• FunKiller

    Oh my, #1 has so much win today!

    • ron burgundy

      shes been on here a few times and it never gets old. tell us which city so we can come tip thee handsomely

      • FunKiller

        I DO have quite a handsome tip for her.

      • Dirtdog

        She works at the Cumberland Hooters in Atlanta. Meh…

        • FunKiller

          Are you saying she doesn't look that great in person?

          • Dirtdog

            I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers or anything…

        • Atlanta Chivers

          You obviously don't care one bit how this will hurt her feelings when she reads this. Good job.. Not very Chive-like of you.

          • Bane

            ??? Post pics of yourself on the internet but no one can say anything bad about them? Sorry, but that's part of the internet. If she was that concerned she would have left it on her phone.
            Sorry to troll but this was the whiniest thing I've seen on here in a while. Mom! Mooooooom!

    • James C

      Agree, MOAR

    • Tdog

      You got a purdy mouth

    • Ryan

      And she's a mom. Mind=blown

  • GRyde

    Oh you Glorious Bastards! Productivity Level 0 here!

  • VB local

    good lord! keep it up ladies

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #13 never gets old

    • Just sayin'

      Looks like 'K' to me….:)

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        I believe you may be correct sir, it is exquisite regardless of its name

      • klg

        Who is K? I mean I know its 13# but how do we get to see moar of her

    • Craz

      Did you notice her hands are between her legs… meaning someone else took the picture.. I need more co-workers like this!

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        it's like hot tub time machine man just wait and one day you'll get your "GREAT WHITE BUFFALO"

        • klg

          Your so wise Julio

  • sfb101

    #1 How could you ever be bored at work!
    #35 Can I help cure your boredom?

    • Jack Wagon

      They are probably bored at work cuz they have to work with a bunch of jack wagons like you… i mean… um… ya.

  • @angryprof13

    If #3 #12 or #35 get real bored they can always apply for a position in my office!

  • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    jackpot. #26

    • http://www.facebook.com/deetch.deschenes Denis Deetch

      dream girl rite there

  • JoeyW311

    #27 when I see people wearing masks in public, it makes me more scared of them, then they are of catching what I have. Which is nothing.

    • Caption this

      This is usually the only way I notice a girl's eyes. And her's are great!

      • Yes

        I'd let her stick her fingers in my ass for sure!

        • Shugo

          … that escalated quickly.

      • Nwtchivette

        Thanks 🙂

    • Anon

      People who wear them (cultures like Japan for example) do not wear them to avoid your bugs typically. They wear them to not get YOU sick and to avoid the spreading of the viruses.

      • Bane

        That's just totally 100% incorrect. You see Asians wearing those masks because many of them have Primary Immunodeficiency. I had a classmate who would show Autoinflammatory Disorder all the time, where if the room was a bit cold she would break out and the her fingers and other extremities would turn all red. PI is prevalent in Asians.

        What a moron. Pretending like he's "versed" in other cultures. You don't know squat, bro.

        • Nwtchivette

          Gezz…. I was just visiting my grandma after her 3rd surgery this year. She's just very weak and can't be exposed to even the slightest cold.

  • pedro

    9 mins till the shirt are available i can't breath

    • Jack Wagon

      You have a window of approximately 3.6777777 seconds because these dildos won't stock more than like 7 or 8 shirts

  • savagecabbage

    #6 Dayum girl, you all kinds o cute

  • FLChiver

    #8. Not cold any more.

    • Bane

      great knockers

    • ctrain

      That is an amazing pair of "gotta have it's" you've got there.

  • guest

    #1 – LOVE!

  • Del

    #26 I do believe it would be very EASY to Keep Calm there

  • orl

    #13 That is nice. Is this the same girl that usually posts in here with the Star Tattoo on her back. Hard to see from that angle.

    • epic ass is epic

      Yes, she has an epic ass

  • 2 Chainz Ram Style
    • savagecabbage

      fuck your harlem shake shite

  • savagecabbage

    #1 Nice set of hooters ya got there

    • http://twitter.com/SouthforkSooner @SouthforkSooner

      the owls, they're beautiful!

  • Mech

    I think I need to marry #9. Nothing like a woman in uniform

    • rob

      Tax dollers spent so that you can take pics of yourself
      Unfliping believable . I work in uniform and for me to post hey look at me guys I am so cool . Never discrace our profession.

      • http://twitter.com/michaelryan018 @michaelryan018

        relax man, that's no way to chive on

      • http://twitter.com/Mrbush03 @Mrbush03

        Easy there rob. She may work for a private company. I just want to know where I need to apply to work with her.

        • MNBVC

          theres an entire brigade section to the chive, and you choose the hot cop to be mad at……… take it easy man

      • Chris

        That's a medic I work with in Santa Clara county. Private ambulance company. So easy on the judgement call buddy.

  • Outtamyleague

    #33 – Yes please!

  • ILchiver

    I think we would all love to see the beautiful face that goes with the stunning body of #8

  • RealZoo

    #8 Yes, I will have two scoops!!!

  • pa'ver

    #13 missed you, K!

  • bank

    Moar of this please #34

  • Notknowing

    #13 continues to be bored at work. I've lost track as to how many pix she's sent in. Keep it up, luv! I enjoy every one of them.

  • r00s7a

    #17 #38 you both get my vote of being first place. There are no ties, so you have to wrestle for first place.

  • Teddy Roxspin

    #1 Ohh my GOD!! Fucking beautiful, jeebus!

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