• http://pluh.com/the-daily-dumb-12-12-2013/ The Daily Dumb 12-12-2013 | Pluh.com

    […] Saw this coming. Don’t care. 5 important milestones of adulthood nobody talks about. Pinterest fails. Pure evil. 5 insane ways peopel are actually trying to be ghost hunters. It’s the little […]

  • http://www.domesticallychallenged.net/2013/12/gingebread-house-making-gone-bad/ Gingebread House Decorating…Gone Bad | Domestically Challenged

    […] this gingerbread house look amazing and had less than stellar results. Luckily I found this post on thechive.com that shows me that I am not alone in my quest for perfection, and failing it […]

  • http://thepoetsaredead.wordpress.com/2013/12/13/links/ Links | O nuit

    […] 2. 40 food hacks that will apparently change the way I eat. This idea in particular is so amazing and disturbing at the same time. I must say some of these are quite good ideas, but a lot of them look like they’ll wind up like these. […]

  • http://www.shoppingsmycardio.com/2013/12/13/weekend-forecast-6/ holiday weekend plans - shopping's my cardio

    […] in the spirit of keeping expectations in check, this collection of 25 not-so-perfect Pinterest recreations is both hilarious and excellent for reminding you that your holidays don’t have to be […]

  • http://www.meneame.net/story/fails-en-pinterest Fails en Pinterest

    […] Fails en Pinterest […]

  • http://4mothers1blog.com/2013/12/16/simplify-its-too-complicated/ Simplify? It’s too complicated! | 4 Mothers

    […] the mean time, please enjoy these pictures of people’s attempts to copy ideas from Pinterest.  Not everything on Pinterest is as simple or as easy as it […]

  • http://nrkbeta.no/2013/12/17/ikke-alt-pa-pinterest-er-sa-enkelt-som-det-ser-ut/ Ikke alt på Pinterest er så enkelt som det ser ut

    […] Vi i NRKbetaredaksjonen er over middels nevenyttige og lager mye rart. Derfor vet vi også at ikke alt blir like vellykket som det ser ut som på instructables, pinterest, youtube og alle DIY-bloggene der ute. Og nettop derfor måtte vi le av denne: Not everything on Pinterest is as easy as it looks […]

  • http://dandelionandolive.co.uk/?p=3228 i love pinterest but………………. « Dandelion and Olive

    […] I’d love to be my friends and I reckon we’d get on great like Rainbow Vintage Home, Lisa Levis, Abby Hagler, Lola Nova and Dasiy Jones to name a very small […]

  • http://cincinnatiprofile.com/2013/12/technology/using-pinterest-for-your-next-successful-holiday-dish/ Cincinnati Profile » Using Pinterest for Your Next Successful Holiday Dish

    […] a great cook and anxious about being the next Pinterest fail? Just click “send board” to share with your significant other or female friend: they’ll […]

  • http://skeinafterskein.wordpress.com/2013/12/23/episode-40-red-heart-ate-my-fingerprints/ EPISODE 40 – Red Heart ate my fingerprints! | SkeinAfterSkein

    […] Peeling Book of Manning NFC East Pinterest fails! More pinterest fails! SkeinAfterSkein pinterest fail: TP […]

  • http://www.thepassionista.org/2014/01/13/week1/ Week 1 – Passionate for… | The Passionista

    […] I am passionate about something does not mean I’m good at it. We’ve all see these Pinterest Fails and maybe we have had some of our own…Props to the photographer for making these look […]

  • http://wppress.net/themes/michael-distract/the-30-most-embarrassing-craft-fails-ever-i-feel-bad-but-these-are-so-funny/ The 30 Most Embarrassing Craft Fails Ever. I Feel Bad, But These Are So Funny… | Dis-tract-ify

    […] Source: thechive.com […]

  • http://viralfeels.com/the-30-most-embarrassing-craft-fails-ever-i-feel-bad-but-these-are-so-funny/ The 30 Most Embarrassing Craft Fails Ever. I Feel Bad, But These Are So Funny… | Viral Feels

    […] Source: thechive.com […]

  • http://funsfeed.com/fun/fails/the-30-most-embarrassing-craft-fails-ever-i-feel-bad-but-these-are-so-funny/ The 30 Most Embarrassing Craft Fails Ever. I Feel Bad, But These Are So Funny... - Fun's Feed

    […] Source: thechive.com […]

  • http://funsfeed.com/fails/the-30-most-embarrassing-craft-fails-ever-i-feel-bad-but-these-are-so-funny/ The 30 Most Embarrassing Craft Fails Ever. I Feel Bad, But These Are So Funny... - FunsFeed.com

    […] Source: thechive.com […]

  • http://www.nuts.zone/fails/timberlake-in-2-kg-hack-baconspeck/ Justin Timberlake Gesicht aus 2 kg Hack & Baconspeck

    […] thechive.com […]

  • http://travelerdaily.com/the-biggest-pinterest-screw-ups-you-will-ever-see/ The Biggest Pinterest Screw Ups You Will Ever See | TravelerDaily.com

    […] Photo courtesy of thechive.com […]

  • http://smitetheewithapples.wordpress.com/2013/12/22/mess-maker/ Mess-maker | Smite Thee With Apples

    […] I AM NOT ALONE […]

  • http://www.awesomeinventions.com/pinterest-food-fails/ These 17 Hilarious Pinterest Food Fails Will Make Your Day

    […] theCHIVE […]

  • http://gaza.dailypatriotnews.com/2015/03/13/19-people-who-prove-that-pinterest-recipes-are-a-lie/ 19 People Who Prove That Pinterest Recipes Are A Lie | Gaza

    […] Via thechive.com […]

  • http://viralpak.com/?p=93 19 People Who Prove That Pinterest Recipes Do Not Always Work | Viral Pak

    […] Via thechive.com […]

  • http://www.goodlifebuzz.com/19-people-who-prove-that-pinterest-recipes-are-a-lie/ 19 People Who Prove That Pinterest Recipes Are A Lie

    […] Via thechive.com […]

  • http://socioscene.com/19-people-who-prove-that-pinterest-recipes-are-a-lie/ 19 People Who Prove That Pinterest Recipes Are A Lie | SOCIOSCENE

    […] Via thechive.com […]

  • http://miningincanada.org/2015/03/25/19-people-who-prove-that-pinterest-recipes-are-a-lie/ 19 People Who Prove That Pinterest Recipes Are A Lie — Mining in Canada

    […] Via thechive.com […]

  • http://funandcoolgames.com/?p=3133 19 People Who Prove That Pinterest Recipes Are A Lie | funandcoolgames.com

    […] Via thechive.com […]

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