so much hate for nick?

    • Chris

      They have no idea, but because someone is hating on him, then they figure they have to as well. So they fit in.

      Standard lack of original thought, or the willingness to express it.

      • Syler

        Nice guess, but most people hate Nicholas Cage because he's a shitty actor.

      • davo

        indeed. most people are sheep and have the same opinions on the internet lest they get flamed. examples. star wars prequels are crap. nickelback is crap, justin bieber looks like a girl. michael bay is crap. you will find tonnes of people on the net who have these same opinions. it's sad, but it's only the internet, where people's opinions don't matter.

        • daveh873

          Yea, but Nickleback actually is crap.

      • Nolan

        Exactly, it's all just internet hive-mind. Gone in 60 Seconds, Faceoff, Lord of War, and National Treasure, The Rock, Con Air. He's got some good films under his belt.

    • Hank Hill

      Same reason there's so much love for Bill "Fuckin" Murray. No reason. Neither are spectacular.

      • Fish

        You, Sir, go FUCK yourself and bite off your tongue at the same time.

      • RightOn

        FINALLY, somebody said it

      • Yes


    • arTee

      Go watch National Treasure. If you still don't understand go watch National Treasure 2.

      • heywood jablowme

        and if that doesn't work watch Leaving Las Vegas. He won best actor oscar for that movie.

    • ChivetteKellie

      I really do love Nic.

  • Freeride

    The douche doesnt fall far from the bag…

    • GalenKloepfer

      nicely put

  • Uncle_Milty

    I totally called it! haha

  • Jon

    Holy crap Nick Cage is Nathan Explosions father. Brutal!!!

  • Canucks_Rule

    #7 #11 – knew it was weston cage. didn't he get in trouble for beating that poor girl?

  • G_Had

    #11 I've been on the Internet long enough to know that the guy in the background could be anybody with Cage's face shopped in 😉

    • Jean K. Jean

      It's for realsies, the sons name is Weston.

    • Mike-Orgasm Provider

      True, you can photoshop any picture, but with great enthusiasm I can safely report that this is in fact Nick's son. All I did was google Nicholas Cage's son and numerous images of both son and proud father came up. Not enough ass whippings during his childhood, I assume.

      • Fortune Teller

        Not as many ass whippings as are in your future. That's for sure.

    • Drummer

      It could also be John Travolta with Cage's face surgically sewn on.

      • http://twitter.com/EliasAlgorithm @EliasAlgorithm

        I bet that's what Christina Fulton was thinking when they concieved.


    #12 "I hope whatever you're reaching for is a sandwich because you're gonna have to eat it!"

  • Darrell

    What a sweet boy.

  • john m

    Never in a million guesses! WTF! Holy Crap!

    • Pghchive

      I dunno, I can totally see the resemblance

  • Hrdwood

    Looks like the better part of him ran down Nick's leg…

  • richie

    personally, if he is in to the harder and darker music side of music, its not going to be real in the sense that hes really never had to work for anything and its really hard to come up with dark music when your parent even though a horrible actor, has a big bank account. what is he going to sing about, ohhh ahhhhh walked in to my room, the maid didnt make my bed so i went up to her and told her that i lowered her wage and has to work longrrrrrrrrrr. maybe he shouldve kept it a secret but now his music has no meaning and is a complete waste of peoples time.

    • stephen

      Satan is real, and does not grant occult power/fame/riches without sacrifices of moral compromise. If the apple does not fall far from the tree, then I pity this man and do not doubt that he might have a deep well of pain to draw his music from.

      • richie

        this could be true but at the same time , you cant take him seriously as anything because of his background . he doesnt know real pain, sacrifice, hard work. he could simply give this all up cut his hair not give any fucks and would still have a nice bank account becuase of his father. for the rest of his life he is going to have to pay for the sins of his father if that makes sence. no death metal singer or band has ever walked the red hollywood carpet, fact.

        • richie


        • Poo

          Have u listened to his music?

  • WTF

    Hey! You know we get really, really excited about really bad ideas when we drink. And it's your job, to talk us out of it.

  • Force Kin

    Pinocchio jr . Looks just as wooden as his dad.

  • dom

    He is one big mother fucker

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