• Bawse



    • http://twitter.com/scaggnettii @scaggnettii

      What in the actual fuck is happening in the bottom pic

      • RedHotChivette

        Haha so much flail, and not very attractive flail either.

    • deadpool

      Nice? Can't agree but one can always argue about taste 😉

    • Meh

      Really? We're still putting this butter face in every post? Nothing Chive, always everywhere. No mas, por favor.

      • Kristen

        Exactly. What a whore.

        • Attention Everyone!

          Thank you!!! So glad I'm not the only one thinking it =

    • Djhahn13

      Nice to see a bunch of Faceless morons attacking a sweet gal. Where are your pictures so we can see how attractive you guys aren't? Why don't you folks develop some class. You aren't Chivers/Chivettes you just some trolls look for something to jerk too. Go on Porntube or something.

      • http://www.facebook.com/paulus.jordan Paulus Jordan

        Agreed. I've come to love the Chive mindset, and you guys aren't really showing it. Relax. KCCO

  • AssClown

    #3 You see there? There's where I left my fuck for Valentine's Day.

  • Not Me

    #63 they wear lots of clothes in the Tokyo Hooters

    • crazydog

      And while they're nice looking and I don't want to sound mean, they really don't have "hooters"

      • AirwolfWilly

        And you'd think the birthplace of the "used underwear vending machine" could get something as simple as this right.

  • JoeJob

    #26 That's my girl!

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      Great to see Massachusetts represented Joe.

    • Matt

      #26 MOAR!!!!
      from a fellow Bay State chiver.

      • +26

        Thank you, Matt. Please slide your penis into my hot steamy rectum.

        • Matt

          Seems legit

    • Kevrhutch

      Where in MA? Worcester here

  • rooster

    Chiver heaven there

    • rooster

      Ooops #68

      • Epitomizer

        Divided by two. Not sure if typo, or retarded?

        • rooster

          That's how I roll

          • Epitomizer

            At least you only went half retard, I usually go full on. Chive on my friend.

  • AnItalianChiver

    #12 #13 cool stuff! Nicely done 😉

  • mikeymike75

    #20 Dude, cheer up!! You've got 2 chivette hotties touching you!

  • baddbuzz

    Been there #19 You have many weeks of pain to endure . . KCCO !

    • Yikes

      By the looks of that hat, I can assume that wasn't the first bad mistake he has done.

  • jess

    #48 George Fuckin Washington!!

    • Kato

      does this mean a GFW shirt is on the way?

  • Epitomizer

    #23 The question on everyone's mind:
    Can you kick yourself in the forehead?

  • Wacko30

    I didnt choose the chive life, it chose me!

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    And just like that, a Chivette comes up with a brilliant T-shirt idea.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    How long was it before your sexy Chivette-ness melted all that ice?

    • Epitomizer

      Nice. You should change your name to Baby's Bottom, cause you're just that smooth.

    • MNExpat

      As a former Minnesotan, I have to correct something. There is no such place as "Millacs Lake." It's Lake Mille Lacs. Which, technically, makes no sense, as it translates to One thousand lakes Lake.

  • eloy

    #50. Our boys keeping it mean and green at First Responders Appreciation at Cowboys Stadium. RIP
    BPA Dominguez, BPA Terry, BPA Rosas. BPA McGuire.
    And all others that have died in the line of duty.

  • ChiverLance

    #20 – For the love of Gawd find the girl on the left!!!! MOAR!!!! And Bro, try smiling.. You have two hot chivettes with you…

    • http://www.facebook.com/paulus.jordan Paulus Jordan

      Hey just concentrating really hard on hiding his erection 😛

  • hajyeah

    #1 awesome job fernie fire fighters @ the roof campout

  • Attention Everyone!

    #68 Jesus, Chive, I hope she gets paid well. Can we get one fuckin post without this chick, or is she the only person to send in pics? Novelty wore off a looooong time ago..

    • http://twitter.com/scaggnettii @scaggnettii

      Couldn't agree more

    • Craigery

      What "novelty"?

      • Attention Everyone!

        Really? This girl posts damn near every day. I don't know about you, but if I wanted to see her as much as they post her, I'd just go on Twitter. She was nice to look at in the beginning when she was just like all the other Chivettes, but when she's 1 out to 60-some photos in every post that gives her an excuse to bare herself, the novelty wears off. She's just begging for attention, and that is not attractive. At least not in my books..

        • ipfreely

          She can't be that bad if your stalking her Twitter account. I think she is beautiful.

          • Attention Everyone!

            Never once looked at her Twitter, but she advertises enough for all of us to know she has one. I also didn't say she wasn't an attractive girl, but parading around the way she does, and taking away from other Chivers who deserve at least a one-time post. If you think she's so hot, you can stalk her Twitter!

            • ipfreely

              You were that kid that was always picked last in grade school weren't you? Your complaining about someone who does nothing more than everyone else. She submits photos and hopes to get picked. The Chive is the one who promotes her.

              • Attention Everyone!

                Sure wasn't! There is a big difference between submitting a post and hoping to be picked, and flooding the Chive with hoards of pics of yourself until they post you every day! In my opinion, the most beautiful Chivettes are the ones who post and don't beg for attention. Confidence is sexy, but being conceited like she is, makes her look desperate and it's a major turn off. Nobody said you couldn't look at her, nobody said you're not entitled to an opinion, but she's made it clear where you can see her daily selfies, and that's where they should stay. Out of all the beautiful girls who send in and don't get posted, she gets a post almost daily, and that doesn't seem like much of a Chive like thing to do! I'd like to seem some variety on here!!

                • ipfreely

                  I'll defend all the Chivettes on here. Personally I would prefer to see more Chivettes and less models. However calling someone a whore is very un-Chive like if you ask me.

                  • Attention Everyone!

                    Should probably take a scroll up, cause I never once called her a whore.

                    • ipfreely

                      Not the exact wording, but when you make reference like getting paid, parading around, etc the inference is there.

                    • Attention Everyone!

                      I'm so sorry. Did I offend you directly? I have an opinion, mainly directed towards the Chive and their questionable approach to who they decide to post. Give other beautiful ladies a chance and let her followers do just that. When you throw it in people's faces 24/7, there is bound to be negative feedback. She likes attention, we all get it. A loooong time ago. Let some other girls take the stage for a while.

                    • Bob

                      When you purposely take a picture of yourself without a bra on, only a towel, your ass, etc, then aren't you looking for attention? Don't get me wrong, I love viewing the pics of the very nice Chivettes, but singling out one girl isn't fair. There are plenty of girls that have their pics on her multiple times in a week. Hell, SJU's pics are on here at least once or twice a week. Quit hating and go back to eating your cheetos in your mom's basement.

                    • Djhahn13

                      Opinions are like assholes. Why don't you go spit your shit somewhere else dude? If you don't like that she is on the site often that's too freaking bad. Why don't you send some pics of yourself in so we can see how attractive you are not? Till then, shut up and enjoy or go to porntube. You don't have to come to this site, and assholes like you are while girls stop sending pics in altogether.

                    • ipfreely


    • CanuckChiver

      Holy crap, exactly!!
      Chive Everywhere.. Or Chive on from her Twitter? I can't imagine how many other proud Chivers would just love to have a picture posted, but they don't make it, and she always does. This includes me! I've sent in some kick ass pics from my travels across country, never missing a photo op with my KCCO on..
      Starting to wonder if I should Chive elsewhere?

      • Djhahn13

        She is not the only Chivette that always makes it. So put your Jealousy aside and get over it.

        • Attention Everyone!

          Jealousy? I'm a fucking man.. What is there to be jealous of?

          • Djhahn13

            All the more reason for you to shut your mouth. Stop complaining. You only come her to fap on chicks. It's people like you that are the problem with great sites like this. If you don't like someone, fine, but keep it to yourself. Women have enough issues without douches like you bringing them down.

    • Deadpool

      I agree

    • 5eagles

      You're an idiot…if you don't like it, just keep scrolling…I on the other hand like what I see.

      • Attention Everyone!

        Super happy for you, dude!

    • B_Willetts

      Bunch of fucking losers keep bashing woman who take the time to submit pictures.

  • Craigery

    I was promised 69 photos, but I don't even see any nudity, let along 69ing. =/

  • ShaggleROC

    Chive hasn't posted the picture of our Chive Curling team I sent them the past 2 Chive Everywhere's. Chive, y u hate curling?

    • Just FYI

      Showing boobs? No? Then they prob don't care.

  • Brent


    • yumyum

      14 deployments to afganistan!

      This is a BIG mess

  • Big_James

    Can we get a unofficial or official Chive Meetup at DisneyLand? Every time we go we see tons of KCCO shirts and we always have one on ourselves. I think it's time we invaded it in mass. Maybe a Sunday so we can get the most people with annual passes?

  • dreez

    #25 This is awesome for so many reasons
    #26 I think I see some snatch

  • Ip3GS owner

    Is there some battery conspiracy goin on at apple? Just want to put some tunes on iPhone from iTunes on PC….wtf Harvard law degree needed not one post on net showing how. To do it. I'm pissed off proper, sort or die,

    • sync

      sorted it god its easy reaally really simple, now im off to starbucks to sit with the hipsta's…i'm goner walk in and be all like …HEY GUY'S (VIC JUSTICE) style

      • sspice

        thats if mi battery lasts….uwwwwwwwwwwwww ya basterd ya

  • Bret

    #64 Edmonton Oilers Rock

    • CabadianChivette

      Hell yeah they do!! Holy crap

      • CanadianChivette

        Also, the fuck iPhone?

    • DarthLOL

      Is that cocaine!?!?

    • Lower

      Chive on from a fellow Oilers fan.

  • varu1976

    #15 close enough to meeting the MAN

    • Jen

      I'm the girl in that photo with the BFM shirt on- my goal in life is to meet THE MAN!!!

      • varu1976

        well done !!!

      • http://twitter.com/TheGreenMalice @TheGreenMalice

        I was actually there when this pic was taken, but was standing in that back. If I had been able to see the BFM over the crowd, I was would have wished you a KCCO.

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