• Sharky

    Justin Verlander is a lucky guy.

    • WishIWasPaintBrush

      So was the paintbrush.

    • Purist66

      Talk about good work if you can get it… The SOB got paid too!!

      • Z_Bone_Capone

        Let's be real, he was probably gay.

        • CaptainInsano

          Nope, I know a guy who quit the corporate world and made just as much money taking topless pics of bombshells around the world. He loved it.

    • Wow

      And as an encore, the DIRECTV girl made the grade too. Jeter is a luck y guy too.

      • Grj

        The direct tv chick is a 7 at best. This chick is a 10

        • Agreed

          This is true. Plus she's actually wearing clothes in her shots.

        • urajeerk

          a ten?!?! omg shes a product of an airbrush and shes still the fattest model ever… i think she looks absolutly terrible… makes me happy that im me but angry that her gross body makes her money.

          • tbaynes

            she's probably in better shape than you

          • shannyfan

            I wish there were more models that size, I am sick of the ungodly skinny

            • Berty

              Just visit the plus size model sites bro, they're all yours

    • Missedmydamnchance

      HOLY SHIT, just got to thinking about where the name Upton if familiar from. When I was younger my family took us to Disneyworld where we spent the week with my dads college roommate and his family. His name is Jeff Upton, and his two daughters are Christie and Katie……..

      What this means is I spent a week in DisneyWorld with Kate Upton…… for the love of god if I had known! IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN!!!!!!!!!

      • Tom

        Pic of it didn't happen

    • ThisGuy

      So the thing about her is that she is utterly shapeless and without muscle tone. I disagree that she is fat, but definitely displaying all the warning signs of a girl who has not exercised a day in her life and will blow up as soon as her metabolism starts slowing down. Also, for all the people who say that "she has curves" – she doesn't. She has a small ass, no hips and skinny chicken legs. She does have nice nice boobs and a very pretty face, but so do a lot of models. Those models also have perfect bodies. She on the other hand seems to be one of the unfortunate girls who gain weight in their waist first, and not in their ass and hips. All in all, this won't end well.

      • Mjd

        Couldnt of said it any better

        • R-Dub

          *Couldn't have

      • He's Right

        I agree…she has more of a boyish shape than an hour glass….hips should be larger than waist…hers hips look same size as waist…more like a male swimmer body…that being said I would still eat her asshole for days

    • john

      no paint can cover those nipples

    • J.B.

      I'm pretty sure the only thing separating us from world peace is her clothing.

  • http://twitter.com/edmerbrito @edmerbrito

    Damn im first FML!!!

    • http://twitter.com/Dan_Ireland @Dan_Ireland


    • not first

      sorry bro, not first.

    • Yuup

      Is she a girl you'd pick up at a bar and happily bang? Yes. Is she the hottest woman in the world as she is being portayed in the media? Not by a long shot. Shes developing the dreaded fupa/gunt. Her boobs are a couple years out from completely hitting the deck and she really doesn't have any muscle tone. That being said, i'd still let her suck me dry. How far? All the way off..

      • Smokehouse

        You put that body in here with no head in the pic and these guys are sayin "Not bad for a 30 year old MILF". My wife is 35 and her body looks that good and has muscle definition, she's had 3 kids.

        • Heisanidiot

          Smokehouse, I am with you word for word, except we only have 1 child. My wife went from C to DD during that time.
          Kate is very pretty, but her body is only remarkable in that it is all natural. She needs to work out a little, or at least stretch her "Cat Daddy" routine to 10 minute sessions.

  • L_FTD

    Well there goes my productivity for the day :/

  • Thick

    Cushion for the pushin!

    • Blah

      in what world is Kate Upton under "cushion for the pushin"?! Seriously?

      • fact

        she's definitely gotten chunky

        • True Story

          The guys who like their chicks bone ass thin have tiny dicks.

          • CaptainInsano

            talking about other guys' dicks I see…

            • By George

              Talking to someone who is talking about other guys dick I see….

        • stogs

          she's definitely the right body weight for her structure and obviously is comfortable with it.
          Go find someone with an eating disorder.

          • WPS

            Dude she is a little over weight for a model… I'm not complaining AT ALL.

      • urajeerk

        this one! shes probably gained 35 pounds. and these are sooooo airbrushed. oink oink

    • Notknowing

      She is perfect. She's got all the right squishy in all the right places.

    • HAHA

      Id like to see a picture of you and your girlfriend. Ha

  • Prego

    Does she have a baby bump?

    • Overrated!

      You get thumbs downs as if there's not a visible potbelly. That girl's fat!

      • hmm

        i was about to say….. she looks abouut 4-5 months along here fellas….

        • brian

          yup… she's lost it. needs to lose 15-20 lbs

          • open minded

            She's always been a little thick…that's the appeal.

            • john

              thick is not an appeal…thick is a condition to be eradicated

              • open minded

                That's what makes the world go round…I think she hot and you think she need liposuction. Welcome to having an opinion…

                • true story

                  and welcome to douchetards who rip on a gorgeous woman that they'd never have a shot in hell with

                  • open minded

                    Hey, dipshit, read my comment…I complimented her. And, you have no fuckin clue whether I could hook up with her…I'm a 38 year old physician who models for GQ on the side. But I'm married…and I don't cheat…and I have a small pecker…and a fat gut…and skinny legs. But I still have a chance!

      • its_forge

        Where have *you* been? Upton's *always* had a squooshy, ill-defined waistline, little to no hips and a fairly boring little booty. Yes she's still stuporifically hot and has Killer Tits From Hell, but the area between her knees and elbows, meh, dullsville.

        • Real Curves

          I agree…her face is beautiful and she has an amazing rack! …but she really does not have any curves aside from that…and I like curvy women…you kids realize the hour glass is what a curvy women should have right? Not a v shape like Micheal Phelps right?

    • JSJ

      I was thinking the same thing, looks a little thicker around the belt. Still would tho

    • Berty

      I thought the same thing man, thumbs down for having an opinion I guess.

  • voltrade

    finally something i can't fap to

    • Sir Rhosis of liver

      And why not?

      • voltrade

        'coz it doesn't involve a cock or hairy man ass.

    • 1quick6

      Yup you're gay

    • Overrated!

      He means that she's a butter face. She's not that cute but she has a nice rack. She's voluptuous but in no way toned. It doesn't look like she works out. She's skinny fat. And the fact that she's exploded more than her industry peers, most of whom are so much hotter, makes her that much more mediocre.

      • Guest

        I was hoping I wasn't mad and others were thinking the same. Doesn't look like she's done a minute of exercise in her life

        • Overrated!

          I like that my comment has the thumbs downs, but you get thumbs ups for basically agreeing with me.

          • IMO

            Her boobs are way smaller than I thought they were. I never thought she was hot either just thought she had nice tits..not that its shown she doesnt have the goods…im not really sure what the big deal is about her. THere are shitloads of hotter chicks

      • Truth Hurts

        I think she is pretty, but top 10 or top 20? Get real. If walk into any sorority house at U of A there are hotter chicks. Give me Genevieve Morton, Rosie Huntley-Whitely Olivia Munn or Olivia Wilde any day.

      • voltrade

        no i mean she is obese. chive posts so many actually attractive women and fit women and that tank makes SI twice. for shame america. for shame

        • stogs

          She isnt obese and if you knew anything about nutrition you'd know that the way obesity is measured was created by a mathematician who knew nothing about biology.
          She's bringing back the body type of Marilyn Monroe. If you claim to be gay and like men, leave the decisions about how women are attractive to the ones who still loves boobs.

          • urajeerk

            lmao. marilyn by todays standards was only a size 4 @ most… kate upton is prob more like a 10/12 any dr would tell her shes overweight… probably not obese but she prob only about 15 pounds from there… this is the most average girl who got a great break but i see better looking girls every day. si isnt for pigs like this… its a disgrace to us girls who actually work hard to be healthy and look great. she looks like she lives on hot dogs and doritos

            • voltrade

              respect. it is a disgrace. wow she has big boobs, but the body of a watermelon.

      • Unvarnished Truth

        Couldn't agree more. She is perfect for the legions of chubby chasers out there. This girl won't age well fellas. Get used to it.

      • dark

        "butter face" is all in the eye of the beholder. that said, what makes her so appealing is that she isn't 'top model' hot. see also Heidi Klum, they look like normal people.

      • equal op fapper

        Really? I mean do you grade the beef you get at Mc Donald's too? You seriously couldn't unleash a white waterfall to this? Whats with all the snobby non-fapping?

    • Amanda

      These comments of her being fat is why women have self esteem issues and society makes women that strave themselves to death sexy! A woman that is healthy is sexy and I bet all these men saying she is fat are all over weight, small dick that never get laid!

      • john

        Not in my case Amanda. Feel again.

      • Jen

        she will be FAT by the time she's 30 if she doesnt start working out. but for now she is just blessed with good genes – a pretty face and great tits. i think her stomach is too big for a model. i strive to have a stomach smaller than hers. but maybe thats bc i have small titties that dont cancel out a FUPA.

      • http://www.superseedband.com AndySaximus

        I love her body and her face is gorgeous. Even though these guys are being extreme about their tastes, this girl is sexy (See Carls Jr commercial lol)

      • Truth Hurts

        Yeah, try again kid. I've dated more beautiful women. Your self-esteem argument is immaterial to the fact (1) she is overrated [a la Kim Kardashian] and (2) she doesn't have a super model's face. Nor does Chrissy Tiegan, but so what? They're still beautiful. But she has a belly as far as super models go- and while I like juicy butts, hers is just so so. As someone noted above, she doesn't have the genes to age like, say, Kathy Ireland.

        Just this: not everybody 'falls in love' the celebrities society puts on a pedestal. Not being a lemming Chiver makes one a man. It doesn't validate unfounded speculation that the only guys that are discerning do so out of being insecure.

        • Truth Hurts

          Google 'Jolie Jenkins Toyota Commercial'. I think she's prettier than Kate Upton. But reasonable minds can disagree. But I dated her and don't care if a bunch of anonymous people that I will never know or ever meet believe me or not.

        • Tom?


  • colin

    She is just wonderful

    • john

      if you are a chubby chaser

  • Steve Grenier

    I shouldn't have started my day with this post. Nothing else will compare now.

    • blake

      seriously…john should know he cant hit us with something like this so early

    • fact

      Raise your standards boys. shes about a 6/10

      • urajeerk

        i agree. 6 @ best and think of how air brushed she is amd shes still fat.

      • Child Please

        Looks like you had a typo.

        You mean she's a 610 out of 610.

  • stu

    good heavens those are some nice milkers.

    • Smokehouse

      She will be able to tuck them in here waist band by age 25. Shes only 20 or so an them are saggin.

    • Gun_guy

      Yes sir! But no hips… 🙁

  • Shkolly

    Thank you SI

  • Brad

    OH MY GAWD – she is soooo yummy!

  • dirtyboy019

    serious…first thing I thought….SI breaking barriers as first pregnant swimsuit issue cover model

    • Overrated!


    • Varsity

      Way hotter than the 80lb sticks we see on a regular basis!

      • bill

        not even close. hotter chicks are no campus EVERY day

        • Varsity

          Just sayin I would rather see a full figure vs. someone who could hide behind a 3 iron!

    • handers

      seriously, why all the downvotes?

      overrated…way hotter chicks i would like to see in body paint!

      • Overrated!

        Thank you, handers. We are not alone on this.

    • TheVanityScore

      serisouly there are TONS of chubby chasers here on the chive. and now everyone is complaining shes fat? wtf? im not into the chubby ones but this chick is perfect! if only we were all so lucky to get with her

    • Kodabear

      SI had pregnant women on the cover of the swimsuit edition back in 1994 when Kathy Ireland, Rachel Hunter and Elle Macpherson were on Cover. Ireland and Hunter were both Pregnant.

  • RI Chiver

    Glad to see a woman with real curves!

    • singu1arity

      You mean curve, this woman has no hips.

      • Alex

        True, and she could have a bit more ass too

        • PeterPaulRubens

          I think she probably does have both as it looks like they 'shopped some off.

    • Drew

      Well said!

    • Wow

      Good lord, she is all woman.

    • urajeerk

      the only curves i see are her tits and big belly that had the cellulite photoshopped away…

      • RI Chiver

        Says the troll in his mom's basement!!!

        • urajeerk

  • http://twitter.com/AdamB8 @AdamB8


  • blue_bronco


  • guest


    • Dan

      "…Louis this is not my Batman glass!"

  • Boomit

    Looks like the photoshopped some of that gut off.. Stuffs going down hill

    • Hurricane Harri

      and the pubic region to hide the cleft. Chickensh*ts!

    • Bud

      Ya, I mean she is still smoking, but is there any doubt that she is going to go down the Jessica Simpson route in 10 years?

      • 1911Neil

        you mean 2-3 years?

      • craptacular9

        I'm think Anna Nicole Smith

    • tdogg

      Need someone with photoshop skills to replace the paint with skin tone!

      • Mac

        The in-house retoucher at SI need to get his monitor calibrated..

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    incredible. now, how to top that…


    • man

      maybe by a truly fit attractive woman????

  • Routy

    How about body paint Sundays to keep the weekend interesting. We need a day of body paint. Maybe include it into burnsday?

  • FLChiver

    OK. I surrender. That is amazing.

  • TheBAMFinater

    Looks good enough to eat. #8 may have a little photoshop to it.

    • suspicious

      Yeah the paint could not hide her lips down there so well, I say its photoshopped indeed.

    • manilovefilmsdylan

      That or she's a Barbie doll.

    • Kjfb

      I believe they put a very thinpasty over the lower area

      • TheBAMFinater

        I like this explanation. Too bad I went into accounting instead of thin pasty applier.

      • Sven

        Duct Tape???????

    • hellojello

      A LITTLE photoshopping is something that would never occur on a major magazine like this. Try a LOT of photshopping.

  • Andy

    There is so much shopping done to these pics it is hard to know where the body paint ends and the digital paint begins. …I still stared at them for a good ten minutes, though.

    • The Dallas Chivette


  • sfb101

    Is it me or does it look like she is getting a beer gut?

    • john

      shes a fucking pig

    • Rick

      She has a horrible waist and tummy, just these pics are so heavily shopped you cannot tell.

      • greg

        fail. Her gut is shopped so bad she looks preggers. I don't get this at all. Where's that boucy chick who runs those races? put her on the cover. Fit full and favoluos!

  • NoodlumNad

    Justin verlander you lucky tiger

    • ChainBomber

      Yes he is!

  • The Professor

    Weird body and they photoshopped her tits to make them look bigger than they actually are.

    • ronfin

      I care that her tits were photoshopped to look bigger said no one ever.

    • Paul

      uhmm those are REAL sir, they're 34 D, I thought so myself that they looked bigger than last year, but I was right. Here boobs grew to a great size.

      • john

        they grew as she grew fat

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