• Hmmm

    #34 if your bangin her in the dark, doesn't it seem like your doing a dude..

    • Turkey burgers

      Yeah…… minus the whole vagina thing…..

    • derp

      If youre doing her from behind, and her name is Steve, then yes

    • Bam

      Why the hell would you turn the lights out???

    • Bdrizzle

      It's cool if a ripped girl is your thing. Bang on. Personally i think #34 is gross and a girls stomach should never be more ripped than #50….but thats just me and we are all different. Peace.

      • miyagi

        Hell yes to all the girls except her and #42. Those two I would need 2 drinks

      • Nick


    • Steve

      Yo, fuck u bitch. #34 is my friend, she's actually hot so u know whatever.

      • Steve

        I got a little heated there didn't I? O well

        • Steve

          I think I'm just talking to myself now.

          • Steve

            Which PW people r looking at this right now?

  • Naggib

    #21 could u argue that they are wanna be trannies.. The girl figure ain't suppose to be like that; they goin for dude look

    • Jouhker

      You know who says a female figure isn't supposed to look like that? Someone that is intimidated and/or weak. Strong is just fine with me. The sad thing is, if she was wearing a shirt, you wouldn't know the difference.

      • scared

        the sad thing is that the majority of these girls are disgustingly ripped. toned body = amazzzzing. ripped body = not attractive at all.

    • http://twitter.com/JohnGre38805239 @JohnGre38805239

      You're such a worthless hater. If you don't like it, don't look. You don't have to whine about a post you didn't have to click on and didn't have to see full of gorgeous women you can't have.

      • FTW

        I would concur save for the last part.

        It is silly for people to conflate a lack of interest with an inability to procure.

        After all, god forbid anybody question the most dubious assertions (e.g., the Chivette 'regulars' are hotter than models"), that's what comes back.

        btw fit chicks rule.

    • Candlejack

      Doubtlessly written by a morbidly obese basement dweller.

  • Bill

    I love the look of all the girls a lot. I just wish girls that work out would STFU about it. Nobody wants to hear which day it is, that they feel so good about, so terrible if they miss it, etc.

    • Drew

      I'd rather have a girl pumped about being in shape and motivated to do so than some broad who constantly complains about what they shouldn't of eaten and how f"n difficult it is to lose weight.

  • Naggin

    #10 please sit on my face

    • Naggib

      Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, not that thing! Fuck! I meant this one that looks like a lady #15

      • csa

        "that thing"? Really, was that necessary? Too many fine examples in this post to start picking numbers, and #10 is one of them.

    • erikhart

      Bella Falconi- Her instagram is awesome!

  • Ernie McCracken

    #45 is pretty much perfect

    • Silas R.


      • little help for you

        you mean goddess

    • please

      ditto… ladies keep some smoothness, this fine specimen is a wonderful example of an incredibly fit but not too shredded balance.. don't take it too far.

      • https://www.facebook.com/anthony.perpepaj Anthony Perpepaj


  • Naggin

    #15 I wanna blow a load on this back dimples

    • miyagi

      If she sat on my face they would need a search party to fine me. I am ok with that

    • SOhioChiver

      wife material! #15

  • Mmm


    • Slappin da dick

      I like when they do the ole "Indian burn" on my dack

  • nix-hr

    #11 and #15 … ! Mamma mia!!

  • http://twitter.com/kooshbox @kooshbox

    #41 I'd work out with you every day for the rest of my life.. MOAR!!!

  • Jake

    I bet these girls have Crazy stamina in bed.

    • ahhhhh

      another reason not to bang one of these hulks

  • Josh

    #19….Mother of God…MOAR!!!! MOAR, IMMEDIATELY!!!

    • http://twitter.com/AarenRiley @AarenRiley

      I totally agree

  • Turkey burgers

    #26 really? Who goes to the gym dress like this?

    • Drew

      Try any equinox in Southern California. Pretty standard get-up

      • Truth Hurts


    • erikhart

      the real question is… Who complains about it??

      • Brett

        She does. Every time somebody stares.

    • Notknowing

      FINALLY! A fit girl with a heavy dose of boobage. The rest are sticks.

    • Justhrowit

      Eva Andressa Vieira.

  • Hypno

    #41 Even SHE'S impressed!!

  • maboze1x

    #31 and #50!!!!

    • http://twitter.com/JohnGre38805239 @JohnGre38805239

      #31 Candice is ALWAYS welcome

  • naajkow


    • Tiber_Septim

      #11 I could watch her all day everyday

      • RJS

        Me too…..MOAR!!!!!

      • #11

        Thank you, Stan. Please put your peepee in my butt.


    # 19 & # 20 👍

    • csa

      #19 & #20
      You're welcome

  • Spike

    #29 ehhhh….. I can bench more than that.

    • Tom?

      But I'm still watching her; she nevers stops. I'll bet you take breaks.

  • Drew

    #28 #8 ….. How cute are they? just the perfect amount of fit.

    • http://twitter.com/kooshbox @kooshbox

      I agree, #28 is spectacular. MOAR?

  • Mr X

    #10 A touch too much….

    • misantropo

      No way

  • Sirwally

    #49 MOAR please.

  • theapprentice10

    #33 do I see a nip?

    • SOhioChiver

      get a life!

  • That Guy

    #7 and #11

  • shaker

    #1 #5 #11 hot but the rest just wrong

    • Anon

      I know #1…from Texas

    • http://monkeyabroad.com kevin

      really? #45 even?

  • http://twitter.com/AarenRiley @AarenRiley

    #1 & #19 They are just too perfect… Please Find!!

    • jason

      I hope thats what heaven looks like….

    • brian

      #1 is Megan Wallette. Went to high school with her. Hot as f*ck

  • orion

    #45 perfect

    • https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.nichols.752 Jeremy Nichols


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