Chivers are having unofficial meetups everywhere (57 Photos)

You may have noticed there are a ton of unofficial Chive meetups popping up everywhere these days... and we think that's the coolest thing.

In this digital age where everybody is trying to figure out how to bring their 'user base' online, theCHIVE is doing the complete opposite by taking an online audience and physically connecting people offline. It's more a credit to the Chivers than it is to us. We're humbled by all this every single day.

So we're going to try to bring you recaps on the latest Unofficial Meetups every couple weeks as well as alerts to the meetups on the horizon (below the post).

We'll get better and better at this. Think of his post like the very first season of 'The Simpsons.' - You know where Bart's head looked like a pencil eraser and Homer talked like an aristocrat.

We only ask one thing. Always remember when you're out that you represent theCHIVE. We're a cut above. Have a blast, keep it fun, get wasted, and tip the shit out of the staff.

Arizona: 4/12
Cleveland: 4/13
Boston: 4/15
Nebraska: 4/20
Dallas: 4/27
Nashville: 4/27
Denver: 5/4
DC: 5/10
Kansas City: 5/25

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    Chivers are having unofficial meetups everywhere : theCHIVE

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