• Will


    Sweet baby Jeebus YES

    • Bens

      Many many Moar of these please

    • Walla

      I found another one hidden here: https://thechive.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/bounc

      You are welcome

      • Raffy

        thank you good sir!

        • puhleeeezze

          they took that shit down… have a copy to link!?!?

    • AllanA


    • Uncle Leroy

      I'm not that impressed….

    • SwampDonkey

      Damn I'm kind of speechless! I think the fappasorous is chasing me!

    • d.c.

      That may be the most fantastic gif in the history of gif's and quite the reason to bring back THINGS THAT BOUNCE THURSDAY!!!!

    • Vomit

      Bring back Things That Bounce!

    • AyeAye

      That hip thrust at the end is killer. Smokin' sexy, chivette.

      • Gabriel

        Please, we need a HD of that Gif!!!

  • No_Filter_HOOK

    #5 that's a 'Rock Hard' ass…Honnald would be proud.And in the Kitchen!!! Damn.

    • _LG

      She has got to be the best COTW in a long, long time. She is breathtaking from head to toe, and the innocence of #5 is enchanting.

    • rudebuttrue

      Anna I want you to meet my banana

    • Cotton

      I'd probably give my second and third nutt to have her cooking me breakfast

  • Danny M.

    #3, #4

    Didn't see that coming. You lucky bastards

    • myles

      rock climber she,s four foot of the ground

      • anyabluenote

        I think Danny meant how hot her face is

  • GeauxNation

    Holy Shit #19

    • Baxpin

      In other news, plane ticket purchases to Colorado jumped 300% today.

  • Matt

    I love you.

  • fred

    #10 lucky guy!

    • Jokey

      totally okay with her being a spitter!

  • Texas

    I could pick so many… Lets start with #19. Yes, I like 19.

  • gyu


  • bigyawns


    • DEL

      .. [youtube BL2PicT9Kng http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BL2PicT9Kng youtube]

    • blue_bronco

      John looks like a real dick. Gut feeling

      • DickinaBox

        Im sure you have a vast array of knowledge of Dicks, mostly in and around your mouth…

    • john

      they were delicious

      • Cotton

        Delicious hey…so you got a taste???

  • Baxter


    I remember seeing her in the DAR, you just knew she was going to punch her ticket to the Chive Offices. Well done.

  • moar


  • linkx

    #19 that's what dreams are made of

    • abakala

      So baby dry your eyes.
      Save all the tears you cried.
      Oh, that's what dreams are made of.

      • tralfaz

        OK, now I gotta break out 5150 again.

    • fact checker

      a soggy dream come true

  • Julio_Fungoolio

    #6 this is the epitome of happiness bacon and one hot babe cooking it

    • PDiddily420

      And a brunette…Ron Swanson approved!

    • halfsmoke00

      The stove isnt even on and the bacon is still sizzling.

  • tv_paul

    #17 Those look like Grand Tetons to me!

    • Oilfieldtrash76

      Sure, if the Tetons were mole-hills.

    • Geography Wiz

      Or if the Tetons were in Colorado

    • Seuss


    • c'mom man

      know your geography

  • Dan

    Looks like I'm driving to Boulder today; it's only an hour and a half North…

    • Mike

      More like 2 and a half today.

      • http://www.facebook.com/wes.perry1 Wesley Perry

        Can we all carpool!?

        • Skermitt

          I'm in!

    • Apol

      It only took me 5 seconds to go North

  • sfb101

    #6 I'll make the waffles for you.
    #10 Severs you right John!

    • 650

      something about severing a johnson?

  • http://www.thechive.com xBigBossx

    #10 lol party foul, but who cares, she's gorgeous

    • dedubs

      She can spit on my face anytime.

      • dedubs

        Or sit on.

    • Captain Obvious

      You guys do know that was a bit, right?

  • hippyj

    #10 Hilarious
    #19 AMAZING Thanks for sharing <3

  • Bruins Chiver

    #19 allllll day

  • Notjealous

    #13 No, i totally do not envy your job at all!

    (yes i do)

    • Jealous

      I work in the wrong office!!!

  • Epitomizer

    #8 #13 #19 Out-Fucking-Standing!


    #3 Goodness.. Mother of Chive.. I need her in my life.

  • tommy boy

    #15, release arms……now.

  • CorbinKeith

    Ive never had my jaw drop and mouth stay open for an entire post before. I am absolutely, positively in love. #17 like seriously how fun does she look?!!! God Bless you Chive for giving us MOAR because I could never get enough.

  • MissChris

    #5 Really cute butt! I would love to wake up to the lovely Anna Banana making me breakfast 🙂

    • Will

      Aren't you a chick? Even if so, I don't blame you.

    • Notknowing

      What guy wouldn't?

      • Irks

        Lmao that was hilarious well done

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