theCHIVE is hiring an assistant content curator

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  • Julio_Fungoolio

    I would literally give you my left nut to work their.

    • Just sayin

      To bad you don't have one!!

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        Ouch just sayin' your words are like a dagger in my heart. Allow me to retort with FUCK YOU, I know it isn't eloquent but your existence offends me.

    • jasonB

      You need to start with there/their/they're. Just busting the right one 😉

    • PDiddily420

      You already failed the interview by misspelling "there".

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        Indeed I did grammar officer, I shall carry on knowing the internet is a safer place with you on duty.

    • Guest

      Try using the correct form of there.

      • Julio_Fungoolio

        yes guest we've established my incorrect use of the word as you can read from the witty banter above, now go away grown men are talking.

    • Guest


      • Julio_Fungoolio

        Yes I too make mistakes "guest" I'm sure your mother and father told you about theirs, here's a hint it was you.

        • jasonB

          Julio. No potential employer likes to see that amount of internet anger so quickly. Anger leads to the Dark Side. Your chances are slipping.

          • Julio_Fungoolio

            Alas, you're correct but it wasn't anger as you can see from my witty banter comment, but my path to the Dark Side has long been complete.

    • Skyler

      Forget the grammar. How about dealing with people ragging on you? In this position infinite amounts of chivers will most likely talk smack about your viral choices from time to time.

  • GFj

    Why the Hoff?

    • http://twitter.com/ItIsDanTheMan @ItIsDanTheMan

      why the hell not?

    • Lev

      Welp, count GFj out of the running for the job.

  • UB6ILB9

    I'll do it. I'll need 100k a year and six weeks payed vacation. Thanks you for considering me for the position.

    • LeftFlasherOn

      You used the wrong word and think you're qualified for a six figure job? Go back to school. Focus on spelling and grammar.

    • PDiddily420

      If I worked at The Chive and had 6 weeks of paid vacation, I would gladly spend all of them at the office.

  • Epitomizer

    I can curate the shit out of some content.

  • Leigh

    Oh my goodness!….All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go – I'm standin' here outside your door!

  • Brian

    Moving to Austin? WTF?

  • MeNotYou

    TheChive is moving to Austin?

    • LeftFlasherOn


      • MeNotYou


        • Wha?

          Are u chitin me?

    • Brian


  • The Professor

    I never realized how much the 'Hof looks like Will Ferrell

  • Mike

    Are you going to change your name to the Chiau?

  • explorataur

    best part about this post is that they're moving to Austin. Fuck you Cali taxes!

  • zoom

    I wish opportunities like this came up 25 years ago.

  • Jeff

    Wait… so if you don't live in Venice and are willing to move to Austin this summer, or already live in Austin and want to spend a few months in Venice, then you shouldn't even bother applying? That blows.

  • ScottyDubs

    theCHIVE is going to need to hire another assistant just to sift through the 7-billion applications they're about to receive.

  • KBCool

    If I wasn't tied down to the East Coast, I would love to apply for this!

  • Jesse

    Why is everyone automatically assuming they're moving ? I'm sure you can check emails from anywhere in the country…. The Chivery distribution center is in Austin.. Maybe that's where a computer sits.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000459175621 Joe A. Padilla

    This is outstanding news. I'm not even far from you guys. Just a hop and skip away. F*** the jump! You will be seeing my video before the day is out.

  • Jesse

    Nevermind. I'm hungover and apparently a dumbass. I missed the fine print. Feel free to flame me shamelessly.

  • I Won This Contest!

    A job to look for awesome shit on the internet and select half naked chicks to plaster on the chive website, i believe ive found my dream job lol oh and to work with hot chicks in the office and a fully stocked beer fridge doesnt hurt either!!!! lol

  • Hugger

    One of the demands is that you're able to work with Paula, so beware.

  • cymru Am Buth

    what an ass hole the f****g Hoff.

  • Canucks_Rule

    austin? not venice?

  • 神威

    damn…. Cali State tax and messiness……

  • roadhog0

    If I wasn't 20 I would be all over this… I even have that Midas touch, wrenching is my hobby! 😛 Why y'all movin to Austin?

    • sam

      must you be 21 to apply?

      • roadhog0

        Not that I know of, but it probably makes your chances better cause ya can go to all the bars/drink etc with them 🙂

  • Papabear

    If I could make a decent video resume I would probably apply. But I don't have a little person, horse drawn carriage or bear, in order to make it.

  • Chu

    Moving to Austin Tx. Interesting….

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